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linda perry
@wasichris: Thank you @RealLindaPerry have landed and loving Cali ! Thank you @PerezHilton @LindaPerryProj this is our contest winner.
Tomorrow's @LindaPerryProj finale will be like no other finale I promise. 11pm tomorrow night @VH1
We are having a @LindaPerryProj finale party here at Kung Fu Gardens tomorrow night.. #lindaperryproject
Hahhaha oops I posted wrong link .. Michael McDonald cited this as an honest reflection of today's music…
Re: @LindaPerryProj it was not my intention to get rid or add artists. Thats just the way it organically went. This all took place in 18days
Tomorrow the Finale of Make Or Break @LindaPerryProj @VH1 11pm. That was so fast who's it gonna be?
If you're following me then you really need to follow @BluStoneMusic… LETS BLOW BLU UP!! #BluStone
Go listen the new jewel Triple 5 Double Six 2 Zero by the shiny diamond @BluStoneMusic She's great!…@RealLindaPerry
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Everyone @BluStoneMusic is releasing a song tomorrow sounds like she is just having some fun.…
@RealLindaPerry she got it done on her 25th bday, coz of the lyrics sat for twelve hrs!!. Awesome song. Xx
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@RealLindaPerry my friend Emma wanted you to see her tat of the entire lyrics of what's up! What do you think?.
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How about today you guys try reaching a little deeper. So with every tweet ask yourself "will this tweet change, save or inspire someone?"
Leaving LA is like leaving a warm cozy bed on a cold rainy day because Mom is telling you that you gotta get up and go to school.
Sign what you believe in even if everyone else is telling you it's shit.. @scholar_hiphop
Respond by tweeting #1 for 1 or #2 for 2 ok go!!!
let's do a little experiment ok kiddies? Which do you prefer?… OR…
In the studio I use Sony Professional @Actthiswell they are awesome very true.
I don't get Beats headphones at all. They sound like two turds pressed against my ears. Non musical. 💩👂💩
Hi Babies Blu is back from her spiritual domestication detoxification.. Soon Ill be dropping a tune. So look out for #blustone
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I love this interview with @zappa to me the inventor of experimental freedom. Frank Zappa MTV, 1984…
Sometimes we need to look past our personal taste and just appreciate when someone is creating from a real place. You don't have to like it
Well I meant @taylorswift13 song sounded better to me on the show music wasn't live but her voice was and I liked it. She's funny too.
So I caught @taylorswift13 performance on VMA's and I really liked it. She's not trying 2 B someone she's not song sounded better live too.
Good Fucking Night!!!
5: @LindaPerryProj FUCKING ROCKS!!! I love this fucking show not because it's me, but because it's Fucking Real.
4: Please help protect an extinct art, Vinyl. Call Gil @Capsulelabs he will set you up. BRING BACK VINYL
3: I totally 100% see how I am being insensitive to Kiyomi and Laura HV, so my apologies go out to them for that. But I stand by everything.
Due to editing you are not seeing how Brave real honest and intense that moment was.Yes it was touching but that day with Gabe was amazing.
2: I have backed up all the editing on this show accept for tonight's. What happened to Gabriel in the studio with was so moving so real ...
Not to long ago artist got a couple takes with a band they just met recorded the song straight to vinyl then walked it over to the radio Dj
1: that task of learning Beautiful and recording was super hard I know. But Sinatra Elvis the best that's how they did it back in the day.
I went down to the gym and poof @LindaPerryProj was just coming on.:) perfect timing. I have some thoughts about tonight's show...
Thank you to Gil @Capsulelabs he is awesome. Want to press your record to vinyl? Call Gil
Kicking back with my furbabies watching @LindaPerryProj & shit is getting real in the studio with @RealLindaPerry
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We've arrived at the end of this weeks ride!@LindaPerryProj was great!Still behind @anjulistars.Truly well rounded artist! @RealLindaPerry
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@RealLindaPerry Oh my goodness this ONE TAKE bit is brilliant, inspiring, and GENIUS!! #lindaperryproject
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"You're a fucking rockstar. How would you feel about being signed to my label?" @RealLindaPerry @LindaPerryProj #lindaperryproject
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I LOVE THIS SHOW @LindaPerryProj @RealLindaPerry We are all hoping for a second season!! Pretty please @VH1!!!
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