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Randi Zuckerberg
“If you create great things with value, people are willing to pay.”— @ingridsan of @popexpert on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 @ 9 pm PT/12 am ET!
Do you have experience working for a startup? 5 Reasons You Should Work For A Startup At Least Once: via @TechCrunch
“No one’s buying a regular t-shirt anymore. You buy a regular t-shirt + put your spin on it.”— @foundermom on @SIRIUSXM Bus. 111 @ 7PT/10ET!
Speaking today at #DellVenue with @InternQueen, sharing tips on making the most of internships and first jobs.
"This is a part of my success. It gives me clarity, focus, and helps me reduce stress.”—@ingridsan #meditation @SIRIUSXM Bus.111 @ 3PT/6ET!
"Going from love cynic to meeting someone special takes observation.”— @DearMrsD #onlinedating on @SIRIUSXM Business Radio Ch.111 @ 3PT/6ET!
Repost from @dotcomplicated--It's CONTEST time! We are giving away a signed copy of @randizuckerberg's New York Times Best Seller, "Dot Complicated." To enter: (1) Follow @dotcomplicated on Instagram. (2) Post a photo showing us how you like to unplug. (3) Tag @dotcomplicated and use hashtag #HowIUn
It's CONTEST time! We are giving away a signed copy of @randizuckerberg's New York Times Best Seller,…
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Want to learn a new craft? Need tips for online dating? This week's recap on connecting with experts online:
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Join Lauren Berger (@internqueen) and I in San Francisco tomorrow for a special event at the #DellVenue! Enjoy lunch and then attend an intimate conversation about staying connected in today’s ‘Dot Complicated’ world and advice for internships, school and entering the real-world.
"Ask, are my daily behaviors matching my values? If so, you’re moving in alignment for a work/life balance.”—@ingridsan on Ch. 111 @2pt-5ET!
Join @InternQueen and I in San Francisco tomorrow at the #DellVenue! More info and RSVP here:
“We want to make people succeed + feel they can show something off at the end of their class.”— @foundermom on @SIRIUSXM Stars 109 8PT/11ET!
How is wearable technology changing the future of health care? (via @KPRCLocal2)
Still doing my best to rock the mic at 8.5 months! Proud to lend my support to "Big Kids Rock" for their work supporting music programs in 60+ Bay Area public schools where music really matters to kids' success and staying in school.
"I built my brand around the fact that I live this everyday."— @DearMrsD #onlinedating More on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 at 6 PT / 9 ET!
My 3-year-old son ditched me at preschool this morning to hold hands with his girlfriend... #sigh #itbegins
What would your day look like spelt out on social media? Check out this mom's day in tweets from @UsingOurWords:
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Talking about how to connect with experts online with Ingrid Sanders, Founder and CEO of @popexpert_com, and Jeanne Lewis, Founder and CEO of @creativebug, on @siriusxm!
Best advice for those looking to find mentors online? "Know thyself and authenticity." - @ingridsan of @popexpert
"There is value behind that...behind these crafts our experts teach, and I am here to say that." - @foundermom CEO/Founder of @creativebug
Surprising response by users? "People start to take classes outside of what they originally signed up for." -@foundermom of @creativebug
"I want it to be delivered in a way where I spend less time watching, and more time making." -@foundermom of @creativebug
In the studio with @foundermom, CEO/Founder of @creativebug, discussing how to explore your creativity in the midst of your hectic life!
Where can you find online dating expert @DearMrsD? "I am online on find my Twitter and Facebook through there!"
In the studio w/@ingridsan, CEO and Founder of @popexpert, discussing the balance of life, work, and play!
Biggest mistake in online photos? "Trying to be so many things to so many authentically you." -@DearMrsD of datesandmates
"Have photos that capture your life story." -@DearMrsD sharing her tips on creating an online dating profile.
"I talk about my own relationship, my own clients can see I am walking the walk, not just talking the talk."- @DearMrsD
In the studio with Ingrid Sanders, CEO and Founder of @popexpert_com, discussing the balance of life, work, and play! Join the conversation on @siriusxm Business Radio Ch. 111!
On the line with @DearMrsD, talking about how to stand out and have a killer dating profile--tune in @SIRIUSXM Bus. Radio Ch. 111!
"So many of us lose our sense of wonder when we work too hard..." - @ingridsan CEO/Founder of @popexpert on the need for play in our lives
What one course would you recommend? "Learning to play the ukulele in 7 makes people smile." -@ingridsan CEO/Founder of @popexpert
"It is far easier, and way harder, to start a business than what I had anticipated...anyone can do it if you have the will." - @ingridsan
A: "It's about gaining a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and value at that point in your life, work, and play."
Q: How can people take time to invest in themselves? (asked of @ingridsan, founder/CEO of @popexpert)
"The original idea--I found it hard to find someone to learn from..." -@ingridsan talking about her journey to @popexpert
In the studio with @ingridsan, founder/CEO of @popexpert! Call 1 844 WHARTON or tweet your comments/questions!
Like or Dislike? Windowless airplane allows you to see a high-res panoramic view while you fly--powered by solar panels.
Like or Dislike? @MarthaStewart goes to "war" with fellow online lifestyle guru @GwynethPaltrow.
Like or Dislike? Colorado high schooler invents "smart gun" that unlocks with your fingerprint.
Like or Dislike? World's first 3-D printed car--highly customizable and affordable. Would you get one if/when it becomes available to drive?
Malcolm @Gladwell says it takes 10,000+ hours to make one an "expert." What do you think? Call 1 844 WHARTON or tweet your comments!
We are LIVE this morning at @SIRIUSXM talking about how to connect with the experts you need online! Tune in--Business Radio Ch. 111!
How can you connect with experts online? Tune in to find out from our guest experts on @SIRIUSXM Bus. Ch. 111 at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET!