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Ray Rice
Congrats to Seattle, well deserved.
It was love at first sight, Happy Bday to my princess!!
SAP is providing fans with a look at the social buzz around SB48. Here's a look at what's trending today. Watch here:
Happy birthday to my bro @TorreySmithWR!
Check out how @SAPsports is helping make fans smarter on Super Bowl Sunday:
Shipping w @FedEx #OneRate for @SuperBowl? RT for the chance to win a signed jersey #WhatWouldYouShip #ad Rules
β€œ@joshsroka: @RayRice27 @SuperBowl @FedEx how about that Super Bowl ring #WhatWouldYouShip” Sorry that's staying with me!!
β€œ@Kristen_g6: @RayRice27 @SuperBowl @FedEx New running shoes for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon πŸ˜β€ good luck in the marathon
β€œ@benswagga: @RayRice27 @SuperBowl @FedEx #WhatWouldYouShip Game Used Gloves!!” That's a good one, love those @usnikefootball gloves!
What else can I ship you for the @SuperBowl using @FedEx #OneRate besides my jersey? Tell me what else should go in #WhatWouldYouShip #ad
Good luck to Team USA in Sochi! Bring home that GOLD! #GoTeamUSA
β€œ@TorreySmithWR: Happy birthday to my bro @RayRice27” thanks bro, you're next #TeamAquarius
Big thank you for all the birthday messages!! #Blessed
.@SuperBowl is almost here! I can ship new kicks & jersey to the game using @FedEx #OneRate #WhatWouldYouShip #ad
β€œ@robhoffm: @RayRice27 I'd rather you shipped me your #RFootball jersey.” That's a good one too! #RU
β€œ@princessssami_x: @RayRice27 our birthday is tomorrow buddy!” Happy early bday! #Aquarius
Would u have me ship my home or away jersey to you for the @SuperBowl using @FedEx? #OneRate #WhatWouldYouShip #ad
If you could ship anything home from #sb48 using @FedEx #OneRate what would it be? I'll tell you what I would do #WhatWouldYouShip #ad
β€œ@KingJames: S/O the homie @RayRice27 for the plug! Massage was Amazing! Appreciate it bruh. Thank u @faraleff as well.” Anytime bro
.@TideNFL It’s an honor representing #ourcolors. Thanks #Ravens fans for the support. Prep for next year starts now.
FYI I am not on Instagram any account with my name is fake.
Wow! Thanks for all the questions sorry I couldnt get to them all! Will do this again soon! #LoveMyFans
β€œ@TrevorJoiner: @RayRice27 whats is your biggest accomplishment in your career?” Getting the ring last year!
β€œ@Greenadam8: @RayRice27 what was the first thing you did after you got your first cheque” Got my mom a house!! #LoveHer
β€œ@creese76: @RayRice27 what's the square root of pie?” Do you mean Pi?!
β€œ@ImPatrickkk: @RayRice27 favorite food?” Def the grilled salmon at @JimmysSeafood
β€œ@raihangtg6: @RayRice27 whats ur fav team in the nfl growin up..”I was a Niners fan bc used to tell ppl Jerry Rice was my cousin!
what up guys, answering the first 5 questions... LETS GO!
BIG NEWS from my friends @mophie today! Double the battery life and MORE STORAGE for my phone! Thanks to #spacepack
Check out my episode of My Ink on AOL, got some new ones on the show. #914
Thanks so much @downtowndoggy for always taking such great care of Queenie!!
Happy New Year!
β€œ@babyktchr: @Ravens @RayRice27 we start our fans young” @TideNFL this little one gets it!! #ourcolors
β€œ@babyktchr: @Ravens @RayRice27 we start our fans young” @TideNFL this little guy gets it!! #ourcolors
Dominating #MADDEN25 on my new Nexus 7! @GooglePlay
.@TideNFL #OurColors are stronger than ever. @Ravens fans, show me your Black and Purple. #sponsor
Congrats to 2 true heroes!! Congrats Paul!! #heroes #shesaidyes
β€œ@downtowndoggy: Welcome @RayRice27 we love taking care of Queenie she is a outstanding dog."Thanks for taking care of my dog!
Thanks to @charactersunite & @ThisIsGMC, Malachi got to join me at my anti-bullying event in Baltimore: #NFLCU
β€œ@EricKmetz: @TideNFL Detroit residents takin our Black n Purple to Ford Field tom #MNF”That's what's up #ourcolors
.@TideNFL #MNF is where we prove the Black and Purple are more than just colors. #OurColors #sponsor
I cleaned up with @ESPNMag @OldSpice @Gillette and @HSforMen Fun shoot! On newsstands now.