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They did Part 6 with B.O.B. BRUUHHHH 😦😦😦😧�
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When your bro can sense the booty is too much for you 😂
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👦🏽👦🏽- you called me a cheerio once hahahhahahahahah, you're cute . We don't talk a lot tho 😆😞
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@AlonzoSing3 Im honored !!!! Hiiiii 💯💯💅🏾💁🏽😌
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@AlonzoSing3 my 11 month old nephew fw with the Mickey Mouse hard too 💀
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Gotta buy some water guns 😎😈😈
Mike 😂😂
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👦🏽👦🏽 I wanna my mf ice cream lonzo. Don't make me load the choppa and let it rain on you
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I mean who doesn't like black boys👦🏽#weonthecomeupeup
🏈💯🔥// "cuz babay" you my fam 4 life no matter what 😈 keep grinding this year is your yeaf
🐻🏈🍑// slanging wood nick 😈😈 HMU BRO !
No more emojis lol
❤️// Bruh you wild asf my nigga for life 😎 we making that move tho 😏
🅰💯// when we kicking it ?
🌝😎// your cute but I don't see you around Pasco 😪😂 hmu
🎅🎅-This guy right here man you're crazy you're mad cool and I'll never forget ball season come make the move man
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💪🏽🏀🏈// Bruh hmu so we can chill keep grinding Bruh 😈😈
💫🌻/ buy me a cookie pwease 😪
😋👀// you can't Twerk 💀💁🏻 but hmu for plans
🎶🙊💖// we chilling this weekend ??? & your cute
♥️✖️♥️// your cute hmu so we can chill
⛅️✨// your cute ayeee
🌟🏈⚽️🏀⚾️// Jake the cake 😈
🙎🏽😊💖// bad chick alert 🔥💁🏻 your cute fwm
🌟🔮// your cute 🔥👐🏻
💁🏼👅💦// yooooo Hmu during the summer so we can kick it 😈😈
😋😈// yeah hands down your a baddie🔥
🌹💘// when we chilling in the learning lab again 😎😂 your cool asf & cute
🌞😋// haaaaaaaaan wassup shawty turn up queen I need to chill with you ASAP 💯 & your beautiful 🔥
😛🎈// your a cool person I talked to you Wednesday 😁
🌻😈// Ayee keep grinding in softball 😈😈 your cute
💰💰// Ayeee your beautiful asf👐🏻
😎🏀👀// my boy keep grinding in basketball 😈😈
😇🌷// your cute 👐🏻 you go to Pasco right ?
😈😈😈// no your thick 😈 but keep grinding in football bro, bro stunt on them
👼🏼// when I come to chapell I'm chilling with you ok lol but your cute
🅱❄️// you friends with Annica so you lame jk but you thick 💁🏻

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