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Taylor Marché
Wiz Khalifa got some fire coming 🔥🔥NrN
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I like country music... I think lol
Nothing will be doper than MJ telling his monkey to sit down in sign language.
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Miley replied sarcastic as hell like a typical white person in an argument lmaoooooo
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Love this man. So much. But BAAAAABY these vocals are thin as hell tonight. #vmas
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You knew you were broke before you got here....
I do not want to hear your money woes every time we go out
No! I'm not buying you shit!
I literally cannot stand it when people come out with no money.......👿👿👿
When you gotta miss your am workout because of a hair appointment. 😫😊
I might just give her what she wants. #spoiledbrat
She is such a pretty girl... Nope, can't be two of us 🙅🏽🙅�#girlfriendapplicationsagh9Ii4
When you in a lesbian club and all the bitches look like niggas... Wtf?
I keep all of the posts that I make about each chick... Just to show you how many bitches fail to impress me.
Maybe like... Girl named A, she was fly then a mf, but this girl named a, was too fine and I dont trust her.... Hmmmm
Imma write a song about this one
Low key, I'm drunk as hell
I admit it, I have a thing for light skinned jawns lol ohhhhh gawd
Now I know how niggas feel when they have a beautiful woman by their side. It just makes shit worth it even more
Looking at my timeline... I have realized that I have a thing for redbones. But I love some brown sugar... 🌺
My lady. The one ❤️
He said he loves me.... Been waiting 3 years for that. ❤️💋
I hate niggas in the gym that stare at themselves....
Don't bother me I'm watching #power
I can tell he wrote that 1 tho......
Retweeted by Taylor Marché
When your girl mad but you don't give a fuck and Yall low key broke up. But you petty and send pics like this to her.
This #MeekMill vs #Drake beef brought out Hurricane Muthafawkin Chris! 😂😂�iqYF
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#PowerTV TOMMY!!!!! If I was your girl, I would never do that....
When your girl sends you videos ☺️
Meanwhile, black churches are being burned down. Ugh.... #bangbang 😡
#SisterhoodOfHipHop Ms.Perry needs to go away. Haven't had a hit and has the nerve to be boojie... Meanwhile, I'm out here bustin my ass...
Excited for @BigSean performance tonight. @mikecarson is going to kill the visuals 🔥#BETAwardss
Retweeted by Taylor Marché
It's just so damn easy now-a-days. #nowisee
How bout we just burn them Confederate Flags and call it a day?
Retweeted by Taylor Marché
The Official Press Conference will be starting shortly. Watch and Tweet Live #JusticeOrElse #Farrakhan
Retweeted by Taylor Marché
When your girl is my mission 😇😇😇
That was quick. Kimbo dropped Shamrock like a bad habit. #Bellator138
Retweeted by Taylor Marché
Well, I knew Kimbo wasn't playing any games #Bellator138
Was already weary. Was already heavy hearted. Was already tired. Where can we be safe? Where can we be free? Where can we be black?
Retweeted by Taylor Marché
Tina, perm your fucking weave!!

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