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Catherine Bell
"@TimeLord0902: @reallycb Bday shout out? Pretty plz with a whole lot of sugar n a cherry on top? Thanx" happy bday!
"@TR4C33: @reallycb do you have any projects in the works/coming up? Miss seeing you on tv!" yes! Where ya been? GW7 Oct! And GW series 2/15
"@FrannZulue: @reallycb never answers my tweets" Never even saw one til this!
"@trb1979: I worked a lot with kids.Found childs home life is often reflected in their face and eyes.Obviously youre a great Mom" aww thx!
It's an Amtrak-Santa Barbara kinda Labor day!
"@charvy83: @reallycb sweet but before you know he will be cutting these roses for some girl :)" NOOOOOOO! LOL
"@Linda_inDC: hi CB! How long will filming be for the new @hallmarkchannel show based on The Good Witch?" about 4 months. 10 episodes!
"@stcve: For some reason the only still from "Threshold" on my blog depicts Peter Dinklage and CB." love this! #GOT
My sweet boy. Cutting momma roses from our garden ;)
Ed sheeran at Staples center last night. Amazing!! ❀
"@RomanoEugene: @reallycb @BMWUSA are you going to wear a helmet?"even if it wasn't the law in CA. Always!
"@Gbeli93: β€œ@SarahMcLellan82:UCLA Yearbook of 1987.” Is that you CB?skipped awkward teen years!"Lol so awkward!Yup me
"@thewindygoddess: ! :D heard this wonderful song...just checkout if its u in this video...i think it is:" wow!!
"@petiteantilles HAPPY 4th to Ronan!!! Hope he has a nice surprise!!" well he did but train derailment caused delay will be here soon! ;)
"@kmfjno1: Any news on the Goodwitch series,all are waiting patiently for word " Lol where ya been? ;) start filming Oct 15! Airs Feb :)
Happy 4th birthday my big beautiful sweet kind strong handsome amazing boy! Im so proud of you growing…
@reallycb My Brother has Stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. He Could use a little help. Please donate or RT
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Hi @MarcVahanian !how are you stranger? Just saw @LarryPoindexter said hi to you and found u here. Lots of love. Xoxo
"@shargirl819: Would be a great ending to my 56th birthday if I get a HB tweet from my favorite actress Catherine BellπŸ˜„"happy bday!,
"@AmyStevens819: Can I get a shoutout? It's both my husband's & my birthday and he's deployed!"happy bday!!
Gemma did a mini dunk too! Lol. She did a full one at camp a few weeks ago!! #goodsport…
" @hallmarkchannel @BarbaraNiven challenged cb, no response. If U do it CB I'll donate again! #ALSIceBucketChallenge”" I did it girl! Xoxo
I did it! #ALSicebucketchallenge more than 24 hours tho so I'll donate too! Terry Serpico, Bailee…
One more hour! I've had the BEST bday! Surrounded by friends and family and my awesome fans! Thx for all the bday tweets πŸ’žπŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜πŸ‘
"@erinkrakow: HBD to my tv MIL πŸ˜‰ my beautiful" Awww thx gorgeous!
"@bkramm5: @reallycb My first tweet ever and.. ...I meant to say I wasn't talking about JUST your looks!"it was nice either way. Thx!
Wahoo!! It's my birthday!! πŸŽ‚ thank you all SO much for the best bday greetings ever. You guys rock! 😊 😍 😘
Thank you guys for all my early bday wishes!! So exciting. Only 15 more minutes West coast ;)
"@kesh42: @reallycb Wishing you a Happy Birthday, have a wonderful day." thank u!
Our new neighbors house. Kim & Kanye! Thank god no paparazzi allowed in here!
"@figi30: @reallycb Beautiful!!!! Have u moved into ur new house yet? Cant remember if u said already! :) x" yes! Love it!
Picnic dinner at the field by my house with my monkeys! Horses, sunset, model airplanes, soccer ball. #heaven!
"@karouuex: ❀️ speaking the truth."haha yup! I try! Easier that way. Don't have to remember some lie u made up! Lol isn't that a quote?
"@carlies89: @reallycb Hey @reallycb When will The Good Witch come back?"Oct for movie #7! Feb 2015 for 10 episode season!
(cont) they have some amazing effective PSAs and booklets about the true effects of drugs. That's all :) sharing something I know works xx
Neither group is "run by" Scientology :) narconon u saw the link. Drugfreeworld was started by a group of Scn's who wanted to help educate!
(2)...change that path for someone else huh? Some tools I know help: &
Keep remembering Robin Williams wishing... Hoping... Someone could've helped him :( so sad. Let's see if we can.. (cont.)
"@allnfrnnds: @reallycb where are you??? Hope all is well!!!" Lol ummmm living life?! It's been 1 day... 😜
"@4detrefle:u don't know how much i love you and how much you helped me to grow up and be a good person. Thank you so much! πŸ’›"wow thank u!
"@sheilam1971: Onion Rings?? O.M.G. Haven't had in ages" haha yup. Once In a while! Tonight I went for chicken meatballs & truffle fries,
#supermoon 🌚 been a while since I posted a moon pic! It's purrrrty tonight!
"@figi30: Walkers Scottish shortbread! can never go wrong w/Starbucks!! ;) Just eat a good dinner LoL!"haha yup, craving steak & potatoes!
A balanced lunch 😜 eek!No but it'll hold me over...& no its not a trend! Fried chicken& onion Rings last night.. :)