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believe it or not I just felt an electrical current from my blunt
Blunts after work are a MUST
Or when spirits and shit come around it gets really cold
Dispite Hell being an inferno, they say when Satan appear s physically he's colder than ice
You know it's late when it gets cold
Lol I've grown to show a lot of restraint in my years
I peep so much shit breh
Sucks when you gotta cook for yourself
Ain't no money but,
But this country is in the shittiest shit hole
I give the US as it stands today another 10 years MAX.
Yo honestly if Trump wins the election, we're fucked... Like foreal
This is a wonderful analogy
But Pop is where the money at
I wish she would've stayed reagge
Rihanna has a beautiful face, that's about it
Anywhere between 5-9, then I'm up all day
These my resting hrs
I hate naps because they fuck up sleeping patterns
Always got A's in literacy 😀
My 8's feel like 16's
I be having 2-3 schemes in 1 bar
I'm a double entendre God !
But that ain't the point like Cliff Paul !
Fwm one time, I got some new tunes
What can you do!
Off the skully
Fuck a skin pigmigment, that's s slim figment to a wise Negas.. Brother don't be indignant
I smoke woods because papers burn too fast
Hardball is on Netflix............... *rolls up*
Get high, watch time fly by like away we go
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Shhhh.... I got some new music 🔥💪 "Cliff Paul" by…HS
When a joint isn't enough <<
Cups ain't enough, I've resorted to bowls of water

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