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Quincy Childs
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Serious question though.... What should I be for Halloween??? 👻
Getting a cat named Ažmog. And I don't even really like cats. Should be interesting #catazmog #newchapter
Morning, morning, morning, croissant, croissant, croissant #morningjive #tothepoint
squeeze her, don't tease her, never leave her
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"September 22: Nothing." #FranzKafka Diaries 1914-1923 #feelu
95% of the time when Im smiling at my phone it's bc of something I said, not something someone sent me
Every guy wants to date a model, until they date a model.
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KOSTROK "Right Now" YUKSEK tonight live 💖💖…Y3v
“Meanwhile, the presumed stockpile of penis photos taken by Hollywood actors remains curiously untouched” yes EW, for once you're on it.
Just noticed the KLOPSEMOPS refutes Adam Smith and foreshadows the Nash Equilibrium #cute #follow4follow #meatball #pug
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Also I used real chocolate bc chocolate #whoeatswhitechocolateanyways
Yeah so I made this:… but it looks a little different... #interpretivebakingftw
Chocolate fondant cake topped with chocolate-dipped cherries, here we go! #itssomeonesbday #notmine #buticanstillparty
Baking is so therapeutic
Greek food is so underrated 🍷
Hahahahaha godfather figurine featuring ludwerido
Read my blog if you're bored: you may be equally as bored but at least you've learned something. 😄📖👍
To the guy singing that "you're one in a million" song, that would mean there is a total of 7,000 of me in the world.....
Idk which is funnier... that the plane made an emergency landing or that a "knee defender device" actually exists.
Bonjour Paris! Oh how I've missed you.
The lady next to me is watching a reality tv show about real estate agents n she's super into it #toomuchfreetime #readsomethingplz 😳📺💥
Red eye flight = aerial all nighter #planeinsomnia
The scent of a Cinnabon shop is the hardest to pass by 😩
The day has dawned ✈️ dad looking super suspect 😎