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Rachel Anton
When your teacher hears you call someone a fuckboy>>
*Kid catches on fire* Teacher: SHIT BILLY ALRIGHT STOP, DR- Vanilla ice: COLLABORATE & LISTEN Teacher: Vanilla ice:
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things i prefer to say no thank u to: -dinner before dessert -childbirth -losing in gym class -door-to-door religion salesmen -my family
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So far today, me, a sophomore in one of my classes, my SAT teacher, and Rachel Sweeney have all flew off the handle
Last night I had a dream I met rich from messing with rich and it was definitely the best dream of my life
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Why is my English homework an article about eating babies to fix the poverty cycle #replytweet
wants to be one of the people on girl code
When you remember Megan has an embarrassing fan account from 8th grade for Ed Sheeran
Of Monsters and Men will calm u down in any situation <3
when you get handed the aux cord and play crazy frog 10 hour version
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Sending relatable texts to your fellow friends
Don't straighten ur hair while eating lucky charms bc 9/10 times u'll end up with either hair in ur lucky charms or lucky charms in ur hair
Colleen Lucatorto is a stone cold squirrel killer
"stray cat" that we've been feeding for 2 weeks happens to be our neighbor's- they saw rich petting him and thought we were cat-nappers ❤️
don't u love when you come downstairs in the morning n mom sees you and says "where did I go wrong" when she sees how ur dressed 4 school❤️
there seriously aren't words for how great Nikki Logan is
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well everyone is posting their school pictures so I guess here goes nothin!! :
pretty smile @Rachel_Anton2 !! you should get your mouth numbed every day 😆
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When u store up a load of nuts for winter
Idk why I think putting off my homework is some quiet form of rebellion when it really just ends up with me getting less sleep
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When u sneak in late n ur mom starts askin questions but u still trippin
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Lucky charms make me do silly things aint that the truth
When u tryna get a lick of someone's elbow but they're too far to reach
This weather is perfect
Negative people drive me bonkers
*hits blunt* "If your shirt isn't tucked in your pants, are your pants tucked in your shirt?"
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You're the Jefferson Steelflex to my Alvin Yakitori
¿some confusing part of a bike?✏️
@Uglypeopleunite: why is this the cutest thing I've ever read if this were me you'd prob puke a lil
we all know who really brought Ebola from Africa and into the USA
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Teacher: write a fun acrostic poem that describes you ! Me: E- excellent B- beautiful O- outstanding L- lovely A-awesome
Bae: come over Me: I can't I have ebola Bae: I'm home alone Me:
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