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Randi Zuckerberg
Avoid long lines at the post office this holiday season. @shyp will pickup and deliver your packages for you:
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"Every time you hit FORGET PASSWORD, where's it go? Your email, so hackers go to email too."— @Koz on @SIRIUSXM Bus.111 @ 9 pm PT/ 12 am ET!
"Use two-factor identification. Our cell phone is the single most identity proofer."— @Koz of @TeleSign on @SIRIUSXM Bus. 111 @ 7 PT/ 10 ET!
On celebrities & non-profits: "It's a responsibility they've been afforded to help give back."— @Variety_Brian @SIRIUSXM Bus. 111 @ 3PT/6ET!
On haters: "#DontFeedTheTrolls, they get fed by your anxiety. Flood with the positive."— @revilopark on @SIRIUSXM Bus.111 @ 2 pm PT/5 pm ET!
My first excursion out of the house with the new baby!
Dolls that send powerful and inspiring messages to young girls from @BeMissPossible:
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Best content? "Anything that resonates from an emotional standpoint."— @revilopark on @SIRIUSXM Stars Ch. 109 @ 8 am PT/11 am ET!
On Googling yourself: "Don't post anything you don't want your next employer to see."— @Variety_Brian on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 @ 6 PT/9 ET!
Missed today's show? Tune in tomorrow on @SIRIUSXM Channel 111 for a replay of "Dot Complicated w/@randizuckerberg" at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET!
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Thanks you tuning in today with our special guests—@revilopark of @theAudienceHQ; @Koz of @TeleSign; and @Variety_Brian of @BurkleCenter!
"Don't post anything you don't want your mom to see." -@Koz of @TeleSign
Have you ever "Googled" your name? Find anything you didn't like? Tweet your experience @dotcomplicated!
"Whenever I sit down with anyone I've never met before, I find something I have in common with and find what moves them." –@Variety_Brian
"These online 'trolls' are a part of the digital world we live in." -@Variety_Brian of @BurkleCenter
How do you deal with online "haters"?—"I'm getting 'Don't Feed The Trolls' tattooed on me." —@Variety_Brian
Most effective online charity campaigns— "I am really impressed by what @Invisible does on a 'shoestring' budget." -@Variety_Brian
Questions/comments about protecting your identity online? Call 1 844 WHARTON or tweet @dotcomplicated!
Thoughts on having a side project? "I think wearing multiple hats is important. It's healthy to have many interests." –@Koz of @TeleSign
"The best way to preempt a hack is to connect your cell phone to your account." –@Koz of @TeleSign
"It's harder than ever to protect yourself online and it's more important than ever." -@Koz of @TeleSign
"With @springbreakers we took a platform approach. Started at 2 theaters and grew from there using a non-traditional approach." @revilopark
"We have a rule—we never put words in anyone's mouth." -@revilopark on creating content for @theAudienceHQ celebrity clients
Content that does best? "When you put out a beautiful image or content and allow people to make it their own." @revilopark of @theAudienceHQ
Like or Dislike? 2015 @TeamChevy Corvette will have a "valet mode" which can "spy" on valet drivers and provide extra security for your car.
Like or Dislike? Donut and waffle mashup--the "wonut."
Like or Dislike? @tomhanks creates an app that gives your phone the feel of a typewriter.
Like or Dislike? Brain headband that helps you calm down during stressful times.
We are LIVE on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111! Tune in and tweet your comments/questions @dotcomplicated or call 1 844 WHARTON!
Today's @dotcomplicated on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 will tackle "Online Reputation, Safety, and Security"--tune in @ 9 am PT / 12 pm ET!
Tune in tomorrow to @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 to hear the conversation on “Online Reputation, Safety, and Security” @ 9 am PT / 12 pm ET!
Discussing @Microsoft and the gender pay gap in today's article on @dotcomplicated:
My son playing with a snake! 🐍
The new family portrait? Your #selfie can be turned into a 3D-printed statue: (via @AP)
“Provide better care and reduce costs."— @RonGutman @HealthTap #InsuranceProfessionals @ 9 pm PT / 12 am ET!
"Target problems you know people have, like ear infections"— @erikdoug of @CellScope on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 @ 7 am PT / 10 am ET!
The future of "wearable" tech. "Wearable Technology That Feels Like Skin" (via @nytimes)
"Healthcare starts and ends in trust."—@RonGutman of @HealthTap on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 @ 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET!
Spoke today on @CNN about women in the workplace and equal pay, an issue that's close to my heart.
Spoke today on @CNN about women in the workplace and equal pay. An issue close to my heart, which is why I recently joined the public board of Professional Diversity Network @Prodivnet
On the @CellScope #OTO device: "This is the evolution of accessing care from home."—@erikdoug on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 @ 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET!
How to approach the blurred lines of work and personal life living in the age of connectivity by @randizuckerberg:
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"Within 5 years from now every doctor will have a virtual office and a real office." — @RonGutman on @SIRIUSXM Stars Ch. 109 @ 8 PT / 11 ET!
On medical advice online: "Look at the source. Only get answers from real doctors."— @RonGutman @HealthTap on @SIRIUSXM Ch. 111 @ 6PT/9ET!