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Love starbucks checkout with square concept. Tip or be embarrassed #tightwads
Words spoken in fear have destructive power. If your "faith" is in the negative and fear then that which you fear...
Homeschooling was not on my agenda ...c'est le vie
Seek first the Kingdom of God and then these things will be added to you. If you are in subtraction place perhaps...
God gives you only what you can handle
Fine city, super fine city. Loving the big city
Money can't buy happiness but it can buy marshmallows which is kinda the same thing
Looking for a building in Houston is next in my very long to do list
Just relocated to Houston. Loving the city life
Trust takes time to build, be patient, build slowly and consistently
Never decieve those that are important to you. When they discover you lied, they will stop trusting you
Last night in Kentucky
Some people drain you, others empower you. Leave the energy thieves outside and bring the inspirers in close
Closing down a place of worship is one of the hardest things to do
Houston we have a solution
We are moving to Houston, Texas this weekend. Very excited right now
The replication to Texas has begun in earnest. Searching for a home and a ministry center
Looking forward to a divine appointment with a very seasoned prophet in Alabama. Bring it on!
Do Apple trees need titles to produce fruit? Do we know an apple tree by it's title or by it's fruit?
Grace is freedom from the law of sin, not free to sin.
Religion is control, grace is freedom. Grace is freedom from the law of sin, not free to sin!
I am and have been seeing tremendous things in the heavenlies, battles raging, wars won, and angels being...
Fear of failure eats away at your hope, till you become hopeless. At this stage, you freeze up and stagnate.
Mortgage = in death's grip
If you are not happy right now, change one thing in your life. Change something and see what changes. Amazing...