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Randi Zuckerberg
Missed this week's show? Read the recap & catch the replay today at 2 PM PT/ 5 PM ET on @SIRIUSXM Radio Bus. Ch.111:
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"We're in a compromise-free generation. There's no need to compromise anymore."— @idoleffler #design on @SIRIUSXM Bus. 111 @ 2 PT/5ET!
"We try to provide the context by helping people become a part of the story."— @brynmooser @RYOTnews on @SIRIUSXM Stars 109 @ 8PT/11ET!
"I was a consumer of fast fashion. I had a closet full of clothing that I never wanted to wear."— @Zady on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 @ 6PT/9ET!
.@randizuckerberg Mazel tov on the new addition, Randi!! We especially love the name :)
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Was there life before technology? Read @bonjourjackie's reflection of growing up in our technological world:
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Missed today's show? Tune in tomorrow on @SIRIUSXM Channel 111 for a replay of "Dot Complicated w/@randizuckerberg" at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET!
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In the studio with @brynmooser of @RYOTnews discussing conscious consumerism on @SIRIUSXM Business Ch. 111.
In the studio for today's show on @siriusxm Business Ch. 111 with @brynmooser of @ryotnews discussing conscious consumerism.
"@Target is one of the most philanthropic companies with education. They were the easy choice." @idoleffler on partnering for @Yoobigives
"You should think about the benefit it gives to the world around you–not just the benefit to you." @idoleffler on entrepreneurship
"There's no need to compromise. Today we can have it all. Design needs to be a part of that. It should be sustainable." -@idoleffler
"How can I create something my kids will like—that is fun and dynamic?" @idoleffler on developing @Yoobigives
What does conscience commerce mean to you? "If you can buy something that is phenomenally good and does good for the world." -@idoleffler
"There are constant reminders of our gender. We own it. There is no better time than now to be a female founder." -@sorayadarabi
"It's certainly challenging. We walk into a room and we are the only women. Sometimes it's to our advantage and sometimes not." @maxinebedat
"You can see a customer building out a wardrobe over time with our products. They start with one and go from there—very exciting." on @Zady
"We are creating a sweater on @Zady where every single detail is made in the USA—the whole process is completely transparent and ethical."
On the phone with @sorayadarabi and @maxinebedat of @Zady. Tweet at @dotcomplicated or call 1 844 WHARTON with your comments/questions!
What's your vision? "Continue to have journalists around the world, empower readers, change the way people feel about the news." @brynmooser
"Our animal stories do really well. I think because people can relate...and kittens are cute." @brynmooser of @RYOTnews
"We like to instill this 'think global, act local' philosophy." -@brynmooser of @RYOTnews
"One of the reasons I shifted into @RYOTnews because it helps people decipher how they can help what they're passionate about." -@brynmooser
"I do think everyone should join the @PeaceCorps. It's the best thing our government does." - @brynmooser of @RYOTnews
"It was a clear idea for @RYOTnews. Here's the news and here's what you can do about it." -@brynmooser
Like or Dislike? @BuyPartisan app helps track and inform about the political contributions of the brands you buy.
Like or Dislike? #Starfish device alerts parents if they have left child in their car seat—after 5 min informs law enforcement.
Like or Dislike? Cryogenic freezing technology—the potential to revive bodies in the future.
Like or Dislike? Magnetic levitation technology—floating lamps, etc.
It's almost time for today's show on "Conscious Consumerism & Ethical Retail" on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 @ 9 am PT/ 12 pm ET!
Tune in tomorrow to join the conversation on "Conscious Consumerism & Ethical Retail" on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 @ 9 am PT/12 pm ET!
Avoid long lines at the post office this holiday season. @shyp will pickup and deliver your packages for you:
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"Every time you hit FORGET PASSWORD, where's it go? Your email, so hackers go to email too."— @Koz on @SIRIUSXM Bus.111 @ 9 pm PT/ 12 am ET!
"Use two-factor identification. Our cell phone is the single most identity proofer."— @Koz of @TeleSign on @SIRIUSXM Bus. 111 @ 7 PT/ 10 ET!
On celebrities & non-profits: "It's a responsibility they've been afforded to help give back."— @Variety_Brian @SIRIUSXM Bus. 111 @ 3PT/6ET!
On haters: "#DontFeedTheTrolls, they get fed by your anxiety. Flood with the positive."— @revilopark on @SIRIUSXM Bus.111 @ 2 pm PT/5 pm ET!
My first excursion out of the house with the new baby!
Dolls that send powerful and inspiring messages to young girls from @BeMissPossible:
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Best content? "Anything that resonates from an emotional standpoint."— @revilopark on @SIRIUSXM Stars Ch. 109 @ 8 am PT/11 am ET!
On Googling yourself: "Don't post anything you don't want your next employer to see."— @Variety_Brian on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 @ 6 PT/9 ET!
Missed today's show? Tune in tomorrow on @SIRIUSXM Channel 111 for a replay of "Dot Complicated w/@randizuckerberg" at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET!
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Thanks you tuning in today with our special guests—@revilopark of @theAudienceHQ; @Koz of @TeleSign; and @Variety_Brian of @BurkleCenter!
"Don't post anything you don't want your mom to see." -@Koz of @TeleSign