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Doctor Who is British! Why can't the "BRITISH" broadcasting corporation do things in BRITAIN for once huh?
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#TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter Remember that all of these things can be said to Onision, as he is in fact not an actual writer.
11 Google tricks that will change the way you search
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I also hate it when I click Accept on a pending follower request and it repeatedly comes back up as a pending follower request on here.
Reposting this because I heard that people are getting these calls again. Beware the "Windows Service Center" scam!…
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I think the order that I just made on Amazon is going to be one of the ones that takes forever to go to Preparing for Shipment. I hope not.
Utopia aired for the first time 8 years ago today
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White House responds to remaining "We the People" petitions… via @HuffPostPol
Trump's attorney on ex-wife's rape allegation: "You can't rape your spouse"… via @HuffPostEnt
James is having one of those days.
Bloomberg: Sorry, Trump, you're actually worth just $2.9 billion
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I #StandWithPP bc @PPFA provides lifesaving cancer screenings & quality care. Playing politics w/women’s health is shameful - TS
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Parasites!! Nooo!!!! 300 million of my own kind, all dead. [Survive! Mola mola!] #MolaMola
We get season eight of Doctor Who soon!
Mike Lee says he'll withdraw his effort tonight if GOP leaders "publicly commit to using budget reconciliation this year to repeal" ACA
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This song will never not remind me of my friend Katie, who died two years ago from #cf.
*is exhausted* *can't sleep* *goes on twitter to complain about it*
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#WhenTrumpIsElected our national bird will no longer be the "bald" eagle.
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Restarting the modem. Again.
Happy 75th birthday to Bugs Bunny who, as a male, is still young enough to play the lead in romantic comedies opposite women in their 20's.
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The medicine that keeps my lungs working periodically sees fit to remind the rest of my body how systemic it really is. 😛
President Obama's success has become so undeniable that all Republicans can do is deny it.…
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Watched it on Netflix, I couldn't stop talking about it…
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Prednisone appears to be teaming up with my stomach's natural... opinions to tell me that it does not like what I made for lunch.
"@LoriPatriot: The Left have been brainwashed so well. They never listen to SCIENTISTS, RESEARCHERS just Jon Stewart & Obama."
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I'm glad that my phone has all of the numbers that I would probably ever need stored in it.
The crowded field of GOP contenders is competing aggressively for the support of the Koch brothers
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And hello once more, stomach. 😔
Google’s DeepDream program is dazzling, surreal, and creepy. It’s also the future of A.I.
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Fortunately I have a cell phone that I can use to make calls when necessary (which is kind of the point of it).
Dad picks up phone. "HELLO? ... FOOK OFF, YOU BASTARD." Puts phone down. Turns to me. "IT WAS ONE OF THOSE BASTARDS YOU GET SOMETIMES."
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Now our Internet connection is working alright, but our landline isn't. Can this ISP get anything right or not?
Bad Wolf is an inspired name. Either you get it or you don't. #DoctorWho…
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Looks like our Internet is working again!
We don't need to raise the minimum wage. Walmart workers are doing fine, they just need food stamps because they invested poorly.
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Senate GOP leaders want to put Ted Cruz in a time out… via @HuffPostPol
My book readers will understand
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It's that time of the week again... time to run diagnostics and maintenance on all of the things!
The #Benghazi hearings are taking longer than the war on terror. Stop wasting taxpayer $$ on a faux scandal.
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Looks like the Internet is lagging, so no Netflix for the time being. 😭
#LaFayette Shooter: #TeaParty Nation member, hated liberals, Obama, women, gays, flew Confederate flag #tcot #ccot
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HUFFPOLLSTER: Republicans Are Growing Dissatisfied With Their Party via @HuffPostPol
Can't stop won't stop.
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Populist push worries red state Democrats… via @HuffPostPol
Hello, prednisone.

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