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Taylor Marché
latino new york music models 512 followers
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New car shopping! No financing over here
What better combination than a doctor and a financial advisor? #MoneyTeam
wish i could work with @FlyyyTattedSky ill be in ny soon
Good Morning world, Semester is almost over, thanking God!
Im studying hip hop classics. Look who came up <3 These chord progressions are orgasmic! @joelthedreamer…
I'm feeling so bad for my actions. I can admit I take it far sometimes, I'm sorry baby 😞
Congrats to my ex fiance, doing his thing in DR. I'm proud of you papi :) See you at the top. #dreamcatchers
Ok yes, I was quite ratchett but it was an epic night. I was too slapped
Pole dancing baby! This class was so much fun today. My body is sore as hell, but it still feels good to know how to work it :)
When you see it, like the pic.
How your weave done but your fucking eyebrows are looking like you just came out of the premier of Insidious 2?
i feel like a child when it comes to him.
Good morning <3 Im deciding on selling my Hublot...should i?
240p porn time.. its. just. different.
I want that old school 70's hip hop love. that afro shit.