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You gave me forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.
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"jum lepak ?" "tak boleh la mak aku tak bagi" "wuuuu anak makkk" "jgn aaa perli . aku tahu la kau anak pungut hmm"
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"Ya Allah, sampaikan salam rinduku kepadanya sehingga menjadi kerinduannya. (do'a nabi Yusuf dikala merindui Zulaikha)"
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When ya know how to use it rite then it's not a waste.
Sampaikan salam rindu ini.
Love. I can't see it but I can feel it.
My most special talent. Sleeping.
'Cengkung' is a little bit too much la. 😅. I'm not, okey.
I love you babies.
Comelnye. 🐱. Omo omo
And some of it dies eventually. It's a sad thing of course. 😓
You really don't need to count because we had tons of cats before and it will never stop. It's like a cycle that sometimes people took it.
Our house is like tmpt persinggahan for the cats and kittens. Just glad that we could help those cuties.
New babies in the house. Welcome lil kittens. One more labor and it could be ten kittens in a week.
Back to old days. Almost everyday in the court. Yes Imma happy girl. But about to injured my self once again. Almost. Just almost. I think.
Even dalam hujan akan ku redah. Seperti senja tadi.
Uncle suruh call if takde sparing partner. I will uncle, I will.
Mendalami setiap sesuatu sehabis baik.
Jom berzikir. Subahanallah. Alhamdulillah. Allahuakbar.
Ayat terakhir? Surah Al baqarah? Ayat QURSI ye ayat QURSI. Amalkan please.
Atas bumbung setiap rumah akan ada jin yang menmpg. Utk melindungi ahli rumah drpd makhluk tersebut bacalah ayat terakhir surah al baqarah.
Ustaz kata, jangan jadikan rumah tempat tinggal kita seperti kubur. Rumah yg sunyi tanpa ayat2 Al-Quran.
Hujan hujan dan selimut berserta sweater sangat membahagiakan.
I'm used to it but it is still and always gonna be retiring.
Pagi dan petang ke hulu ke hilir tanpa henti.
Hectic Day Hectic Week.
My body is too tired that I think my eyes won't last long.
Anda hebat. Tahniah. Jangan sombong sangat please. Tak ke mana sombong tu.
The teachers didn't recognize me at first. 🙈
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Proper diet. It's a proper and good eating habits that helps. And also a good exercise.
I'm back. Raydah is back. Busy schedule.
Hai 😊. I Love You ❤️. 🙈🙉🙊
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Have a great day. It's Monday.
Happy Monday morning people and it's 5.47am.
Wake up in the morning and it's Monday.
You can miss them.. but you can't have them back. 😭😭
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Selamat malam kesayangan semua.