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10 Dumbest Liberal Quotes Of All Time
What's the difference Between Barack and Hillary? One got elected 2 times the other almost got elected 2 times..... #tcot
U.S Presidents and Statesmen are on every piece Of U.S. currency. So Will Barack Obama Be Placed On The FoodStamp Card? #retweet #tcot
Top 16 Things Jay Carney Might Do After His Retirement…. Prepare To Laugh
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5 “Obama Trends That Are Destroying America…
Obama Picks His Nose at White House Science Fair
Police Were Chasing This Man And Then This Happened…. Warning! It’s Not Pretty
Watch What Happens To This Baby Bear When He Gets Lost On A Highway
Watch What Happens When A Liberal Student Attacks A Conservative Protestor On College Campus.... Warning! It's Not…
Allen West: “Obama Is The Biggest War Criminal In U.S.A.”
Bill Kristol on ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers: ‘It’s Like Saying You’ve Got To Give The Soviet Union A Lot…
Arkansas Democratic Party Accused of Excluding Black Female Candidate
This Little Baby Does Something Very Shocking…. Watch! It’s Amazing
Why Did Video Of This Paranormal Cat Go Viral?…. Watch!
Bill Kristol: ‘No Way There will be a Bush-Clinton Race in 2016′
Funny Spoof: Woodrow Wilson Gives His Advice On Race Relations
Sean Hannity Mocks Michael Savage’s Education
Why Is This Fox News Host Interviewing A Grumpy Cat On Live TV?….. Watch!
Fox News Reporter Blasts Jay Carney Over Obama’s Fake Red Line
President Obama Has An Accident With An Air Horn…… Watch The Pure Incompetence At Work
Charles Krauthammer Says This is the Stupidest Line Ever Uttered By An American President
Rush Limbaugh: Anybody That’s Not an ‘Obamaite’ Is an Enemy of the State
Mike Lee Can’t Decide Between Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio for 2016
Mark Levin: John Kasich Belongs In A Cell With Bernie Madoff
Richard Viguerie: ‘I’m Betting on the Tea Party Taking Over the Republican Party’
Vending Mandate: Obamacare Requiring Calories On 5 Million Machines
‘Get the F*** Outta Here!’……. Ed Schultz Loses It
Stuart Varney: White House Has Created Disincentive To Work
Senator Tim Scott Talks More Common Sense About Fixing the Economy in 3 Minutes Than Obama Has in 5 Yrs
Hannity Gets Into A Heated Debate With Muslim Attorney…… Watch To See Why!
Barbara Boxer Literally Sprints To Avoid A Very Uncomfortable Question
Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens: Change Second Amendment to Remove “Any Limits” on Government Power…
Peter King: Rand Paul Isn’t ‘Capable’ of Having ‘an Intelligent Debate’
Paul Ryan: Obamacare Is a Slow Rolling Fiasco
The Voting Dead: 35,750 Cases Of Double Voting In 2012
House Considers Criminal Referral For Lois Lerner
This Is The Most Dangerous Intersection In The World……. A Fatal Accident Occurs Here Pretty Much Every Day…
US Government Says This DARPA Robot Will Be The New Super Soldier Of The Future
Ed Schultz Would Love to See Hannity With an AK
Rogan: Democrat Billionaire ‘Actually Has Bought Presidential Policy’ By Delaying Keystone Pipeline
Obama: Democrats Should Forecefully Defend Obamacare
Pathetic Brian Williams Goes with Clinton Pregnancy Over Crisis in Ukraine
Ralph Peters: Obama Is a Fool and a Weakling
Senator Offers to Waterboard Cheney to See If He Thinks It’s Torture