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scoobyDoe .
Never been the one to air dirty laundry, but best believe I keep my basket full
I'm so nervous about this test, but it's a gateway to better living
Mute button, it's a wonder worker when used properly
Bitches boyfriends be looking like bitches right along with them
Fuck this, edibles by the weekend. Worhh
I made it through the entire day, but if I fall asleep before I do fuck it
I need the house to myself so I can blow some dour
I rather listen to Manolo Rose than Fab
I be fronting on'nee hoes
My ex taught me how to front lol
I be wanting to tell ppl stfu but I'm sure ppl be feeling the same way about me
$25+ games on Fan Duel are like instant flips if you know what you're doing
I don't fear commitment, I fear wasting my time.
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The people you need in your life are the ones that need you in theirs.
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don’t forget about karma, she ain’t forgot about you.
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See my tweets; this what happens when Iont smoke lol
Dej Loaf stay singing on some gang members song
@lyricsreallidoe CLIFF PAUL VISUAL COMING SOON..STAY TUNED !!! 🎤🎶🎥�…6Ei4uu
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Kicked in.. I'm bent
Idk why I even take women seriously anymore 😂i
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I'll answer the phone when I'm with my girl but boyyy it better be important
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Jussssst noticed how ppl stop saying "or nah" or maybe I'm just around different ppl.. Lol
Ever since I left the city you........
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Just think... this man ran our country for 8 years
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i'm not someone who waits around for life to hand me the things i'm looking for. when i want something i get off my ass and grab it. period.
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I will never understand why people be so concerned about things that don't have nothing to do with them
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with the right music you either forget everything or remember everything
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Finnah back that out
Got this lil orange pill that'll knock me out...
She always disappears around this time 😔
Night like this I wish I could do the impossible..
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EVERY nigga had a poster tho...

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