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Proud to be a part of @JeffreyAReddick 's fun little horror short @GoodSamaritanSh - I play a pompous windbag. Go figure.
Support today's #EducationCountdown - search the hashtag to find out what's happening. Do it! @aworldatschool is where it's at!
Thanks to the AMAZING cast of Midsummers at @bardonthebeach - My son's 1st Shakespeare was PERFECTION! So ...
First date tip: Don't "meow" at me.
what #thekidsneedtoknow is that EVERYBODY MATTERS. "it's little voices like yours that can make a loud noise." amen, #KidPresident
"The world can be better, and you'll be the cause." check out the original version of the song @PS22Chorus sang:
watch out, @BarackObama! @iamkidpresident has a direct (can) phone line to @FLOTUS. p.s. they even dance together. #KidPresident
"The world would be more awesome if we weren't all so afraid to love." @Lupita_Nyongo #KidPresident
I want some fries with my "frickin' chickin' fingers" @reggiewatts #KidPresident
Season finale wisdom: "In order to make changes, you have to find out what the different needs are of people." @Carrie_Rachel #KidPresident
Live tweeting the Kid President season finale in T-minus 5 minutes! Tune in! @HubTVNetwork #KidPresident
Download the @chideo app and $1 goes to @monafoundation - Chideo is truly awesome. Watch videos and support charity!
Breakups suck. But you don't.
My homeboy @andygrammer 'drops' his album today- check it out!
Who knew @JamesGunn was the basterd son of George Lucas and Tarantino!? Guardians of the Galaxy was EPIC. #GOTG #THICKE
Hope you're all going to see Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend! I am. 27 times. @JamesGunn & a talking raccoon? C'mon!
Sometimes we need a little advice on how to be awesome.
Meow meow meow meow meow... meow meow meow meow
Congrats to @alyankovic on the 1st #1 comedy album since 1963!!! Brilliant! #YANKOVIC
219 girls of Chibok are being held captive. Show your support, host a vigil, send a message to #BringBackOurGirls:
CAT CAROLING. It's a thing. Watch more of @iamkidpresident & @MrCraigRobinson tonight on Hub Network #KidPresident
pissog is gossip backwards.
Next week, Futball fans, Manchester United at the Rose Bowl! @Aon_Football
Hey Kids in E. Washington-Go see my dad's art at 2 Rivers gallery in E Wenatchee! @rrwilsonart