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bad wolf
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott often uses a private email address for official government business, reports @byjayroot
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Wow, really, Internet?
- Does your hair look nice today? - I think so. - Your day should be okay then. That was a monologue I do everyday tbh.
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Getting the boys some books now.
Must Tweet at least once today!
"Isn't it a remarkable coincidence almost everyone has the same #religion as their parents?" - @RichardDawkins
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I was the 1,337th retweet on something!
Usually it does not take quite this long.
@jjeddyiv I'm interested in your no rain before noahs flood idea. Where did all the water come from?
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Thank you for taking forever to run, CCleaner. 😭
Hillary Clinton's Lawyer Defends Her Use of Personal Email via @NBCNews
Dammit, who opened the door and let all these feelings in?
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Judge rules U.S. must quickly release immigrant children in detention… via @HuffPostPol
I'm really good at making bad decisions.
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Man faces obscenity charge after Rosie O'Donnell's daughter was found in his home… via @HuffPostCrime
Let the cable news make all the noise they want, otherwise they'd go out of business. @CNN @FoxNews @MSNBC @CBSNews
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Ted Cruz explains why he once said it was a "mistake" to focus on ending birthright citizenship… via @HuffPostPol
Is it just me or does every Alabama Donald Trump supporter look eerily similar? #TrumpinMobile @realDonaldTrump
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Rand Paul's presidential campaign may have just been saved… via @HuffPostPol
remember the 2013 children in need 50th preview
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Joe Biden meets with Elizabeth Warren ahead of possible presidential campaign… via @HuffPostPol
i cant believe people are saying Peter is rude to fans that man is the kindest actor in the business he would do anything for fans
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Clara says, ‘Remember me!’ We say, ‘Remember your mission!’ #MisisonDALEK
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If you're an atheist/humanist or fan of one of my favorite television shows and I'm not already following you back, Mention!
I've also added more things to our Amazon wish list so I don't have to scramble to start adding things at year's end for the holidays.
#Teens: Just remember #WWGV4 -- "Who Would #Grandpa Vote For?"👴🏻 🇺🇸
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Next week looks like it's going to be a bit busy. 😛
The Example of Jimmy Carter, Deez Nuts: 2016 Candidate, Gov’t Employees Used Adultery Site At Work… #UniteBlue
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The difference between religious faith, which is pretending, and faith in a person, which is trust, is simple. You know the person exists.
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Labor Group Sees ‘Pattern of Retaliation’ Against Capitol Workers via @bridgetbhc
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Good morning, Twitter!
can't wait for twelveclara to kiss on screen and for the whole trash squad to change their icons to it
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Doing adult stuff and things.
I size up one to two sizes in American sizes anyways, especially with certain shirts, just to remain comfortable.
Comfortably anyway...
RT: Scott Walker unveils new plan to replace Obamacare with don't worry it's just a mole: Scott Walker unveils new plan to… #UniteBlue
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For instance, in most Asian sizes my bottom is a 2XL. I can guarantee that the rest of me from the waist down isn't. This is amusing.
The GOP's hatred of birthright citizenship is oh so very European:
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Apparently I size weirdly in other countries' measurements because of these things called butt and chest. Not surprised!
Make no mistake: the 2016 GOP candidates have moved right on women's health…
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Sorry, Republicans: Ending birthright citizenship would be unconstitutional… via @HuffPostPol
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