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I create myself.
Just got today's #BiggestLoser sticker. Get yours in the next 3h:22m. #tvtag #BiggestLoser
I always do a bit of cleaning here, a bit of cleaning there so that I never suddenly have to do a lot of cleaning. Sound logic.
Going to get a bit of cleaning done.
#HighSchoolTaughtMe How to solve unrealistic math problems but not how to solve real world problems
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Lawmaker Wants Women To Ask A Man's Permission To Have An Abortion via @HuffPostPol
Grimes: Rand Paul Can't Run For Senate And President In 2016 via @HuffPostPol
#HighSchoolTaughtMe The people you want to see everyday you'll never want to see a day after graduation
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Lawmaker Plans Statehouse Nativity: 'I Cannot Stand By And Allow Satan To Win' via @HuffPostPol
And I don't keep in touch with anyone from my graduating class, so I didn't (and don't) really see that much reason in attending reunions.
Vampire bats aren't evil. They're really nice, caring and sharing friends
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I was passed out of my old geometry class with an 85% on my report card both nine weeks because that teacher didn't want to work with me.
4 things every single person can learn from the Sony hack
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Since I tested as gifted in all courses but mathematics, I didn't really receive the help that I should have when I struggled in math.
impeach the kenyan RT @igorbobic The uninsured rate is now at or near the lowest levels ever recorded
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It also seemed that I got a bit of a shit hand with the teachers whose classes I was placed in, particularly some years.
Congress skipped the body camera and police training funding request made by the president
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Part of the reason that I changed my name on Facebook and eliminated mention of my old high school was to avoid being contacted or invited.
Still glad that I didn't go to my high school's ten-year reunion... if they had one. I never heard anything about it.
Volcanoes can show us how Earth resurfaces itself >>
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'Ready for Romney' group site launches…
Sony Cancels Plans To Release 'The Interview' via @HuffPostEnt
everyone's talking about losing instagram followers and i'm here like i gained three followers...
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... I'm starting to like ham again
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I need to step my Twitter game up.
My cat is sad because it's his Christmas party today & nobody turned up, despite him arranging top class games & fun.
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"The President should take #atheists seriously. Those guys are the real enemies, forget about Cuba and Iraq." What? Really?
So effective immediately Hollywood will pitch all movie ideas to Kim Jong-Un! Sad.
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Will wait to see what I can come up with before... well, changing my bio though.
Thinking about changing my bio a bit here later on.
Billy DeMoss is one crazy man.
"Tree hugger" is never an insult. Hugging trees is great. Even better is waking up the next day in a tree's arms and telling it your dreams.
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That's how it's looking, anyways.
I expect THE INTERVIEW to turn up online. Because, dig it, you can knock the rock but you can't stop the rock.
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Anyone else having items ship slower than normal? I mean, Christmas is coming up, but I have something a few hours from me taking a week.
Sony reportedly consulted the U.S. government about "The Interview"
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