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Resolution: Leave the past in the past and focus on my wonderful future. #StartAChange
"Real friends don't make fun of you." Yeah, well, tell that to the friends who tease me because I watch@GLEEonFOX. >.>
Things to do instead of homework? Build a gingerbread house. #procrastination
Only @radiohead's and @MarkSalling's music can turn my day around from complete shit. #musicalbliss
You know what? Fuck you and just fuck everything else. I'm done.
This has just been the kind of day where I want to quit, lie down and cry. #sickoflife
I wish Confessions of A Ghost by @MarkSalling was a higher pitch.. My vocal coach won't let me sing it.<|3
Just saw the new episode of @GLEEonFOX for a moment. All I could say is "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!" Haven't watched since season 3. #confused
Just saw @chuggaaconroy's commercial on @YouTube. That is the only advertisement I've ever sat through. #pureawesomeness
Lil' Wayne for not being able to make one song without using the word "N*gga". Seriously. Get a dictionary and a thesaurus.#CrappyRappers
Sudden craving for #TacoBell after a year hiatus. Let's see if I even like it anymore.
#CODGhosts online felt more like Battlefield than Call of Duty. :/ #disappointed
I officially feel like I was born in the wrong generation.. Or does every person think their generation is #stupid?
So.. My kitten just stole my miniature #Twix bar. She's eating it right in front of me. #fml
Ditched in front of my work. Daycare kids named her after @MarkSalling 's"Puckerena". Since she isn't a boy.
What did you do #today ? I almost got hit by a fucking train. #bestdayever
#nationalbestfriendday is apparently today... I'm just going to sit in the corner, eat ice cream and cry. #bestfriendless
What #song describes your life right now?