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Questlove Gomez
hiphop music 3,083,612 followers
All Jacksons Everything . @brooklynbowl #bowltrain 2nite #mj
Tonight gotta do my Jackson Beatbattlerama a week early than planned. Tonight #BowlTrain @brooklynbowl I'm rocking all things Jackson
Just finished @questlove “punch-drunk memoir” (which I’ve been talking about in every meeting for the past 2 weeks) #MoMetaBlues
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Getting his Hovness & Her Surfboartness to see the #Fela vision, so that you can all see it… #FindingFela
LOOOVE everything about @KIDSISTER new mixtape out! been eons!! (btw that Boogie/ @Pharrell jawn BANGS! #Dusk2Dawn
Awesome seeing @JaredLeto played out to "Red" on @FallonTonight last night! Struck me as a @questlove move... #MSCL
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close… RT: @bellacarrara was that @ATCQ song you played toward the front of the show last night? Steve Biko?
Just reading through @questlove s feed and it doesn't make much sense to me but it sure is entertaining
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cmon @robsheff his voice to my 4 year old years was a singing KOOL's commercial that never went down.
realizing some 38 years later that Pervis Jackson was NOT singing "Colt 45" on "Games People Play"
Dude! @questlove, you guys had Tom Bailey on! Fantastic.
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My porn name is Sasha SW 13th Avenue.
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This “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” clip has taken on new meaning in the wake of #Ferguson
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yo @kylemooney Dude. lookA here Nah. sunday u Gonna nEed to be cLOSe bUy--i mean by. Dig whAt i'm sAyin? maybe IN BK?
Get on up! DJ @questlove 's Bowltrain at #BBLV Thur 8/28 & Fri 8/29 for your soulful delight.
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I've never had this many problems w/ communication w/ any company before @stixjams lol......#HellYallAt @LudwigHQ ???!!
wait @abbijacobson you're from philly too?!?!