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Rachel Anton
Just in case this is actually a lost cat here's a pic of its collar- he/she comes to my door every day
Anyone know whose cat this is? It's trying to get into my house💕
When none of ur friends will go out with u so u have to rave solo
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Our waitress's boob went into my grandma's 90th birthday cake
When ur new haircut makes u look like Hillary Clinton but bae still wants it
"well don't you look comfy today" My fist is going to be comfy across your face in 2 seconds
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Only I would break my phone speakers by getting chocolate icecream stuck in them
I'm going to start wearing crocs to school bc I feel like they're destined to come back into style and I wanna be the first one
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Teen petitions to have self-portrait with cat and lasers as yearbook pic.…
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COME STOP BY THE JEWISH CLUB TABLE AT THE ACTIVITIES FAIR TOMORROW- I will be there speaking the holy words of the Torah with Elise
Wait i'm actually so disappointed in our Spanish class. No one chose Flavio as their Spanish name wtf
Things I'm good at: •pretending to be funny •not school
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Never trying to use big words in my English essays again.. Accidentally used this word to describe my love for books
Maori: Me Moriori: you!!!! 💁lol rt if u get
when flavio takes his sweater off and his shirt goes up too
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Honestly school ruins everything
Yard sale phone convos: "Debbie, you have to get here right away, they have breast feeding bottles that suck the milk right out of ya!!!!"
When Nelson Mandela comes back from the dead to attend the Newtown Grant Yard Sale>>>
Buds 4 life😚 @ New Hope,
#cheesyguardquotes Colorguard: the only place you can strip it, flip it, and whip it in public
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I literally think about guard all the time... Am I crazy?! 😖😍🕟🕜🕘🕓
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I am such a colorguard nerd, it's not even funny.
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Color guard is love. Color guard is life.
Don't forget to tell everyone you love that you love them
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"don't quit. suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a champion."
Scared myself today thinking about losing my phone due to the giraffe smoking a blunt on my case and my background being Miley spread eagle
Someone please stop my dad from taking selfies with all my teachers
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This is what doing homework for 5 hours straight can do to someone's brain
Just started screaming at the top of my lungs bc I thought my dad was screaming really loud but it was the vacuum cleaner
Wish I could permanently erase things from my mind
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Get good grades but be social but play sports but join clubs but have a job but get enough sleep but don't go crazy ???¿¿¿
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When u wake up and pour yourself a bowl of cereal then realize u trippin shit
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Excuse me sir can I just have a moment of your time to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ
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