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Express yourself. 👍
Don't change for others if it means to be someone else. You have to be yourself.
My baby twins are playing against each other. Gudluck. Me love you.
I just love to remind my self that I am special in my own way. Be greatful.
Esok last game untuk placing 5/6. Dah la lawan dengan kembar aku sendiri pulak tu. Tak boleh blah langsung. Haha. Yang penting, MAIN DRAW!
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Don't be too proud when you've succeed. Coz in a blink of an eye it can also be a failure. You never know.
If you fail now doesn't mean that you will never succeed. Succeed now doesn't mean that you'll never fail. Things will change.
I saw you but you were so busy thinking.
@dhiyanadira: Mentakab ♥”untung lerr
Please rain. I want to cuddle in my blanket.
Bersama encik @anwrgh #classmates #photogrid @photogridorg
Did I say it wrong ?
If the world is smaller than it would be easy to meet each other. Not unnoticeable.
Don't hate. Just love. You'll be happy.
But it's ok if that one sentence would make you happy. Then just let it be.
The more I read the more it sounds weird.
Please correct your sentence.
There's this one sentence about making the world smaller so that no one would notice. But I think it should be the opposite. Isn't it?
There will always be another chances. Believe it.
Stop wasting time. Just stop.
Time to rest. I need entertainment.
@raydahPotPet: Are you sure you're mad because of the rain. You better not be.”bunga is mad at the rain because she's scared booohh
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It's a scrfice I made. Choosing finishing school is my choice. Alhmdulillah, knowledge gained. 👍
Are you sure you're mad because of the rain. You better not be.
Don't be mad because of the rain. Think back.
My baby Mong. Love you baby. @mirasyahiraa
@harrisfikri: @raydahPotPet orait. Pantas pantas”hahaha yerr
Like accounting principles, owner and business are two different entities. It's the same with us. Totally different.
Hidup perlu ada pengorbanan.
@4nwaro: @raydahPotPet bosan la tu haha”hehehehe
Raining. The best moment to cuddle in your warm blanket.
It's raining and I need my blanket.
We were lucky that we had to continue and not going back.
Take 5. Most wanted words.
That one moment when you have to control yourself from being to crazy.
Baca surah Al-Qursi sblom kluar rumah maka Allah mengutuskan 70 000 Malaikat kpdnya, mrk smua memohon keampunan dan mendoakan untuknya.
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When you suddenly wake up in the middle of the nite. 😑
@raydahPotPet tq hunny. Good night beautiful. Have a nice dream. Sleep tight.
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@raydahPotPet ouh like that. I'll try okay. *Knock knock* Do you want build a sweet dreams? Lalalala good night si potpet. :)
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Thanx for cheering up my TL @noorsailah @syafiqdavid @norhafizahkmz . Sweet dream . 😘
Brain needs rest as well as your body. So nite earthlings. Me love you. 😘
Don't judge other people too easily. That's what the others will do to you.
My appearance is none if you business.
After a while, you appear to be so active in the timeline. And one moment after you're like 👀👀👀
One tweet. Thousands of conversations.
If you yourself cannot control your own self. Who would ? Hmm 😕
One word that keeps lingering in my head was the word control. Yes. That's it.