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linda perry
Me? I totally know you guys love what I say? Hello. I was just using me as an example. Duh jeez I'm awesome. Now leave me alone!!
@RealLindaPerry There are some virtue's to not saying what you think all the time. Have a great day Linda!
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@RealLindaPerry i actually had to teach a soft skills class to all the agents at work. This is how you empathize, this is how you care.
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I rather be a mute than carelessly burn through words. Like now. Who really cares what I'm saying? Choose your words wisely. Bye:)
How many times hve U asked "hey, how u doin?" Then checked out of the conversation not hearin a word cuz u really didn't care 2 begin with.
if you ask someone how they're doing, then at least listen to the answer. If you're looking for small talk then a simple grunt will do.
When I get too much sleep that edgy blur goes away. I don't like when my head is clear. I operate better on disfunction. GOOD MORNING!!
If you're in the middle of a bath and a song shows up don't put it off just, it's asking to be written. Sometimes those moments never return
Recording percussions with @RamonYslas on @anjulistars track and he was and is sooo good. I didn't want him to stop.
Im glad I did @LindaPerryProj it taught me a lot. you got to see my studio & how I work.The bonus? @hemmingmusic @anjulistars @AimeeBessada
@ladymisssusan Oh I remember what I watched this summer @RealLindaPerry project - did you catch that? It was sooo good, taught me stuff too.
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Awesome!! @hemmingmusic @rachaelyamagata on her 2014 tour! Find dates + tickets here:
I'm super excited for @hemmingmusic to be opening up for @rachaelyamagata tour. Go get your tickets now it's gonna be great. #HEMMING
By the way yesterday I went to echo park to paddle boat and my phone fell into the lake. I watched it fade away underneath the murky water
i just ordered @rachaelyamagata… … I'm getting handwritten lyrics and a box full of goodies
THANK YOU @rachaelyamagata you truly are a gift. This is huge for @hemmingmusic we are beyond happy.
Good Morning! @hemmingmusic will be opening up for the lovely most awesome @rachaelyamagata
I'll be joining @rachaelyamagata on her 2014 tour! Find dates + tickets here:
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Hmm while I was working look who was playing.. @anjulistars @PerezHilton :) cute.
Have a truly inspiring day I encourage you to reach past your comfort and have different journey. There is beauty hidden in the unknown:)
Again I want to thank all of U 4 helping @hemmingmusic get 1k yesterday. I like setting goals however big or small its just good to complete
There's always some crazy cool surprise guest performance @PerezHilton parties. Mario who did I miss? And Congratulations on 10years, wow!
Is anyone even awake ? I think this is even early for east coast. I don't sleep much:)
All I can say is @anjulistars and I wrote this I don't know what to call it, Funky Miami Sound Machine Hip Hop Soul can't wait for horns.
GOOD MORNING! Was working hard on that @anjulistars Track I forgot to go to @PerezHilton 10yr Anniversary Party, his parties are fun.
I'm so excited I'm going to take my top off @RealLindaPerry .... My beer top that is CHEERS
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Im crying with tears of joy @hemmingmusic thank you everyone for indulging in my crazy.. Candice you didn't even have to get naked.
Well @hemmingmusic take something off damn it Candice we are so close. Help me help you..
Hey @RealLindaPerry it's fall on the east coast, I'm wearing several shirts...
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There cannot be a season 2 of @LindaPerryProj @AnnnaArena unless @anjulistars @hemmingmusic @AimeeBessada succeed. There would be no point.
@RealLindaPerry @hemmingmusic Better yet, release a new song :) Linda you perv ;)
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Candice @hemmingmusic you need 68 more followers .. Do something take your shirt off!!
I've been working on a @anjulistars song that has been kicking my butt. Almost there sounds amazing can wait.
We are almost there @Hemming needs 123 more follows and then we will have met my goal for the day.. Come on kids we can do this!!!!!
Hey @hemmingmusic can you twitter a picture of what your face looked like when you woke up to see you got 500 new followers over night ?
We are almost there I need 1k followers for @hemmingmusic in next 2 hours simply because I'm obsessed with reaching my goal. I'm an Aries:)
@RealLindaPerry @hemmingmusic just doing what the woman said ;) congratz you will have a legion of fans soon :p
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