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Here's a #FlashbackFriday of that time I did a YouTube video. I love those sunglasses. They be my FAVorite‼️...
Here's a #FlashbackFriday of that time I did a YouTube video while John was at Smackdown. I love those sunglasses. They be my FAVorite‼️ #SelfiesMakeMeSmileWHAT #iLikeBeingWeird #IfYouAreWeirdWeWillBeBestOfFriends #ClareIsAPerfectExampleOfThat #bahahahaha
#RIPSeanOHaire -I was in shock to hear the news of his passing & about how he died. I just stopped and sobbed....
For the next two months I'll be doing what I can to raise money to help others find the strength to survive....
For the next two months I'll be doing what I can to raise money to help others find the strength to survive. There is no donation too small. Each of us deserves happiness and not everyone always has the strength or knowledge to find/create it. Everyone is fighting their own personal battles, trying
@RealMelina Help spread the word #WorldSuicidePreventionDay We're hosting a 5K for Suicide Prevention on 9/28 in LA!
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To further show my support for #SuicidePrevention I signed up for a fundraising walk in November. Please check out:
Suicide Prevention Week starts today, so have and spread hope. No one can replace you. #SuicidePrevention #eatonRESA
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@HellcatPerez: One more #WCW, the beautiful @RealMelina 😊” Thank you❗️Love it‼️ #WhatABiotchh😉 hee hee💋
@shaunpiccinino: @RealMelina @TheRealMorrison I can not wait!!!” Me too! You & John did a great job. Can't wait to see how the vid looks‼️
Here's another Vid of @TheRealMorrison on the set of Bat in the Sun!
The gorgeous @TheaTrinidadTMT filled me in on what's to come @DavidHerro & Hellz yeah, Nothing but fun is had when ur hanging w/good peeps!
@RealKevinNash is bringing a party to San Jose with @TheaTrinidadTMT and @RealMelina Wrestlemania Weekend! Details at
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@RealMelina @TheRealMorrison OMG!!! 😂😂😂 Don't worry! JoMo will kick the doors down and ya'll can make a run for it!
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@savFHWnguyen: @RealMelina @TheRealMorrison thats life telling you two its meant to be tbh” LOL! That's Right! #TheUniverseHasSpoken
@PBSmack1: @RealMelina @TheRealMorrison lol so what us the rest of the story?” LOL. We leave the rest to everyone's imagination. 😆😉
LMAO! @TheRealMorrison & I went into the locker rooms at the gym to change & when we came out the lights were off & we were locked in!!!!! 😂
Bahahaha!! All I needed to see was Carlos eating an apple too. 😂#Awesomee Love the#BodyGuyProblemss
Here's a #TBT pic of a WWE summer photo shoot. I was so excited about the 🌺. I felt like a Hawaiian Princess with it 😋. #GoodTimes #BackInTheDay
@tk42615 posted this vid and I had to Re-post! #LoveIt #GottaLoveStormTroopers #LMAO #ThisIsAwesome
@theatrinidadtmt I love the @realcharliebear post you put up. That's why your his god momma! #NationalDogDay #MyAngel #iLoveMyLilBaby #MySunshine #MyLilPudnum #HisSmileIsEverything #AnimalsMakePeopleMoreHuman
It's #MelinaMonday and I'm gonna post a selfie just cuz! #iDoWhatIWant‼️Hee hee. #iReallyDontNeedAnExcuseMyCrazyButtJustPostsStuffJustBecause #TodaysAGoodDay #iLoveIt #ImExceptionallyHappyToday #ImGonnaGoDoCartwheels #MyStyleOfCrazyIsAnArtForm 😉 #AndItsAlsoAwesome #HeeHeeHee #AlwaysHaveFun
ᗯᕼᗩTEᐯEᖇ YOᑌ ᗪEᑕIᗪE TO ᗪO ᗰᗩKE ᔕᑌᖇE IT ᗰᗩKEᔕ YOᑌ️️ ‼️H͜͡A͜͡P͜͡P͜͡Y͜͡‼️ #HaveAGreatWeekend...
#SelfieTime 😋 I'm out & about kicking butt and wanted to stop to send you all lots of love. You are all so great to me. I really hope everyone is having a great weekend‼️ #BeHappy #KickButt #SendingLove #iGotSelfieGame #LOL #DontListenToMe #JustKidding #ButSeriously #EnjoyLife #Smile #LiveLaughLove
A New #CaseyJonesVsKickAss vid to watch. The actual Bat In The Sun Video will be out in September.
@RealPJP: Real life Spider-Man? 😳 " W͟͟h͟͟a͟͟t͟͟ T͟͟h͟͟e͟͟ W͟͟h͟͟a͟͟t͟͟!!!! 🙈 #Ninjaja 🙊
I've been slacking here on IG! Here's a vid for this #ThrowbackThursday! Thank you @wwe_fanz_only for posting the vids. I altered it to fit the 15 seconds. #ThankYouAll for appreciating what I did in wrestling. There's only a limited amount of time in the window of opportunity. I did what I could wi
@TheRealLayRock: @RealPJP @Clare_Hardy_HHH this ones just” ⭕️MG‼️ The Ice Bucket Challenge gone wrong 😱😆
@Urdirtysecret: @RealMelina the challenge should be done in white t shirts:)77” Listen to this guy‼️ 😂#Mericaa!
@radianteva: @RealMelina you should do it! everyone is doing it haha” LMAO. Well since everyone is doing it‼️‼️ 😂 💋
@Caliguy: this vid explains it.” Thank you & to everyone who responded to my tweet the vid was inspiring.
Lmao! I have been gone offline for so long that I don't understand the ice bucket challenge. 😳 Lol. Ya'll crazy?‼️😆 What's up with this?
I was just commenting on Facebook that I had a great time in beautiful Minnesota! I absolutely 💖 the accent & I learned the word "Ooftah!"
I've been offline for awhile because I was on the set of Strange Nature and there was nothing strange about the beautiful scenery in Minnesota... But I guess the only strange thing about it was the shirtless Boom Guy. #HubbaHubba #ProudOfJomo #Daisies #SunFlowers #Love #StrangeNatureFx #GoodTimes #G
Thanks to @RealPJP all @TheRealMorrison & I listened to on our drive was @metalachi 👍#GoodTimess Thanks PJ.#FunShizzz#ThanksBroo
Just out and about on one of my little adventure walks and really feeling my T-shirt 😄. #FeelingZen #WeAreCapableOfSoMuchMoreThanWeRealize #ImAFinder #DidYouLoseYourKeys #WhatWeSeekWeShallFind #CreateYourHappiness #NoIDontWantToPlayHideAndSeek #ISeekAdventuresFunAndHappiness #iFindGreatFriendsAndLo
Since @RealMelina loves comic books, I'm hiring these guys for her birthday!! #AmazingBrother @Clare_Hardy_HHH
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I saw this post from @StarWars and laughed so hard. #GottaLoveStormTroopers
#RIP #RobinWilliams A truly one of a kind man who touched SO many people's lives through comedy. It's an amazing...