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A tribute to Robin Williams on the Emmy's brb crying
Sshhhuuutttt thhheee fffuccckk uuupppp
can't believe this is my last summer here, I'll miss gorgeous sunsets like this one #maine #summer #sunset #beautiful #skyporn 🌅
I could listen to Sam Smith for days
Good luck @TBisG ! You're going to do great things, I'll miss you
*mom picks up my purse* "What the fuck do u have in there? Rocks?" "No, dead bodies" - me "That's not funny" - her Well I thought it was
can't go home alone again, need someone to numb the pain
I have no explanation for this
Sometimes I wish I was ur standard skinny blonde bitch and then other times I love pulling the race card lmao
Walking around my house singing "I sag my pants until my ass shows, I even slap hoes cuz I'm an asshole". Mom wasn't impressed
chex out my blog if u real #tumblr
I've done things in my past that I'm not proud of. But that does not define who I am now. So you can all fuck off #thnx
"I didn't date anyone in high school because no one is rich yet so what's the point" 😂
s/o to all the girls that curl their hair every day and it comes out good. cuz when I do, it looks like a perm done by a 3 yr old
You live in 2014, UR NOT A FUCKIN HIPPIE
Next person who gives me attitude about something that wasn't my fault will leave here with no fingers #oops