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Jim Jewels
Yes @teensharkie... Jesus loves all of us. You just have yo open your heart and let him in.
Because I don't like ghosts @tmudder4... if you're there then show yourself. Why hide in the shadows and creep? Smh!
@RondaRousey a true champ is not defined by wins. You are glorious even still. @danawhite @ufc #ComeBackQueen
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I feel you @citchmook... It's only a movie! Lol
Thank you @eduardoemilio27. Same to you man. Enjoy the game today. #patriotsnation all the way for me!
Do you ever check your DM @SimonettaLein? Have a look at it and respond.
Glad you agree @sayressa... I mean it's only right! Why use this thing, im here to connect and get people talking so let's go.
What's going on @eduardoemilio27? I wasn't including you in that last post. You just got here! lol welcome my man.
ATTENTION PLEASE! If you've never RT'D, LIKED, COMMENTED on a tweet, or interact with me... WHY DO you follow me? I am BLOCKING ALL OF YOU!
Isn't it ironic: The more you hide your feelings, the more they show. The more you deny them, the more they grow #ThinkAboutIt #WhatTheyWant
What a world we live in... It's crazy, if you choose to remain blind! Open your eyes, you have them use them. #ittybittybumbum #whattheywabt
There you have it. Not too sure tho! The last kick is a bit fishy to me.
We are looking for Ladies @JulezPooh to cast in the #IttyBittyBumBum OFFICIAL music video... @TwiterHero @TwitWhizz…
Wow.... You know I saw that, right? LMAO!!! Sincerly yours, KARMA
Should politicians get rid of #thepurge? Find out next year in #thepurge2016 coming to a theater near you. #thepurge3 opens in July Starring #elizabethmitchell #frankgrillo and more...
What up @JulezPooh? I haven't heard back from you! Shoot me a DM.…
T.G.I.F. How many of you, are already counting like.... One shot, Two shots, Three shots FLOOR!!!! The weekend is here people, so ENJOY!
You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him
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It's about to hit the fan! @MTV is at it again: There's a thin line between BLOOD & HATE! #TheChallenge ​Bloodlines:…
It's back.... The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines | Trailer | MTV...
I admit it, cleaning my twitter account was a good move. I haven't tweeted in two days & still getting love. I LOVE all my ACTIVE FOLLOWERS!
Take a listen to my first international hit "Closer" on Expanded Music in Italy.
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Hey @SissiluvsReggae... It's been too long! How is life treating you out there?
What up @GiselleSantoya? Did I ever tell you how much i appreciate you? In case you didn't know, now you do. Thank you! #respect
Here is another: If you can dream it, you can make it a reality!
I'm finding frustrating when I need to repeat myself as I get older. For this reason I am adopting a new motto instead and say "Forget it."
That's a #nobrainer @KevinHart4real #BringRideAlong2ToMyCity Boston, Mass, where you did #5kruns , shot a movie (I'm in), bring #RideAlong2
The most valuable thing in life... is not a thing. Just a little something to think about on this beautiful day to be alive. Enjoy it!
Attention Ladies and Gentlemen... let's keep it real right now, How many of you had a weekend like this one?
Good morning! Attention Ladies and Gentlemen... let's keep it real, How many of you had a weekend like this one?
Please show support and help out the Huguley family during this hard time.
Secret of existence; have no fear, Never fear! What will become of you, depends on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed
No way @SimoneillAuthor, he will be ok. That was just a flesh wound! Lol @WalkingDead_AMC
OK @WalkingDead_AMC, I'm not gonna FREAK OUT or anything... But seriously, what happened to #Glenn? #TheWalkingDead
OK, I admit it @L1LDebbie, I see you #GettingYourGrindOn. #MuchRespect, #WomanOnTheMove #LetThatWorkTalk. Let's collab on something soon!
Do you see this #PatriotsNation? The 2015 @Patriots #undefeatedtour continues. The score is now 14 - 0 pats #WASvsNE…
Just For The Record... I do accept apologies, "In cash."
Wow... Did that really just happen? #StopTheMadness. Twitter is all fun and games, until you get a text asking "what that tweet was about?"
Someone made this statement and had me thinking..: "I'd rather eat crumbs with bums 🚶 Than steaks with snakes 🐍."
We are in search of WRITERS, PRODUCERS, and DJ’S. GET A DEAL, BE SEEN, HEARD, BOOKED, SELL BEATS and more..…
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The future excites me the most.... but will we all get there?
ATTENTION EVERYONE: If you are on twitter, facebook and any other forms of social media, JOIN our #JEINETWORK team!…
What up @DopestTrax? I see you and I really appreciate the love and support. Stay active and I will do the same! #respect
Why is it people question any and all the good things they hear about you, but automatically believe all the bad without a second thought?
I really need to stop giving away gems... A few years back I told someone how I had my Grandma on speed dial and I called it "INSTAGRAM."

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