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Love them little notes @katyperry sings at the end of the songs lost and double rainbow, cute
Some weirdo keeps posting rude pictures on my tagged profile, thanks for making me look a perv darlin
#NowPlaying Right Round - US Album Version by Flo Rida on #Spotify Choooon…
Munching a cake in bed, only i can drop it all over me and get cream everywhere and all over my bed sheets -.-
Actually im glad i didn't go out now its pissing it down :/
The house alarm just went off by its self, shit myself!
Was meant to be going to a bonfire but it's too far :( boring night in -.-
Fucking gutted.
Annoys me when people take pictures of themselves threw a dirty mirror like clean your fucking mirror ugh
Waking up then feeling instantly sick, hate waking up in the morning 😐
How sweet is @S1xty_n1ne for making me this thoo ;D
Especially pervy ones.
Hate getting a taxi at this time would rather walk.
Beth farting and it fucking stinks
Been eating loads of sweets and I'm worried for my teeth 😒
Raised my eyebrow on snapchat now everyone is replying raising there's hahah
Rachel doing snapchat videos and she's acting as if she's filming for eastenders
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I don't understand how people can jump out of one relationship and jump into another one straight away, like what lol
So I come around to Beth's house to spend time with her then she has me trying to fix her xbox controller, typical!
Bought loads of munch and stuff to eat while chilling with @Beth_Huntington 😊