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Slim Jimmy
Confidence is a muhfucka
Spicy Shrimp fritta & Stuffed Mushrooms hit the spizzy
I said money you the root of evil, how they printing God we trust knowing what you do to ppl
#Aries love their sleep but they hate when they can't shut their brain down. They could be up all night just by thinking.
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He said your hammer Inna closet tripping, talmbot he about to wet me up
One day I fell asleep and my knife woke me up
I remember Twitter without Ads and DMs>
I distance myself from bull shit🚶🏽
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Y'all ever talmbot something else?
I just wanna look into Badu's eyes one time, then watch her walk awayn
Attention whores are worse than real ones
I'm lazy, and that shit is too much work
Bitches stay with niggas on deck and niggas keep chasing quick and easy pussy
Why can't we love just one person!
Why would someone else relationship be a goal of mine?
I think about that all the time, every home is a new world…
practice makes less chance for error, not perfect
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Mistake is the name they gave our experiences…
Wish I could skip today..
I'm an energy reader, so if even the sound of your exsistance bothers me; you probably on some fuck shit
That Mary Jane I tried to give it up... I can't give it up
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I just want the money I'll count it on my own
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I'm from NY, we light it.
PA niggas is weird when it comes to weed, like everyone on some scary/stingy shit.
I not even gonna face blunts no more, I'm a just sit on my weed until the times right or someone matching
When I get some bud I'm only smoking with like 2 ppl no gas
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LMAO RT @MarisTaughtEm: Nothing funnier than seeing a bitch trying to strut all cute in heels and that one ankle wobble and give out on her
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And it be EXACTLY what you asked for too, good and bad…
Its really just a segway with no handles

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