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One of Girl Kind
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Its better you talk to kids about sex. They always have some new tips to share
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Are you really that heartless or have i cared too much?
How could you forget it so fast, that i once meant everything to you?
i'm just that someone that you used to know.
things you've done with me, you're now doing them with her.
No one ever make me cry then make me smile again, only you.
i've been replaced & im no one to care about you anymore.
I love hugging teddy bear. #Confession : Boy, i want you to be my teddy bear.
"If you're going a breakup.." Yes, i am. "If you're single.." Yes, i am. "You must follow ____ " Why must i?
Everyone makes promises ; Boy forgets it, Man fulfil it.
I thought you're an angel sent from heaven, but you're actually a thief that steal my heart & leave.
I know you're always the one until you prove me wrong.
Maybe sometimes love needs a second chance because it wasn't ready for the first time around.
In our relationship, i want you to be with me & rotate the "M" in me 180 degrees.
Immature people always wants to win arguments ; Mature ones prefer losing an argument just to uphold a golden relationship.
Because my love is a burden to you.
I love Justin Bieber, and fuck your opinion
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RT if you're a new follower so i can give you a shoutout
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To be followed by Selena Gomez is really such an honor and pride :)
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I'm so tired of trying & fighting alone in our relationship.
I want to be your only one, not one of your girl.
I'm a girl. i need care & love.
One day we are talking, the next it's like we are total strangers .
I don't know what's so special about you but I plan on spending the rest of my life figuring it out.
Love can be seen as confusing. It is the most complicated feeling we know, yet everyone searches for it.