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Rachel Anton
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Used a picture of herself in her slideshow
When bae asks to have a three way with u and ur best friend :/
Literally listening to In the Arms of Angel while I do my 10 hours worth of hw. Sometimes it's ok to cry yourself a river 💘
Biden: THAT GIRL IS PRETTY Obama: Just smile, like I am. Biden: IMMA GIVE HER THUMBS UP Obama: No thumbs, Joe. Biden:
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Just did the electric slide with Camille's entire family #goals
Me: I need to stay home from school, I hav a sore thoat Mom: Don't be silly Rachel, what would our president do? Me:
Does megan swick work at newtown bagel or something?! #replytweet
Obama: Wave at the people, Joe. Biden: IMMA POINT AT'EM Obama: Please just wave. Biden:
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S/o to @Rachel_Anton2 for making me the star of her snapchats story today 👸✨
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when u start feeling the pressure of junior year
There is a mom made solely out of Legos operating this vehicle right here in the heart of newtown!!!
I think I just sprained my ankle by falling down the stairs in my moms clogs
Yo does mr Cullen hVe a pole up his ass 24/7 or
If I were a club id go up on a Wednesday just to throw everyone off
I already said hbd but this picture needed to be posted
Hbd to my pal since 5th grade 💘 nothing has changed :)
Ppl who r still up r my kind of ppl
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while we're all worring about the machines taking over, this is happening right under our noses
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Always screenshot when ur phone says says "Cannot take photo" to show that u are not afraid to defy the rules -Gandhi, Civil Disobedience
Friend has been askin for her charger back for over a week and everyday I tell her I forgot to put it in my backpack- but I really lost it.
Tomorrow is Elise's bday tell ur friends!
"okay homework, keith you first" uhh my dog ate it "excellent" [confused to kid next to me] yo what was our homework "invent new dog food"
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Who's the PUNK that decided to put the cacti right next to the balloons. The balloons r just living in fear:-(
@Rachel_Anton2 haha yes it's legit! you can email me at to verify!
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@Rachel_Anton2 I work at the Dr. Phil show and I saw your Vine videos & was wondering if we could chat? LMK ASAP please!
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still listenin to Makes Me Happy from drake and josh. so glad the broz were able to sneak into the studio and save the original version!!!
When bae's big toe is approximately 9 of ur pinky toes
Hi I'm Dixie Dixie Normous
What have I gotten myself into, I thought this was a salon
Bad quality pic, good quality sky!!! @ work at 7 am;)
ryan myers is now dealing pots stop this nonsense before it ruins our childrens' futures 1 fav = 1 prayer 🙏
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