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when ur dad doesn't even live in maine but manages to ruin ur day :):):)
Idk why I always have high expectations lol I'm always just setting myself up for disappointment :))))
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Kris was staring at me last night & I asked what he was looking at and he said "I'm just admiring how pretty you are" ☺️
Down to double digits until my birthday
You're against gay marriage because the bible says so but were you thinking about gods word when ya boyfriend was hittin it the answer is no
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Gay marriage was legalized nationwide and I get to drive the Lexus?! Is today real?
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If my mom didn't embarrass me out in public she's not being a parent
My mom is letting me drive her car hahahah holy shit
Having a full tank of gas is the most beautiful thing in the world
When ur legs don't work like they used to before......cuz I'm too lazy to get out of bed n go out tonight
Life doesn't stop for anyone
Reid got his license this out for now three Asians on the road
Grab her ass. Always grab her ass 😏
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Just tried starting my car without the keys in it.... I'm tired
Wake up in the morning feeling sore as fuckkkkk
“Sometimes, the people who are thousand of miles away from you, can make you feel better than people right beside you.”
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Might as well just save as much money as I can, pack my bags and leave
I seriously need to get the fuck out of Maine for a few days
My mom literally bugged me to come home and interrupted what I was doing and she literally needed nothing r u serious
Post workout meal = pizza
Just kidding I'm actually not excited
Actually excited to go to the gym
So happy to say I'm at my goal weight now:)
@rachaeltrammell my 60 year old coworker just hinted at getting drinks after work. Could be worse right?
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I literally attract 18 year olds or 40 year life is going down the drain already
That awk moment when u think ur coworker asked u out on a date
it hurts to know that some people will never care about you as much as you care about them
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@TheWeekndxo just ate pizza but left the crust...crust issues.
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Jumping into Norway lake after running 2 miles at the track wasn't my best idea #cold
Pretty sure all the weight I've lost was from my boobs because my phone won't even stay in my bra while I jump rope
I love everything about art

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