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Catherine Bell
"@jveivers: @reallycb @BMWUSA as long as you don't ride it with those sandals on!" haha. Never! ;) or shorts!
Well THIS was a nice surprise! A brand new BMW R nine T to play with for a few months. Thanks @BMWUSA!
"@melsm98: Had thyroid removed. can't get meds right yet.did urs take long & does it stabilize?" yes and yes! Look into Armour thyroid too!
"@SLBeaver: @reallycb Its nice to see you back acting" thanks! Tho I never really stopped ;)
"@stevemass67: @reallycb What color did you order?" gold!
Been to almost all of these amazing SC spots! 😍 miss Charleston!…7
"@hightechcs: @reallycb When do you start the shooting of "TGW" ?" Oct 15!
"@Fuze83: @reallycb When does the new Good Witch movie air? Any news on the Good Witch series?" GW7 Oct 25! Series Feb 2015!
"@pancake_89: @reallycb only one more hour until we can order the new iPhone! Pretty excited?!" one hour? Where?
"@rossmdear: @reallycb ooh la la - miss your face :)"Awwwww hi Margaret! Miss u guys too
"@brookesh98: Smn's sending rude tweets. If u need names 4 blocking, let me know." blocked! Thx :) working on a more permanent solution :)
"@figi30: Still 8mp! That cant compete w/Samsungs 16mp camera! I think I'll stick w/Samsung" true clear pics but Samsung cam is so slow :(
(cont) in Apple since Steve Jobs passing. Wow. Wow. Wow. Beyond! Both size phones. & the watch which is unreal! & they kept it all secret
absolutely beside myself watching #AppleLiveEvent. started sobbing at the beauty and simplicity and revolutionary tech! Restored my faith...
"@charvy83: @reallycb Catherine, I'm 31 today and it would make my day to have a Birthday tweet from you. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚" happy bday Peter!
"@KACJES: @reallycb do u have a galaxy CB. I do and Love it." yup S5. It's very cool. I'll miss one things for sure!.but I miss imessage
"@momcirish: I thought u switched from iPhone to Samsung? Can't keep up w/u lol ;)"only temporarily! For the bigger screen! #iphoneforever
Just a "little" excited!! πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰πŸŽ‰
LOL!!! anyone else relate to this?? :))…
"@AshHoney101: cb gets lots of tweets.she reads most" I dont read most.Wish I could. Smtms miss few dys. do quick scan and reply to cpl ;)
"@sfohrman: @CoolMommy7 Mac as a judge was great.of course shes great in everything she does" haha thx!That was to cover my pregnant belly!
"@AshHoney101: @stephendelvacc1 whats '83? Catherine was born in 1968..." I graduated HS in 86 so think that pic was first year of HS?
"@TimeLord0902: @reallycb Bday shout out? Pretty plz with a whole lot of sugar n a cherry on top? Thanx" happy bday!
"@TR4C33: @reallycb do you have any projects in the works/coming up? Miss seeing you on tv!" yes! Where ya been? GW7 Oct! And GW series 2/15
"@FrannZulue: @reallycb never answers my tweets" Never even saw one til this!
"@trb1979: I worked a lot with kids.Found childs home life is often reflected in their face and eyes.Obviously youre a great Mom" aww thx!
It's an Amtrak-Santa Barbara kinda Labor day!
"@charvy83: @reallycb sweet but before you know he will be cutting these roses for some girl :)" NOOOOOOO! LOL
"@Linda_inDC: hi CB! How long will filming be for the new @hallmarkchannel show based on The Good Witch?" about 4 months. 10 episodes!
"@stcve: For some reason the only still from "Threshold" on my blog depicts Peter Dinklage and CB." love this! #GOT
My sweet boy. Cutting momma roses from our garden ;)
Ed sheeran at Staples center last night. Amazing!! ❀
"@RomanoEugene: @reallycb @BMWUSA are you going to wear a helmet?"even if it wasn't the law in CA. Always!
"@Gbeli93: β€œ@SarahMcLellan82:UCLA Yearbook of 1987.” Is that you CB?skipped awkward teen years!"Lol so awkward!Yup me
"@thewindygoddess: ! :D heard this wonderful song...just checkout if its u in this video...i think it is:" wow!!
"@petiteantilles HAPPY 4th to Ronan!!! Hope he has a nice surprise!!" well he did but train derailment caused delay will be here soon! ;)
"@kmfjno1: Any news on the Goodwitch series,all are waiting patiently for word " Lol where ya been? ;) start filming Oct 15! Airs Feb :)
Happy 4th birthday my big beautiful sweet kind strong handsome amazing boy! Im so proud of you growing…
@reallycb My Brother has Stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. He Could use a little help. Please donate or RT
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Hi @MarcVahanian !how are you stranger? Just saw @LarryPoindexter said hi to you and found u here. Lots of love. Xoxo
"@shargirl819: Would be a great ending to my 56th birthday if I get a HB tweet from my favorite actress Catherine BellπŸ˜„"happy bday!,
"@AmyStevens819: Can I get a shoutout? It's both my husband's & my birthday and he's deployed!"happy bday!!
Gemma did a mini dunk too! Lol. She did a full one at camp a few weeks ago!! #goodsport…