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Daniel Negreanu
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Goals like this are why I love hockey so much. Beauty from @PKessel81 in OT:…
What is the key ingredient to running a successful poker game? Answer in my latest blog:… hint: its not professionals
Random thought: twerking gets a bad rap. It's pretty freaking awesome to watch and no, I don't think any less of you ladies! #TwerkAway
ICYMI my latest blog called The Four Agreements: Poker Edition…
Drooling over the thought! @chefjoseandres new veggie-centric concept = not mock meat, "peasant food" @washingtonpost
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Will be playing $1-$2 NLH 6max @PokerStars for the next 90 min or so. Join me if you can.
What makes me most happy? Helping others & coaching people. When the light bulb goes off for them its such a rush/feeling of accomplishment!
Wrote a blog called "The Four Agreements: Poker Edition"… including what I admire about @VanessaSelbst as a player.
My Observer column today is about the @philivey casino case; can you EVER break the bank at Monte Carlo?
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How aggressive is the defending #WSOPAPAC champ playing? You tell me. I spent an entrie orbit w/ @RealKidPoker ->…
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Sometimes you gotta put the pedal to the metal and bet bet bet!…
I wasn't there obv., but @philivey could've just read this article verbatim in court as his defense.… #biasedjudges
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Playing some $1-$2 NLH @PokerStars now and will be on for about 2 hours if you want to join in on the fun.
My fantasy draft is intense, been following this kid @JayceHawryluk since he was 9! Just drafted him this year, he is going to be a good one
Over/Under on number of games before @MapleLeafs coach Randy Carlyle loses his job- 22.5 games #tmltalk
Phoning a friend, @phil_hellmuth? Hellmuth chats with @RealKidPoker, as the latter checks in on his buddy.
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If you want to watch a hockey game with amazing seats, check this out:…
Grand Theft Auto/Spin and Go ad from @PokerStars… the most unique Stars ad I've ever seen!
Daniel Winnik fails to turn the fancy double play, and instead takes one of the least aware penalties you'll ever see
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The @MapleLeafs penalty kill isn't going to finish 28th in the league this year. Good off season additions in that area #TMLtalk
What am I most excited about today? NHL hockey is back! Being in Aussie won't stop me from watching opening night.
Just wrote a quick blog about an interesting PLO hand. What would YOU do?…
I feel like I agree with this cat @PrinceEa on the regular. How to get rid of stress in 60 seconds:…
Poker is fun for everyone. But especially for Daniel (@RealKidPoker) Negreanu and Jeff (@Jgross5) Gross apparently.
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No scores thru 3 events down under at WSOP APAC. Event #4 starts soon and my intention is to end day 1 with 80k and win it Wed night!
And just in case you aren't familiar with Ann Wolfe's work, this is a masterpiece:…
I love me some Ann Wolfe! No concern for "PC" she gives it to you straight!…
Love when Jimmy @jimmykimmel catches people lying:… why do people feel the need to pretend to know something?
Fantasy hockey: really silly in some pools to award points for penalty minutes. You should LOSE points. Penalties are umm not a good thing,
Been playing lots of $1-$2 NLH 6max @PokerStars recently 4-tabling now if you are bored and want to rail. So far I'm doing well!
our 1st official friendly #runitup tournament on @PokerStars homegames starts in 15m! come play w/ me + win a tshirt!
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@RealKidPoker Help save my life!Need💵4medical expenses!Plz#Donatee ➡…7 2#payitforward ill#volunteer at ur fav#charityy
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Caught up w/ @RealKidPoker at #WSOPAPAC. He slept through Day 1a of Accumulator! POY on his mind. Interview here ->…
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Just watched 13 min of Sheldon Adelson babbling like a fool… the more he speaks, his lack of intelligence shines thru
Slept thru day 1A but will be ready for 1B in the meantime gonna try some Spin & Go's new @PokerStars seems fun.
Day 1A of WSOP APAC Accumulator event in an hour. My intention is to enter day 2 with 60k using all available options to get there.
Just landed in Melbourne and the next three weeks will be ALL POKER ALL THE TIME! I'm excited to make a run for player of the year.
What she said:… another great blog entry from @KristyArnett girl is on fire!!! :-)
Finished 19th in the $10k 8 Game, it paid 18! Last hand I played the wrong game oops! Thought it was PLO lost with 8TJQ it was O8 haha
Having a blast playing $10k #WCOOP 8-Game championship @PokerStars wishing there was an 8-Game poker tour. Hmmm... how fun would that be!
Today is gonna be a fun day of #WCOOP action with the $10k 8-Game and the $5k main event! Looking forward to a LONG day.
The most coveted trophy in fantasy hockey the AHL Championship trophy. This is why we play the game!