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Count Monte Cristo
Just been served by luigi vampa from the count of monte of cristo in gatsby
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Je suisRT @xXc4tCh22Xx: I'm chalking it up to that you were nowhere near as systematically isolated as me. I'm not the Count of Monte Cristo
Bon Chance mon amie. RT @mikalah_collins: Im deciding to not read the count of monte cristo and hope for the best on the test!
#Revenge ......When it grows the slimmest tiresome, get creative.
Some #revenge Putin? You 2nd in the metal count? #Sochi2014
Quasimoto has every right to seek #revenge
Unsweetened tea allows me to think properly, in fact I would offer some to friends and foes........with ricin.
For a quaint moment I almost got tiresome of #revenge but then realized how I got punked like a concubine.
The day in which I execute my #revenge I will call #gameday this allows me to relate to you #footballfanatics
Voila your majesty..RT @Monica_Corwin: I wish i could follow the count of monte cristo on twitter. I wonder what his tweets would be like...
This time of year permits you to walk right up to the mark in costume and do as you wish. #revenge #Halloween #ReasonsToSmile
Equal Gratitude......NEVER EGNEVER *#REVENGE backwards* En anglais més amies.
Sooner or later the universe will serve you the revenge that you deserve. 😏
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I must be a scorpio.... RT @ScorpioTerms: Revenge is sweet to a #Scorpio. They will go to any lengths to get it.
Karma is often a day late and a dollar short. RT @SarcasmPage: Revenge? I'm too lazy. I'm just going to sit here and let karma mess you up.
Mere lies my noble followers....RT @ohteenquotes: Don't waste your time on revenge. Those who hurt you will eventually face their own karma.
the count of monte cristo is one of my all time favorite movie .. look it up
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The Count of Monte Cristo will forever be my favorite movie
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