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Questlove Gomez
"What show!?" The Tonight Show. "Ok & Im Richard Dawson" --an convo w checkpoint NYPD. #BlameTaylorSwift
#inventive! #Halloween2014 A 3-D Viewmaster Dress by Pop Up Book Author @nattyrome #BowlOWeen #BowlTrain @brooklynbowl
Um, waiter...there's a typo in my suop.
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I wonder if Cat Stevens poops in a box. 🐱
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s/o to @mattfrenchart for my funky fresh artwork for my first #BowlOWeen tonight at @brooklynbowl gonna make you #BoooogieDown in my #HauntedHouseOfLove #BowlTrain #WeClean #NeverHadAnythingToBeginWith #ThatsTheOtherAlley
One more follower and I'm tied with @questlove! Hook a brother up!!
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It's The Great Funkin Charlie Brown! #BowlOWeen tonight at @BrooklynBowl #BowlTrain #BoooogieDown #RockTheHauntedHouse
& before people start overeading "Our Women" in a humanity sense. like "Our Men" or "Our Children"
i agree w "the bigger pic".....but not the photographer's approach. ok. that's it for now.
i let my anger at the perceived demonization i saw in that video (briefly) blind me before i saw the bigger pic.
again making position clear: Our Women getting harassed on the streets MAJOR issue. agree 100%. not sure if video is sparking good debate.
i acknowledge that Street Harassment is a real & serious issue. i don't feel as though *that video* is helping the discussion
i disagree @Slate. rapping aint shocking. its the fact that Radcliffe opted for a REAL HIP HOP song is amazing!
T_T at this #BlameTaylorSwift hashtag. Lemme find out Knicks fans got a lil bit o philly in them. Lol.
Congrats San Fran. #Giants Celebrate Safe. Great Job #Royals.
who knew that Harry Potter is a real hip hop head? Radcliffe MURKS this… @blackalicious_ @ChiefXcel @realgiftofgab
wait....*mind blown* did @ThePeeWeeEllis just favor a @blackalicious_ tweet??!!
dear @realgiftofgab & @ChiefXcel make sure you and the entire @blackalicious_ fan base watches & dvr's #FallonTonight. trust. #!!!!!!!!
Make sure to tune in tonight at 6:30 to stream a funky conversation with @questlove and George Clinton!
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Late to the party, but picked up @questlove's book. Anxious to dig in. Dude's a walking music encyclopedia. #TheRoots
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Special perks of being owner, already got my commemorative ticket and shirt for opening night. Niiiiiice #MJTakeover
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wow. a rare post-Organix jam w/ @Tacumasong & his cousin @therealyz #DeadLove (the most fills i ever did on track)
2NITE #NYC @SchomburgCenter "Between the Lines: George Clinton & @questlove" 6:30pm + not there? U can STREAM it!...
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Thoughtful insights about #JamesBrown from @TheRevAl @questlove @MickJagger on @HBODocs "Mr. Dynamite." Love watching it w/my 12 yr old son!
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Yes, @questlove just said "Mustache Period," to describe a very specific #JamesBrown Era. #hbo
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Love that master photographer @danielkrieger just couldn't take a normal arse photo w his phone. So he makes @_gabrielflores (master photographer in his own right) his wing man and hold his light. Even after I said "dude this is an iPhone shot!" He still insisted on perfection w light balance lol #p
Many fight over the #Cronut but ignore his greatest creation: the #DKA @dominiqueansel #TheSecretRecipies #NomNomNom @questlovesfood
At a party, heard a good Prince song NOT Prince: The Pinnacle (Of Class And Taste) by Diggs Duke with #Shazam.
The celeb foodie version of @we_have_to_stop (@dominiqueansel capturing his #Cronut holes) #TheSecretRecipies
Our host @ramenjunkie (Ivan Orkin) brings out his magical ramen dishes to @dominiqueansel's book release party #TheSecretRecipies
Dr #Cronut himself @DominiqueAnsel wrote a book #TheSecretRecipies!! #NomNomNom!
.@questlove responds to our list of @theroots' 50 best songs. Appreciate the words and wisdom, Quest.
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