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Radrev - radical man
Excited to be moving into the property and casualty insurance biz
Our Houston Fellowship has grown to a place where we need a new location, and another 25 chairs!
iHope Houston has it's service tonight, followed by a cook out, baptism and fellowship around the water. Would love to have you join us.
A conceited man never grows because he has already reached the top
Why shoot down a commercial jet? #malasiaairlines
Passed my property and casualty insurance exam! Happy Dance time
Bible class on Saturday night ( come in person or online) followed by fellowship get together. Sunday morning we...
Crazy realization. Not everybody is going to like you, some will dislike you despite no previous interaction....
The worst aspect of having rental properties is evicting tenants. Why do people choose to make excuses when rent is late again and again?
The heavens declare His glory
Two days of property and casualty insurance complete! Sweet.
Impersonators impersonate others, and society places a high value on that skill. How about impersonating YOU? You...
Having a radical hair cut ...hmmm
Just filled up with gas at $289/gallon. Love gas prices in Houston.
The war eagles are gathering in Houston on the 4th July
The war eagles gather on the 4th July 2014. I do wonder what is going to happen
I released a new message today. Did you get it?
Never argue with a fool. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
David was anointed some twenty years before he was appointed
Do what you do best and you will be successful
Working working working
Names carry weight.
Peter walked on the water, obviously some distance before he fell. The disicples staying in the boat had the same...
Manure that stinky stuff is what nourishes the soil
I am recruting a worship team for a new church plant in Houston. Any interest?
Manure stinks (as does some life events) but that same manure feeds the plants
Ready to hear Bishop TD Jakes preach
The truly blind are those without vision
Do what you enjoy doing for a living and you will never work again
Love is like loaves and fishes; it doesn't multiply until you give it away.
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Using drones to catch that idea.
Biz is booming in Houston
What decisions will you make today? Do you realize that each decision impacts your future?
The anointing is yoke breaking
What will you choose for today?
Owning your own start up can be both exhilarating and scary at the same time. Are you a risk taker?
God gives you the desires of your heart, when they are in alignment with His desires for you. Bible or man's theology?
Listen to the message of hope every week in your inbox
Sitting in church way under dressed. ..Wups
I am planning my next african safari - this time we are going to Zambia. Anybody wanna come with?
Bushman Tours launch date is coming up soon
The old mindset of one career is being replaced with several part time positions, creating streams of income #change