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Rashad Houston
You're alive so you're blessed. If you're going through a hard time just look forward to the sunshine after the rain. I'll pray for you.
Time to follow some new people.
Pure. Unconditional. Love. And the beard will return... #LoveFatherhood #BeardGang
For The Glory. #luckywelivehawaii #KokoHead
#KokoHead is beyond crowded today.
Faith and Family First. Focused on raising amazing kids who will make a difference in our world. #Priorities
22 lost a day. Pray for my Comrades. "@twiteconomy: What is most destructive to the morale of our armed forces?"
Date night with the Queen. Keep it fresh, keep it fun.
Headphones in, walking down the block pretending like I'm in a movie scene or a music video. You do it too..
Bruh 😕 @ChiefKeeff: Me and Chop did 30 songs in 3 days! 75% Written & 40% Freestyle!😤"
A lot to work on but I'll take that W. Good Game, Bama. #RollTide
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message: via @YouTube #MorningMusic
College students be crossing the street like, "hit me. I got tuition to pay." 😂
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"Oh, it's not a rabbit!" Bruh 😂😭😂😭 #BearGrylls #ZacEfron
Happy #AlohaFriday From Hawai'i, With Love & Respect. Remember, You Can Go Anywhere & You Can Do Anything!
Happy #AlohaFriday From Hawai'i, With Love & Respect. Remember, You Can Go Anywhere & You Can Do Anything!
Couples massage tomorrow. The only time I'm allowed to have another woman's hands all over me lol 😂
One of the best ways to defeat your enemy is to become them, earn their trust and when the time is right tear them apart from the inside...
"Without a test there is no testimony."
It's important to be a better man than yesterday. If I don't learn from my mistakes then I don't progress.
I challenge myself every morning to be a better Father.
Stop waiting for someone else to help you shine. Capture that light right now.
I have a Queen by my side, an amazing son, another child on the way and I live on an island. I thank God every day. #GoodLife
Network. Build. Work Hard. It's not meant to be easy.
Pay the Producer. Stop being cheap.
Your stereotypes don't apply to me. Sorry.
Archangel Michael, we need you.
Your intuition knows. Just trust.
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Time will tell who's really about the "work hard/stay humble" life.
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Let me tell you something about Fatherhood: It Saved My Life. #LoveFatherhood
I am the richest man in the world. Fatherhood is a gift from God, and I'm blessed to be able to raise amazing kids with a Queen by my side.
Her smile. I live for it.
My 22nd time hiking #KokoHead this month. Today, I hiked to the top twice to reach my goal and took a moment to pray. Why 22 times? 22 Vets commit suicide every day and the pain I feel still won't bring them back. But it's the least I can do for my Brothers and Sisters. 22 Vets lost every day is 22
Tuff Gong in my headphones. #JahBless
Zoom out zoom out immediately! WTF 😱
A moment of silence for the modern music industry.
Common accepts the award on Drake's behalf. Bruh 😂
Now that's how you sing live..