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Rayyane Shukr
Stuck in traffic for 30 mins in downtown!! Arghhhhhh
That moment when you come back home so tired and you just go to bed, then you remember that you still have the lenses on. NOOOO 😂
I'm out and my dad didn't call yet. I'm worried.
As weird as that sounds, I wanna know the feeling of the air bag popping in front of you.
How can I be the reason for someone else's happiness if I'm not a happy person?
I couldnt sleep for more than an hour. RedBull why did you do this to me? I needed energy, but not that much.
Love hurts. I don't know if I do believe in it though.
I'm starting to get addicted to reading. Any book recommendations? Already done with all I have.
At my brother's graduation! He's graduating with high distinction! So proud 😊#LAUU
One of the best pages I've read so far in this book. It speaks for me. I love you Paulo. @paulocoelho
So overwhelmed with all the piano practice ! I need some rest :(
Ya ret 2belet sharet el open sushi :(
Germany before Brazil scores : 😊😁 Germany after Brazil scores: oh..ok 😊😁
" لقد سمح اتحاد الفيفا لحارس مرمى المانيا باستخدام الواتساب اثناء وقوفه على العارضة بحال الضجر !!! "
Yala brazilian fans, fi ktir pharmacies lal antidepressents
" The Fault In Our Stars" is so over-rated.
My carrot juice addiction has reached a point where my dad would hide it from me.
Part of my bed burnt. Good thing I was awake to throw some water on it. My room would have been on fire while I'm sleeping. Thank you God.
My brother is traveling all the way to Canada to attend his best friend's gay marriage. Now that is true friendship.
I accidentally told my bf that I like blond hair on guys ( I don't I was joking) so he went and dyed his hair blond. WHY.WHY. 😂
Me: "ok?" Natalie: "ok."Me: "ok?" Natalie: " Shut up and watch the movie" Me: " Maybe shut up will be our always" *Natalie smacks me*#TFIOS
I recharged another phone number by mistake using my dad's phone😂 #ohshit#killmenow
Turning 18 in 25 days!!! Woooohoooo time passes so fast!