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Rasmus Lerdorf
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I usually like having my own colo hardware that I have full control over. Tonight is not one of those nights.
Thursday is release day. PHP 5.6.2 and 5.5.18 are available. Changelog:
Want to work with great people & make a difference? We're hiring: And we have snacks!
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Verifying that +rlerdorf is my Bitcoin username. You can send me #bitcoin here: (sorry folks. Hate these too)
The perfect password: X' or '1'='1' -- ✓ Upper ✓ lower ✓ number ✓ special ✓ 16+
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You are writing code to solve problems for real people, right? Not just to play with your tools? Real people:…
PHP 5.6.1 is available. Changelog:
Etsy's diversity numbers and more grant money for Hacker School -…
PHP 5.4.33 and 5.5.17 are now available. Changelogs:
If there is a best time for a NAS drive failure, it is a Sunday morning when I am home and the spare drive is sitting on the shelf
My Sunday: scan: resilver in progress since Sep 14 10:33:37 63.3G scanned out of 9.94T at 232M/s, 12h22m to go 7.73G resilvered, 0.62% done
A deal for all the recruiters sending me $10 LinkedIn mails, ACH me $5 instead and you will get a personal reply saying I am not interested
It is amazing how many "friends" I have who work in HR judging by my outstanding LinkedIn friend requests
Watches that require you have a phone...
Just enough time in Sydney for a run and a Tim Tam restocking before my flight back to SFO
Dumb twitter app. That picture was not upside down in the preview.
Swapped my run for mountain biking with @sigurdmagnusson this morning. Amazing place -…
Extremely painful listening to Australian politicians discuss collecting metadata on all Aussies. Their lack of tech knowledge is impressive
Quite amazed that I was able to use my US Global Entry card to skip the immigration line in New Zealand last night
Love my morning runs in new and interesting cities. Good morning Wellington!
Googlers, there are 3 lost Google bikes on the Baytrail between the boathouse and Crittenden (-122.069140,37.427912)
We open sourced the first of our "code labs", Etsy coding katas we use internally.…
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Talking startup life, open-source & cloud on Sept 1st with @rasmus and @IBMBlueMix in #wgtn. Sign-up here:
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Very nice new "Around the world" safety video @united - I actually watched the whole thing which I guess is the point of making it fun
The last PHP 5.3 release (5.3.29) is available. The announcement is here:…
For a bit of light weekend reading how about… ? Still very much work in progress, but let us know if you spot typos
45% of the hires we've made in @Etsy Infrastructure this year are women. Also, we're still hiring!
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Impressive group of NY start-ups met w. @TomWheelerFCC @Etsy 2 discuss why #NetNeutrality is important 2 them.
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We're fighting for an open Internet. Learn about what's at stake, and how you can help #NetNeutrality
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Background: I worked at Yahoo for 7+ years and was infamous for not having a phone. Some contracted recruiter is unlikely to know that.
"Wanted to reach out and see if you were interested in an architect position within the yahoo mobile team" @Yahoo I still don't have a phone
Kangerlussuaq, GL has had temps from -52.1°C to 25.5°C although not from one day to the next like Calgary's chinooks…
My team is looking for a PM. Come help us build community tools at Etsy!…
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Hey @Yahoo it is a really really bad idea to show Flemish ads to people logging into their Yahoo Mail account from Liège.
In Ghent, Belgium. Amazing little town. Should be fun watching the Belgium-USA game here tomorrow
To all domain squatters: No I am not interested in buying your domain. Oh how I wish I could opt out like that with a simple tweet.
"early stages of social evolution that is creating a new economy, one based on the creation of purpose for people"…
Hanging out with the ALM team last night in Paris was fun. But today we start looking at code...
Cool! @Elroubio drew me my very own elePHPant at #phptour here in Lyon
The Belgium game in downtown Luxembourg
Belgium is playing and apparently the thing to do in Belgium on game day is to put flag socks on your mirrors
Alibaba's initial entry into the US online retail market is hosted by Amazon...