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Catherine Bell
actor army wives 56,891 followers
"@Natalie_Crausaz: don't know of ur gonna see this but I admire u a lot!Ur a great actress!Im 22 from France!Ur amazing๐Ÿ˜š" I see u. Hi!
"@JamesBondandMe: @reallycb Hรฎ, good to online ;"hi
"@figi30:Sounds like ur friend maybe blocked u by mstk?" Fiona u got it first! U win a prize lol. She has no clue how we tried everything.
"@figi30: Ur like my friend,doesnt check texts b4 sending 4 autocorrect mistakes hehe! But I understand what u mean! ;) x" Lol I'm tired !
"@50Doogie: @reallycb @instagram You will have better luck reaching the Pope for Tea.๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚" haha!
"@TaraEdson: @reallycb or you can go to options, report a problem, they should get back to you." they never did! @instagram
"@figi30: Has she blocked u by mistake?! ;)" hmm thought we tried Blick and unblock to make it work or reset. Hood thought. I'll check!
Anyone know how to reach @instagram support for Real? I have one friend it won't let me follow now and keeps bumping. Annoying! Grrr
"@pip_marie: @reallycb @witchyknits @stevewest222 Are you going to be in it?" lol! Uhhhhhh last I checked.. I AM it! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Good morning sunshines! Let's make this a beautiful day! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŒ„
"@witchyknits: @stevewest222 @reallycb Oct 25 is 7th GW movie. TV series comes out in Feb 2015." yup!
"@witchyknits: @therockchild @reallycb she filmed. TV show is ten episodes due out in Feb 2015"close! Haven't filmed series yet. Start Oct!
"@angela_sherrill: love how they give them pretty names like "palmetto bugs".." yup! That &mosquitos only thing I don't miss about the south
Goodnight y'all. Sleep tight.Dont let the bed bugs(or giant flying COCKROACHES if you're in FL!) bite! Yup true story. Just flew at me! Eek
"@henz_mark: @reallycb How is Grumpy a part of this conversation?" just teasing! From your avatar ;)
"@henz_mark: He has 7 followers. Stalk you get noticed?Not what you want"Lol hey" Grumpy".I dont count how popular smn is :) hes nvr bn rude
"@RomanoEugene: @reallycb @allnfrnnds @HatemiPendant @XAMedia She talks to everyone who talks with her" not everyone. ;)
"@Gbeli93: โ€œ Ickโ€ Yikes I did NOT need 2 c that. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ "You"'re being used 4 a lot of porn spam. Nothing you can do I guess?" ignore em!
"@henz_mark: @reallycb How do you respond to these, and not devoted fans?" was responding to @allnfrnnds who tweets me almost daily :)
"@allnfrnnds: @HatemiPendant @XAMedia @reallycb ... Belly button piercing ???" before babies! ;)
"@allnfrnnds: How and why on Earth did u get into that?" ummmm it's FAKE! LOL I'm guessing u didn't look at the posters other tweets? Ick
"@witchyknits: @NancyProvenzan1 @reallycb They should be out in 2015. I believe February." yup! And GW movie #7 in October
"@BaileeMadison: green smoothie& I are excited about tonight! Who's ready to live tweet?! @TheFostersABCF" too cute!
"@BJCoyne1: Hello Catherine, Absolutely love everything you do, Jag, Good Witch, etc. Is it true there will be a Good Witch series?" yes!