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Rachel Anton
Try finding actual staples in staples
Maybe if I do my summer work in front of this picture of Nikki Logan, I'll get all the answers right!!
Happy birthday sexy thang
My mom lives for the Facebook likes
For anyone wondering why we can't have senior quotes (first letter of each word)
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She's signing a waiver
About to start live tweeting kieras 18th birthday. Buckle up folks she's gone wild
Wait for it! Trust I'll keep you posted on what when and why for the #ThatsSoRaven reunion pix.
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ain't he the FUNNIEST little sponge ya EVER SAW?!
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My bday is in 266 days
Put me on Girl Code mtv I'm ready
Spoiler alert! (The answer is C)
Lets play a game called: Guess the stain on my sunglasses preventing me from seeing out the lenses a) dirt b) dust c) mashed potatoes
But mom, I could've turned out much worse
Kiera thinks she can come into my house, steal all my food, and then break into my room nd eat half a bottle of my flinstone vitamin gummies
U wanna know what's more destructive than a nuclear bomb? My mom's fb posts
Did some research on the big comfy couch girl- she has gone off the deep end
We are often defined by the choices we make. Make the right ones. #ChooseJerky…
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Mom said I could only get either makeup or beef jerky and I chose beef jerky
Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bread!
How am I just now realizing that my dad resembles Healy from oitnb in every way possible
Conspiracy: zoombinis are playing us on the computer
A chef's promise: you won't find a better spatula than the Grillary Clinton.
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Rach: "'Black girls body rolling' is my favorite exercise video" *watches whole video for pure enjoyment and doesn't follow along*
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Banned from wearing jeans @ work. Lost mom's dress pants tht ive been wearing instead. Now wearing the suit pants from my Mark Klein costume

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