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Dear artists "waiting for the right time" to start that project: there will never EVER be a right time. Start NOW.
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ART JOBS! --> No, really! Like for real. Go get 'em! || #art #illustration #design #comics
The official cover for #LittleNEMO Return to Slumberland #1, by Eric Shanower, @nelsondaniel and myself ;)
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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite artists and one of the nicest guys we've met in comics. @GR_comics!! Bet it'll be your best year ever!
Happy #TowelDay, Universe! - May your ships hang in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t!
Watched "Never Been Kissed" (1999) for the 1st time. Basically the story of a creepy high teacher going after his student. Totally fine.
My 11yo son can listen to dudes my age (@TobyTurner) all day but I talk and he ignores me. #UNFAIR Gonna start talking to him on YouTube! :D
Our 4yo, Drake, was pretending to be #Godzilla for half the day, #KingKong the rest. 11yo, Tycen is building his own #DOOM levels. #ProudDad
...sometimes a Writer must set aside the keyboard & pick up the pen to further investigate an idea.
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Stumbled on a radical indie #webcomic! Flying PIG battling evil alien forces to SAVE THE COSMOS! -->… @digitalwebbing
"You must have CHAOS within you to give birth to a dancing STAR." Friedrich Nietzsche - Woo! That's a good #QuoteOfTheDay via @MollyMackArt
Now available in paperback! THE MAN THAT TIME FORGOT @AlanMechem #novel feat. my cover #art!…
Keep asking #Art Career questions! (Comics/Film/TV/Game, etc) I'll be answering as much as I can in upcoming videos.
#Writers - What do you think of Robert McKee's book "STORY"?
[PHOTO] My transformation!! ( was a vicious battle...)
PHOTO: Time for a haircut OR time to get even more awesome???
This guy --> @KevinCross totally has the right plan! Check out his video series MAKING COMICS: 100 DAYS!… #Comics
Who's got #book / #audiobook suggestions for me?? Any era or genre. Fiction or non. Just really great. Exciting. Unique voice.
THE @bonniegrrl covered DC's Sensation Comics @CNET feat. @RenaeDeLiz's art! She really GOT what the cover was about!…
Reposting the CORRECT version of the WONDER WOMAN cover by @RenaeDeLiz & @RayDillon for @DCComics new series! #Comics
WONDER WOMAN cover for Sensational Comics (correct version) for @DCComics Stay tuned for more news :)
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The next Digital First title to enjoy? SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN:
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