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R A Y | D I L L O N
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This is nuts! "Pregnant, and No Civil Rights"
If anyone wants to get something sweet/helpful for @RenaeDeLiz and the baby here's the registry link:… THANKS! <3
I'm still 8yrs younger than my parents when they had me (40). I have 3 kids. No idea how my parents handled my craziness older than this!
Some really great books in the works over here! Support @RayDillon RAY DILLON creating COMICS! @Patreon…
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One of the truths about creative ventures that I've discovered over the years is this: you'll never feel ready, so start NOW.
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So excited to be getting the baby's room all ready for his arrival next month. :D And first time having a giant room for a baby. So nice!
just pledged to @RayDillon 's patreon page can't wait to start working with this great artist and new friend.
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My ambition wants to punch sleep in the face. Stupid human body.
Welp. The sun is up. Maybe I should end yesterday??
I don't mean @JimLee is like Bobby Flay. Aw, forget it. Ha! :)
Comic book equivalent of Bobby Flay's Throwdown: "You're drawing your own DC Comics title! Psych! @JimLee is here to draw better than you!", Food Network makes people think that they're getting their own show but they're really just contestants on Bobby Flay's? Twisted!
Stoked to share this! My IDW Subscription Cover for BORDERLANDS #4 : The Fall of Fyrestone! W/colours by Esther Sanz.
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Just posted an update comment on this ART JOB OFFER! The pay rate $ is really good! :D Go check it out!… #Comics
Before our car blew up we took our boys to #Disneyland. 1st time since moving to SoCal. Trick-or-Treating is amazing there. Lbs of candy!!
I'm a comic artist looking for projects and/or commissions. Here's the link my gallery:
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SUBSCRIBERS ONLY: Penciller/Inker JOB OFFER! Graphic Novel, Well-known writer!… || #Comics #Art #ArtJob
Watching "Mercy" on Netflix Instant starring Carl from #TheWalkingDead and based on the short story "Gramma" by @StephenKing! || #Horror
Staring too long at other people's creations will suck away your uniqueness.
"I've always taken risks, and never worried what the world might really think of me." - M. C. Escher #Art #Quote
TV dads drink nothing but coffee and beer.
I'm thrilled by the amazing freelance work I've had but only time I don't feel creatively anxious is creator owned:
Very proud to announce that my first comic will be available at the end of Nov! preorder now!
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Check out DNA-RW, my gut wrenching short story in @SparklerMonthly this month! With art by @SaintforTweets !!
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Get updates on THE GATEKEEPER #1 and 5 other #Comcs Written & Illustrated by me @Patreon -->
THE GATEKEEPER #1 - Page 5 (Preview for Subscribers)-->… || #Comics #Art #Illustration
Can't believe it has already been 2 months since we moved to California from Maine.
ARTISTS: Get more eyes on YOUR ART! Help getting jobs + 1-on-1 Tutorials! Go here -->…
5 books Written & Illustrated by me with your help @Patreon! Support Independent #Comics!
Not sure how but I went from annoyed by Taylor Swift "Shake it Off" to jamming out to it. Don't worry I still have loads of street cred. #OG
Homeboys love the World's Largest Comic! Thanks for the support at today's event at Heroes and…
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First 2 titles in our new SST Art Book Series still available: VEINS AND SKULLS & DARK WORK:…
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