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MissLollipop (ライダ)
Apabila pelajar Sains Sukan dipandang rendah, mujur ada member Haziq Azman jadi hero kami! You win Haziq! 💪i
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To this bright girl, goodluck on your PT3 okay. I know you can do it. 🙆🏻 Make us proud.
All we have to decide is what to do with the #time that is given to us. ~J. R. R. Tolkien #quotes #inspiration
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Sebab hari ni hari Ahad so xnak bangun lagi. 😹�V7
Limit 2 jam je. Jom Riadah
Sorry for being so annoying as I've been posting too many photos lately. I've been thinking a lot lately. Too many thoughts are crossing my mind these days (and I often lost deep in my own blurry thoughts most of the times). The 'WHY' questions are bothering me in some ways. It feels like I am tota
Spot me. 👽
For students. 👌 Doa untuk elak rasa mengantuk ketika belajar atau exam. Elok untuk diamalkan selalu. Kongsikan.E
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The things we set in our minds are the limitations we actually set for ourselves.
Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds. -Napoleon Hill
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Oh Well, kalau ikutkan sekarang mungkin kat Penang.
I've actually let many things and chances go for the sake of ..... Oh well, sometimes things are really not meant to be the way it should.
Redha ku pasrah (Aboh,2015)
Sis tak tahan tgk kucing lawa ni.
My very first attempt to wear a brighter color. 🙈 #budakitang
Fight fight till your fears they go away.
If you want to do something well, you’ve got to be committed to it. You’ve got to do it fully.
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You're the light I'm the shadow on the wall when you sleep. Goodnite.
My eyes says yes but my heart says no.
Bila kau bangun dari tidur kau tengok semua orang takda kat rumah.
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Apa guna belajar kalau tak implikasikan ilmu yang ada?
Everything tht I need is right here with me.
The line here sucks. I'm quite busy these 2 days. You might wanna ask Ummi bout wht ive been doing.. 😁…k
Tak tahu kurta ke kurti name dy, tp bile prempuan pakai baju ni ya Allah cantiknye 🙈🙈
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Game SAF ditunda IPU teruk sgt, anak didik abg lam dah smpai uitm dh nak sorak2, terus rase down dan nak menangis
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The last selfie I manage to find after going through screenshots and whatsapp picts. Feeling honored? @raydahPotPet
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@raydahPotPet I see u right there. But you know me, always way too far in the future and I sometimes forgot abt reality which I have to face
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Kursus Pra ...... . ✔️
Adik, you're imagining too fast forward. We don't know what's gonna happen in the future rite.
@raydahPotPet oh my god and then there's no sushi date, movie date, makeup time and omg this hurts me omg bye
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@raydahPotPet and omg and then he's going to meet you and you guys gonna be lovey dovey and omg along enough
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Nampak tak muka bosan tu!
We need to balance our study and sports as well as other entertainments.

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