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Rachel Brosnahan
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Today is #WorldPolioDay - join the push to #endpolio once and for ALL and protect the world’s children
"Rather than offer charity, we want to work towards justice."
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life update: I'm hungry but the couch is far from food
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. @Dabdelhakiem There are no GAY scenes. There are scenes with people in them.
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Can't wait to get back to it for Season 2 w/ brilliant humans @shawsam @dustythomason @LByock @ashzukerman @katjaherbers @_alexiafast et al.
Awesome to hear how much you all enjoyed @ManhattanWGNA Season 1! Even more awesome to see everyone thanking our brilliant writers.
In honor of tonight's SEASON FINALE of @ManhattanWGNA, here's what happens when Joey & crew play a prank on poor mom.
Life Lesson #87: Olga is a really good name for a donkey.
Wynn&Yael, aka little&large getting to work in #Malta. This lady is quite simply a delight #thedovekeepers @CBS
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Life Lesson #86: Don't text and walk, else this cat will make you feel very, very small.
Kristen Stewart: "It’s a really ridiculous thing to say you’re not a feminist."…
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Just continuously in awe of the light and the force that is Frances McDormand. #OliveKitteridge
Can't wait to get back to NM w/ @RachieBros, @katjaherbers, @ashzukerman, @dustythomason, our non-tweeting actors, & @shawsam. <3 you all.
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I'm over the moon to announce that @ManhattanWGNA is picked up for a 2nd Season! Can't wait to get back dusty NM with these talented peeps.
"Argh, I just have so many taxes! And the Beatles!" - Charley, age 11, doing an impression of a grown-up
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And sometimes the job is to show up at work and squeeze chunky babies and I am just the luckiest. #TheDovekeepers
Joey and Abby will be very upset if you don't tune into tonight's #ManhattanWGNA. Can't wait to hear what you think!
Special shoutout to my bestests @RemyGerminario and @rachsuss for being the proudest, gayest YOUS! Miss you both.
We've come a long way since then, but there's still a lot of work to be done. Happy #NationalComingOutDay to my brave friends. #LGBTIQQA
5 years ago today, I was in Washington DC at the Equality March with some of the most inspiring people I know.
Life Lesson #85: The best thing about a "pregnant" belly is easy chip access. #TheDovekeepers
BREAKING NEWS: The #nobelprize2014 in Peace is awarded to Indian Kailash Satyarthi and Pakistani Malala Yousafzay
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Sneaky sneak peek at Yael and Ben Simon (Luke Roberts) brought to you by Day 9 of #TheDovekeepers!
Incredibly honored to be associated with this beautiful project full of actors I admire. #OliveKitteridge 1st trailer
And regarding all this "What the heck happened to Joey?" business...a kid's entitled to a few secrets of his own on The Hill. 😉
Awoke to all your wonderful and witty responses to the last @ManhattanWGNA episode. So glad you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.
Holy Moly there's a whole new episode of @ManhattanWGNA on tonight! Prepare to channel the great Harry Lloyd. 👇
Uh oh. Guys, "Gilmore Girls" is on Netflix. See you in 3 months.
If you put a carrot on your head then you have a carrot on your head
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Amazing impact from this year's #GlobalCitizenFestival. Commitments set to affect 259 MILLION lives. Thats huge guys!
Today I lifted a bottle of water with my eyes. Thought I was magic and all my dreams came true. And then I woke up. *shakes fist at sky*
The early 2000s were such an unfortunate time for hair.
Hey California! This is huge.… Thank you.
This camel got reeallllll fresh with me today. #TheDovekeepers
#GlobalCitizenFestival commitments set to affect 259 MILLION lives - thanks to your campaigning. Full run down at
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And if you haven't already, please join the fight to end extreme poverty and become a #GlobalCitizen today at
Huge congrats to all involved on another incredible @GlblCtzn Festival (looking at you @butterfield)! Sorry I couldn't be there! Next year.
Life Lesson #84: Take all parenting advice from "Bob's Burgers".
How am I this late to the @OrphanBlack game?? @tatianamaslany is blowing my mind right now. Can. Not. Stop. Watching.
As the @GlblCtzn Festival approaches, join me & change your profile picture to the red ⭕️ in support of the movement to end extreme poverty.
You are a huge part of the problem. Please think before you tweet. #YesAllWomen
Apparently I wasn't clear, but I hope this is. To those who responded to my last tweet claiming ownership/asking me to keep you in mind...
Life Lesson #83: #YesAllWomen@_Stamper__: @RachieBros I probably have asked you this before but are you single and willing to mingle?”
This is moving and beautiful and very very important. Thank you @EmWatson. #HeForShe
#ManhattanWGNA airs at 4am Malta time so I'll unfortunately not be able to join in the LIVE tweet, but will catch up with you all tomorrow!
Playing with wigs for #TheDovekeepers. We call this one Merida meets Annie meets Carrot Top.