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Radrev - radical man
Happy Roshashana. The year 5774 is the year of favor
The power of synergy. An experience that cannot be described, it has to be experienced
A win win mindset requires empathic listening. Listen with both intent and empathy
True "win-win" mindsets can only be attained when y I u truly understand the person opposite you. That takes time...
We desperately profess to be truth seekers, and then when truth is objectively different from our expectations,...
Developing a win win mindset requires time, cooperation and mutual win win mindset
If passive smoking is dangerous for unborn babies, how dangerous is abortion?
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We have soccer uniforms that need to be transported to Kenya...who wants to go to Kenya?
The graveyard is the wealthiest place on the planet, filled with unspoken dream, patents. Ever realized, songs...
Life is an adventure, not a destination. Enjoy every moment
Just got accepted into the Farmers program to become a Farmers agent! Woop woop #wearefarmers
Another interview on Wednesday. Breaking into the property and auto insurance in Houston! #autoinsurance
Drivers ed on a sunday...parallel parking...yippee
The problem with the golden egg is that an ordinary looking goose laid it.
Take care of the goose that lays the golden egg, or pretty soon the eggs will stop coming
Dream big, plan in detail, dig in,live with intention. It's not easy being a dreamer, the success of seeing your dream a reality is reward
"ISIS is not Islamic." "If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan." Are we feeling safe yet? #ObamaSpeech
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#ISIS not Islamic? Islam doesn't condone killing? Does Mohammed command death to infidels?#ObamaSpeech @LodiSilverado
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Dream big, plan in detail live life intentionally. Surround yourself with passionate people and succeed
Intention to succeed is a vital element in the success equation, but so are passionate team members. Recruit...
Interesting conversation with an unsaved person. Me :"Why don't you like church?" Person:" They are don't like me"
Restoration comes through praise and expectation.… ~ new 10 minute long sermonette this morning. Exciting one too
Love having a Monday off, not sure I like studying on a Monday tho
Joshie enjoying pancakes (crepes for the Un South African). I remember paying 25 cents a piece. ..In Johannesburg
I am thinking its time to hit my fav restaurant (@pelipeli) with some friends @Duchess114 to celebrate LIFE and @WeAreFarmers
For with God, nothing (not a single thing) will be impossible
I have a mentoring program limited to 12 men. Just so happens I have one vacancy left. Direct message me if you are interested.
If you don't wake up in love with your life, then make a change. One small change is to change what you think about and then go from there
Change your thinking, change your habits and your change your destiny
Change your mind and you change your future
At DPS with a student. ...and its about to storm.
De clutter your thinking
Pastors are struggling with depression and the church is oblivious.
Your provision is in the heavenly places. Learn how to access it and you will never lack. God's grace is sufficient
Just found out my new apartment ONLY has @ATT Uverse? Ugh…fastest speed is 18mbps? Seriously? I have 60mbps with @XFINITY Ugh…this is sad
Walk the love talk today! Instead of a #selfie be the #love you were destined to be #love
Working in the Woodlands has some unexpexted adventures #woodlands#adventure
How is it that you have eyes that cannot see, a pen that writes, but lacks paper, a voice that speaks, yet is...
If you have to tell me your position and title in the church, chances are good that it's not accurate!