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Tim in Buffalo
Need a good Netflix movie to watch. Suggestions?
There were 111 shootings in Chicago in the past 2 weeks. Surprise- they weren't legally purchased guns #CriminalsDontFollowLaws
All these strippers claim to make stacks, but I have yet to meet a stripper that isn't broke 😂
Can someone make legit hoverboards already?!
Men's Ugg boots got style finally.
Kinda wanna get a pet monkey. But then again maybe I should just get a goldfish 🐒🐠
Just signed a male model to a $3500 fitness deal and female to a $6300, 3 day deal. I don't fuck around. #Management
Just got home and there's a cat on my couch. I live by myself. I don't own a cat... #WhereTheHellDidItComeFrom 🐱🐈
DMX working the iHop on Walden #UpInHere
TomorrowWorld shut down. Forced to deny entry to thousands.
3rd world or @TomorrowWorld? Idk the difference except I paid $500 for a ticket to this..... #TomorrowWorld
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@madisonclaire300:"I still haven't come to a conclusion what I'm gonna do when there's a murderer in my shower. Anywhere else I've planned"😂
Had Fetty Wap had both eyes on the road I bet he would have avoided his motorcycle accident. #OhWait
I could name 100 ways to get away from a 100lb girl "swinging at me". None of them involve breaking her wrist. That's not self defense. 🐸☕
. @TheChrisRybak u put ur hands on a girl & broke her wrist. Thats what they call assault. Not self defense. A man would at least apologize.
It's funny how Rybak is a tough guy behind twitter, but when he was confronted in person he was a pussy & all apologetic. #TwitterMuscles
If you're a model, you shouldn't be paying to be with an agency and 99% of the time shouldn't be paying for your photoshoot.#RippedOff
Dear @YouTube , I will always "skip this ad"
So @MedicGroves became internet famous & didn't even have to eat his shit or a bloody tampon. #BuffalosBest #DinoPlowman
. @RowleyJimmy had you posted that video on YouTube instead of twitter directly u would have had a nice payday today. #ViralVideo #AdRevenue
Bills game with the Labatt bear #bills #billsmafia #football #beer #labatt #labattblue #labattbluelight #buffalo #buffalobills
Buffalo Billboard #buffalo #bills #billsmafia #buffalobills #nfl #nflsunday #football #patriots #patriotsnation #billsbillsbills #gobills #gobillsgo #tombrady #tombradysucks #deflategate #deflated #deflatedballs #cheaters
Start by not breaking the law. Then by not running & resisting arrest if they do. I just solved half the problem. ✔…
Two more days. Followers to retweet can win a pair of tickets to the Bills game this Sunday!
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Currently front and center at the Bills store:
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All these new phones and updates and the battery life still sucks on all of them. #CMonMan
6am and I'm just getting to bed... sleep schedule is so messed up 😠🔫
I've given so many people opportunities and they've let laziness hold them back.
Only took 24 hours to be over the new @Snapchat filters #LikeAnOverPlayedRadioSong
Just got two settlement checks in the mail... didn't even know I was part of a settlement #IllTakeItThough
Bills fans give hand jobs... but Lions fans eat the booty...…
Girls getting their nipples pierced is becoming as common as Starbucks & Uggs 😂💎
@VerifiedTim they even showed the Bills wiffle bat guy, kissing the bus, on espn today around lunch. They called him the #1billsfan
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Or is it the s? Cent is the same word as scent 😂…m
That dude that face planted on the bus is proof that Bills fans know how to tailgate
Is the s or c silent in "scent"....
UB Fall Fest After-Party tonight! 18+ at @Surrender716
When you're so drunk you forget to pull your thong back up... #UBprobz

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