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onedirection 2,700 followers
everybody's like he's no item, please don't like him, he don't wife em, he one nights em. I never listened, no. shoulda figured though
"@olgakxox: My Anaconda don't... My Anaconda don't... My Anaconda don't want none unless you got pizza hun" @rachaeltrammell
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Rachael said I was the bees knees, what'd u do today 🐝
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Don't be fooled cause she may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag, but in reality, she's so much more than that
Blessed my hair is naturally long & I don't have to wear extensions
If I see one more instagram picture with the caption as Blank Space lyrics I will flip
am I the only one that really doesn't care about the VS Fashion Show?
hope this brightens up your day.... if not then bye
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"@sorrynotsorryy: Santa Baby, just slip a million under the tree. For me." @rachaeltrammell
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I'm luvvvvvvin u tonight
in bed at 9:40 on a Saturday night listening to Nirvana & I'm not even mad about ittt
Couldn't imagine not getting hammered on Thanksgiving 🍷
Rachael sliding into my dms πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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So disgusted by America's judicial system
β€œ@simplycomplex_0: @rachaeltrammell yummy.” "did ur tongue bleed a lot when u got it done?" Idfk, u tell meΒΏ?
momma 🐻 is not happy w me#shockerr
"Are u drunk? u keep slurring ur words" -my mother
found this just chillin on my kitchen table...from fifth grade?ΒΏ
when you see pizza and you know you can't eat it #heartbroken
Happy birthday @alexaakelly 😎 have a rad day/night! 🍻
You'll get to where you wanna be, just remember to have patience and stay strong, nothing comes easy.
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throw back to NYC last December πŸŽ„
If iPhones could record while playing music my snap chat story would be stupid turnt
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@rachaeltrammell AWH look at you! You pretty little Asian, you are such a pretty penny πŸ’
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Ya boii Mike Barrucci better cuff his chick
might fuck around and get my tongue pierced next week
Happy 21st birthday @lowgyy ! have a rad night
Had a shitty day, let's get drunk #oops
My manager said if I don't talk for an hour I can go home. It's been ten minutes and I'm dying
I literally want to sock ashley covert right in the face
I seriously need a fake ID for nyc or I'm screwed
Only Gabe would FaceTime me until 5 am...
Everyone dressing slutty and then there's me. I've reached an all time low
Tonight is going to be absolutely crazyyy. Happy Halloween everyone πŸŽƒπŸ»πŸ‘»