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β€œSingle is not a status. It's a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.”
I dunno why but there's so many things that are not included in the notes. And we didn't even get to learn.
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Princess Diaries ongoing.
Seriously need a break. Penat.
Sleeping is necessary.
What kind of thought is that? πŸ”«πŸ’£
X payah tidur then pagi teros pegi jogging. 😱
Craving for so many kinds of food. 😭
My dear @frhrb has turn 20. May Allah bless you sweety. 😘
Thank you. Sorry. And I love you. πŸ™†
Once we're departed, I pray that each one of us will have our own special way to go. If we are together again, Alhamdulillah.
One of the best thing that ever happen to me is them. Their existance. Friends.
I've make a memory with every single one of them.
Ya Allah, sulamkanlah rasa rinduku padaMu.
The same words that I speak to myself everyday and every nite. That I am so gonna miss every single moments that I had with them.
This hurts me too much. 😭😭�
West Coast Friendship // owl city.
Nak kisses. Coklat kisses ok. πŸ˜’
Give me baskin robin then I'll love you. πŸ™†
Give me chocolate. Something delicious. I love you.
Np I'm in love // ne-yo
Oh Tuhan yang maha pengasih, siapalah aq dihadapanMu.
Please get a hold of yourself.
Congratez on having an end for your final papers. May everything went well 4 everyone. It's not really an end but actually a new beginning
I am not being sweet but I just share what my heart really feels. I got that side of me.
We are getting near to an end for another new beginning.
When you see I'm happy, I am happy.
I choose to jog, do some exercise when I'm sad.
Sometimes I can be as sweet as honey amd sometimes I'm not.
Nak training. Nak main sampai lebam.
Everyone deserves to be happy.
Lecturers ajar tapi students tak faham. Students self-study sampai faham. Test results bagus. Lecturers bangga dengan their teaching skills.
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There are still so much space that needs to be fill up. My heart. And I'm keeping it for someone worth it.
Buying them as much as I could.
Alone doesn't mean you had no friends but you are buying time for yourself. And I do it a lot.
Sitting at the same corner. Surrounded with crowd and yet that emptiness, will never leave.
Tahniah kepada adik Mohammad Sofwan kerana telah menyelamatkan anjing drpd lemas dalam banjir baru2 ini. #respect
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Shining shimmering splendid.
Kemalasan untuk study kembali. Oh no 😱