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I think I'll completely lose faith in humanity if @ADoseofBuckley ever stops being an asshole or apologizes for his point of view.
So I just saw @Brodiesmith21 in the new Legacy Challenge commercial as an AD on YouTube. :O Best forced ad ever!
After watching @Brodiesmith21's latest snapchats, I've realized if you take his and @MarkSalling's auras, you have my spirit animal. ❤️
And the Award for Best New Artist goes to... @Brodiesmith21! For his new album "I'm Hungry." #lovingthis
I don't know why @MarkSalling calls himself a Princess... He reminds me of an American Li Shang from #Mulan . #justathought
I don't know how @pandora_radio got Basshunter and Rise Against on one station, but it's immaculate. #lovingthis
Why'd I get so psyched when I heard @MarkSalling use the F word? #whatisthissmileonmyfacefor
TBH I just wanted to show off my sick sock tan! 😱
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Video text me on #Glide! Download free and add me from
Signed 1000 frisbees and only 1 got smudged! @DiscStore will be giving it away. RT to win it!
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My new video "Legacy Challenge Trick Shots" is now Live on YouTube! Check it out:
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Big @HP TV commercial sneak peek. Full reveal in just a few days. #BendTheRules
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I know what my next hat is going to be. Just @Brodiesmith21 in bold letters. #cantgetenough ❤️
Check out my EPIC Trick Shot Blast Gauntlet with #BOOMco video! [] #SP
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Hey @jimmykimmel if you invite me on your show I will gladly hit an apple off your head with a frisbee.
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Well, this sucks. I can't watch #RockyRoad with the bae @MarkSalling because my cable is deplorable. #devastated
#MeltingForMarkSalling Not sure if ice cream pun for #NationalIceCreamDay or just a regular term.
You alone melt my cold heart, allowing me to feel something other than deplorable memories. #heart #warmth #selfie
After a month of missing him, he's finally back. <3 #baby #missed
Good girls keep diaries. Bad girls don't have the time. #panic #freakout #badgirl
Then one day, I'll stop breathing. And you'll never know. #whatever #IDontCare
Just one little cut wouldn't hurt.... #imsorry #giveup
I'm convinced that I play games better, online and offline, when I'm listening to @MarkSalling. #keepsmecalm
Watching @JoshJepson play Banjo-Tooie is one of the better times of my week, fo' sho'. <3 #calm #relaxed
My #baptism date has been set. I'm really excited and it wouldn't have been possible without @MarkSalling saving me from myself. #grateful
You have the right to disrespect a person for a reason. You have no right to disrespect a person for no reason. #respect #lifelessons
God made man and the plan was he'd love him right back but you didn't choose the latter <3 #marksalling #jericho #yokedequally
The pure idiocy of you implying that music can't help me anyway - it makes me imply that you're a neanderthal. #getoutofmyface
Stay with me Lay with me Come on, babe Let's die a little to know we're still alive #life #IDontKnow #bored
What I think love is and what society thinks love is has become two different things. #truelove #selfie
Numb has become a feeling to define me 90% of the time..
I think this song is failing me now.. "The Descent" -@MarkSalling #suicidal #thoughts #alloveragain
I carry on like a Solider with a battle wound.. <3 #saveme #pain #survivor