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David Mitchell
Morning morning! Want to know what 'Cushonnnn!' means? Click here to watch last night's WILTY and find out:…
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On today's Would I Lie To You (BBC1, 8.30) are @richardosman, @jupitusphillip, @CHIMPSINSOCKS, @GarethMalone & @gdavies standing in for Lee.
In my Observer column today I demonstrate that, verbally as well as literally, diarrhoea is worse than constipation.
On @WILTY_TV today (BBC1, 8.30) are people like @IMKellyHoppen, @rhodgilbertshow, @carolvorders & @Halcruttenden. Exactly like them in fact.
This is wise and moving. RT @arobertwebb: By me, quite a lot more personal than usual. Masculinity & how to avoid it.…
I'm on #Crackanory tonight at 10pm on @Join_Dave, reading a terrific story written by @tobydavies.
My Observer column today gets annoyed at private schools that get annoyed at people getting annoyed at them.
Morning! Last night's riotous WILTY is now available for your morning viewing RIGHT HERE:…
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Here's who's on Would I Lie To You? (at 8.30, BBC1). The photographer lied to us about the tightness of the frame.
New series of QI starts tonight 10pm BBC2. I'm on it later in the run but do watch from the start or YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND THE PLOT. #qiplot
Tonight is #WILTY night. BBC1, 8.30pm. Lots of laughs are had, here's a little taster:…
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If you missed it you can catch all the ridiculousness of Friday's Would I Lie To You? on the @BBCiPlayer right here:…
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In my Observer/@ObsNewReview column today, I reflect on how money is an imperfect means of romantic communication.
On tonight's Would I Lie To You (BBC1, 8.30pm) are Mel Giedroyc, @RealBobMortimer, @KianEganWL and @adilray. Hope you find it enjoyable.
Using the climate change summit as an excuse to repost a SoapBox I did on that subject. (Old version had bit missing)
Nice RT @GaspardWinckler Somehow this, from my wonderful girlfriend @deirdrerusling's Google TV, makes perfect sense.
@oldpicsarchive: German World War I General August von Mackensen” < @RealDMitchell "are we the bad guys?"
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Why not have Shreddies for lunch? RT @WILTY_TV: Missed last night's WILTY? Why not enjoy it with your Shreddies here:…
On tonight's brand new Would I Lie To You, please enjoy @BrunoTonioli, @KirstyWark, @AdamBuxton & @robbeckettcomic. It's on BBC1 at 8.30pm.
On the subject of the #indyref, I must say that I thought this was well said:…
In the Observer/@ObsNewReview today: My Sex Tape Hell - I tell all. #MSTHITA
Glorious and trembly by @jennycolgan, and not just because she mentions me in the first para. #indyref…
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Missed our first episode of our BRAND NEW series last night ? Fear not, you can catch up here:… #WILTY
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Catch it NOW, or at some point over the next ten years on Dave. @WILTY_TV
A BRAND NEW series of Would I Lie To You? starts tonight, 8.30, BBC1. Guests: @ClaudiaWinkle, @SteveJones, Fiona Bruce & @MickyF_Official.
The periodic table of elements and the countries they were discovered in
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A brand new series of #WILTY starts this Friday at 20:30 on BBC1. Here's a sneak preview...…
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I'm on 8 Out Of Ten Cats Does Countdown at 9pm on Channel 4 tonight. It turns out I'm not very good at anagrams or arithmetic.
It's Wednesday, you're bored...but luckily for you, we've put EVERY SINGLE QI buzzer into one video. You're welcome:…
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Yes yes yes. I have blah pounds of undigested meat in my colon. My colon itself is also undigested meat, as is the rest of me. My apologies.
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Caught on camera: The tense moment just before Tony Blair won his GQ Award.
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My Observer/@ObsNewReview column today calls for the democratisation of branding. #stopinexplicablepicturesoncrisps
Saw Inbetweeners 2 over the weekend. It's hilarious. Loads of splendidly disgusting jokes but with its heart completely in the right place.
What do the internet and classical music have in common? The power to deceive. #insertspookynoise My Observer column:
At 11 o'clock tonight, I'm on @Baddiel's new Radio 4 show Don't Make Me Laugh. It's a lovely format. #AccidentalPartridge
My Observer/@ObsNewReview column today is about the dangers of thinking things have been made safe.
I've got a book out in November so I'll be doing some normal book events, that's all. #notastanduptour #notanaudiencewith
Please ignore reports on @chortle & @guardian about my "forthcoming stand-up tour" this autumn. I'm not doing one! Crossed wires somewhere.
Hear hear! RT @VictoriaCoren: Fantastic day in beautiful Llangollen, thanks to everyone at the Fringe for being so friendly and fun.
Ed Miliband meets Obama: this is what body-language experts call the 'defensive harmonica' position:…
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Dear all, Please click on this link to the Observer/@ObsNewReview for a message that may or may not concern you.
You who cry "too soon" are the fools on whom murderous despots have always relied. A political cartoon can never be too soon, only too late.
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I'm on tonight's News Quiz (R4, 6.30) with Andy Hamilton, @RebeccaFront, @JeremyJHardy, @nagbag and @sanditoksvig. #radioworksoutdoors
This week's panel is @JeremyJHardy, Andy Hamilton, @RebeccaFront and @RealDMitchell. Plus Sandi and @nagbag. What a treat!
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Thanks very much for all the 'Happy Birthday' tweets on Monday. I was 40 then but, according to scientists, I am already EVEN OLDER.
In the Observer/@ObsNewReview today, my interior design epiphany: .
In my Observer/@ObsNewReview column today, Ozymandias asserts his 'right to be forgotten'.
Clever Holiday Inn! Make your fridges slightly warmer and they're useless except for vending drinks.
There's one day left to listen to our Radio 4 sitcom pilot…
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