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Radrev - radical man
Religion judges while grace forgives. Religion recalls while grace forgot. Religion reminds you of your past,...
Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do good things happen to bad people?
Rebooting your life, start with being thankful.
Definition of a "selfie" - one self obsessed. Would you agree? Or is it just self love?
History is rewritten by the victors, not the victims. Rewrite your history and propel yourself into your future....
Waiting waiting waiting on Texas department of Insurance to issue my license. The website says 4 weeks, so 8 weeks later is 'normal'?
Technology was originally designed to make life easier, but sometimes easier is just a trap for slavery.
Surprising fact ~ most people are afraid of success.
If you were offered a wealth creation plan, do you have the tenacity to see it through?
If I presented a seminar with the title :"Church bites" would you attend? Just doing an informal survey here.
There is do much more to God than church, more to the bible than the preaching. Layers upon layers, Deep calls...
Do you have a plan to succeed? A no plan attitude is the same way as saying : "I have a plan alright. A plan to...
Do not seek the counsel of a bankrupt person on investment strategies, nor a divorced person on longevity in...
my daily insight into the world (tongue in cheek for those that can't read between the social media lines) ~ I am...
Religion is quick to judge, grace is quicker to forgive
Prosperity can be determined by the quality (not the quantity) of your inner circle.
Its never too late to reinvent yourself.
The season just changed. Did you catch it?
You are one decision away from transforming your life. Go from mundane to the supernatural in one decision.
Everything changes right now
Dream big, plan in detail but above all else, make a decision to act upon your plan
Forgiveness releases your destiny
If your supply runs out, its time to change your geography
The season has changed, have you changed your approach? God gives us seasons, to indicate it's time to do a new...
Competition divides, cooperation multiplies. Power of agreement equals multiplication, power of self equals destruction. Your choice
Life coaches help you set goals, and then ascertain those goals. We have personal trainers, why not life...
Small minds celebrate the defeats suffered by others. Great minds celebrate the victories of others.
Dream big, plan in detail live for now, enjoy every moment not just the big goals you have accomplished. Embrace...
Property and casualty insurance exam done, surplus lines done, now all that remains is life and health certification!
Hope is a gift, to be hopeless is to die slowly daily. Take time to look at the ones closest to you. They may be...
It's satisfying when ur student finally parallels parks by herself
I am thinking its a @pelipeli type of evening...what do you think @Duchess114
Passed property and casualty general lines state exam. Tuesday I take the surplus lines exam. How lucky can I be?
Reach for the stars, at the very least you will reach the trees.
Reaching the world with LOVE, how are you fulfilling that today?
Posted a new sermonette today - living in the supernatural
Everybody has the desire to find their meaning in life. Have you found your meaning yet?
I am amazed by the crab. Put two in bucket and they will ensure each others demise. Like humans, competition will...
Motivation is the key to overcome the barriers of your success. The success of every goal that you set depends...
Developing a win win paradigm takes courage but it's well worth the effort
Win win mindsets start with building bridges not finding fault
This morning we started with wealth creation goals and goal planning. We have a plan for success now
Love church people. They love you one day and dislike you the next. Authentic Christianity, does it even exist anymore? Tired of flakes
Amazing how many people hear from heaven, and so many conflicting versions too