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Rand Fishkin
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Story of the UnderWater Internet from @Builtvisible made it to the Hacker News homepage today:… nice work!
Totally digging NYTimes Labs' language chronicle tool: Never knew SEO was so popular in the 19th century
60 secs of what it's like working at Moz:… from the amazingly talented @thinkyfish
Kicking off vacation in Ashland, OR & saw this in local paper. Love that web marketing education is spreading
Something's up with local - major shake-up in the feature graph -
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A new Mozscape index was just released! Take a peek at your metrics in OSE, MozBar, Competitive Analysis, & more
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Decoding the Google Answer Box Algorithm - a SERP Research on 10.353 Keywords
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Moz CEO @SarahBird sharing @NoahsDadDotCom's story with Mozzers at the Allhands
Data on free trial growth from Moz CMO @ahpromes. Note: we have reduced paid ad spend vs 2013 in favor of organic
FYI - it's the Moz Allhands today which is why I'm sharing internal stats. Hopefully of interest to some of y'all.
Moz still has a long way to go on some metrics (e.g. 1st three months churn), but we're doing quite well on others
Moz's CFO shares our operating cashflow 1sthalf 2013 v 2014 (move off Amazon to private data center saved 5.3mm YoY)
Quite possibly one of the best things you'll ever read:… The Fermi Paradox: We're first, we're rare, or we're f***ed
The company wide report the @Moz Community team sent for June 2014 -
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List of sites that help promote startups & web apps:… this is the modern (& better) version of directory link building
Reddit AMA with Jon Wiley, principal designer for Google Search:…
I'm going true startup style today. Ramen for lunch
Detective hats on:… another mystery in the SERPs, this time in "related searches"
Two biggest problems w/ paid links: #1) Risk exposure #2) Opportunity cost of not investing in higher ROI marketing
Do paid links still work?… For some, they do, though I expect Google to continue aggressively running these down
Dear Google, Links from YouMoz Don't Violate Your Quality Guidelines my blog post from last night
Dear Google, links from YouMoz don't violate your quality guidelines a letter from me to the webmaster tools team
This weekend I'm dragging @MatthewJBrown, @SarahBird, and our respective spouses to @osfashland, one of my favorite places on earth.
The Broken Art Of Company Blogging discussion has been very mixed, but I know my philosophy is not for everyone.
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