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Nothing is better than a nighttime fire with food and tea
Ahead of Australia vs Netherlands
Thai iced tea - amazing colors
Saw this image on twitter and the tweet said "... especially not today." #WorldCup #TeamItalia #ITAvsENG
But I get them :/
Oh you haven't quoted Coolidge recently? For shame!
Coolest looking cake ever!!
Hummus, organic Olive oil - guava juice and a view of china town. Can't get more random than that.
Grad party Selfie
This is the story of how this tweet went WAY wrong -->
A Darwish Saturday.
Great event last night at the South African embassy - the ambassador is very cool!
This shoe store thought it was a good idea to put a bunch of knights around it's shoes -- to help sell shoes. 2 for 99!
Yup, that's my miswak - love this stuff
Some special type of pancake that was the size of a frisbee
fried chicken, biscuits, eggs, gravy and truckloads of salt.
Only Google would have napkins promoting 2-factor authentication - love it!
At Google for Media - got a panel talking about tech and newsrooms in a bit.
This guys dropped bombs. Literally. In WW1. Out of a plane, with one hand. While steering with the other.
Talk about a nice private patio! Roof view overlooking the new city center DC , center
A Harvard cake for a Harvard bound girl
Happy third birthday @ajstream - how better to celebrate than custom M&Ms?
Actually, I love math <3
Workout outside - love
As seen on HBO's #SiliconValleyHBO
Let the memes begin... And yes, this sign is real
:o --> :0 --> :O ht Deema
This fruit has a hashtag on it #soar ht @kkiang
Reports that #TurkeyBlockedTwitter and this is the first image I find --->
#snow & gladiator remix meme
What #coffee do I make at 5AM? This amazing stuff right here with a hand filter drip.