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Rayne Hall
#Indiepub observation: My books sell better when the price is cheap than when they're either expensive or free. #foodforthought
#writetip Overused sentence structure: "as". Xx happened as yy happened. As yy happened, xx happened.
.@MoonWolf95 That technique can work well sometimes. Also the opposite - of characters remark how impossible it is, then the reader doens't
Would love to share my life with #cats but when the fur starts to fly I start sneezing... @RayneHall @mress_1701
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.@supposeiam YEs, except for the number of petals. These have 4. Mine has 5 and 6 on each flower. @laedwardswriter @Aprilgreynyc
.@nik_morton @ElyseBruce Here's the story behind the Storm Dancer book cover art.…
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.@supposeiam Remind me, what was your identification for Mystery Clematis #2? You guessed some kind of Jackmanii ?@laedwardswriter
.@mlitzky Sulu is the perfect cat for a writer. He joins me when I write, in a way that doesn't hinder my typing.
.@KateGivans Sharing with other authors is good. But not if 'sharing' means "Let's annoy our readers with a deluge of promos" @CQWynn
.@ElyseBruce The Storm Dancer cover was painted for me by two artists, Paul Davies & Erica Syverson.
.@authorsahunt That's good. Do you respond? (I do)
.@ZotBakingCo You may want to download the free sample first to see if you like it. (I think it's a great book, but I'm biased, lol)
.@KateGivans There's no definitive 'correct' way anyway. But putting readers first is a good strategy. :-) @CQWynn
.@indigosilhouett Nah, I mean paranormals who do it in a deliberate organised way. Not selfish idiots of which there are indeed many. :-)
.@GRWalkerBooks LOL. Great pic! -- Sulu likes to sit on the toilet bowl behind me. >> awkward.
.@jeanettemarsh Hello Cashmere. You look like a cuddly kind of kitty. Are you? :-)