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Taylor Marché
Oakley Sunglasses, Y60-Low Price, 83.091% off, !
Louis Vuitton LV Series, Y60-Low Price, 83.091% off, !
Monster Beats by dr.dre Earphones Headphones, 83.091% off, !
New car shopping! No financing over here
What better combination than a doctor and a financial advisor? #MoneyTeam
wish i could work with @FlyyyTattedSky ill be in ny soon
Good Morning world, Semester is almost over, thanking God!
Im studying hip hop classics. Look who came up <3 These chord progressions are orgasmic! @joelthedreamer…
I'm feeling so bad for my actions. I can admit I take it far sometimes, I'm sorry baby 😞
Congrats to my ex fiance, doing his thing in DR. I'm proud of you papi :) See you at the top. #dreamcatchers
Ok yes, I was quite ratchett but it was an epic night. I was too slapped
Pole dancing baby! This class was so much fun today. My body is sore as hell, but it still feels good to know how to work it :)
When you see it, like the pic.
How your weave done but your fucking eyebrows are looking like you just came out of the premier of Insidious 2?
Hitting the mall
i feel like a child when it comes to him.
Good morning <3 Im deciding on selling my Hublot...should i?
240p porn time.. its. just. different.
I want that old school 70's hip hop love. that afro shit.
There is a light that shines special for you and me..... XOXXO
me and ty beats go wayy back lol
When he leaves me... the world, it seems so very small..
i hate when niggas think when they buy out the bar in front of me that it means something. Then we go outside and my car is shitting on em.
with his Honduran ass...and all his Aztec tats.. *tears*
You know, i think im all emotional because Cosme is leaving to do his air force duties in the Middle East. I dont want my airman to go...
...and i never sang a song with all my mightttt!!!!
Well Sambuca was cool...still engaged in a undeserving atmosphere of unidentifiable desirability. why do i want you?
In this type of mood...This song makes me appreciate the roles of a man and woman. via
Black art is so intense....
Damn! Eve was made from Adam's rib... this is so intimate
Good morning.! Off to school, then airport. :)
man, this single life sucks now... boring.
im so nervous about this photoshoot....
"That's not a dog... That's family 😅😰"
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Finally able to do this.
Im loving this #hublot big bang watch.... =) #luxury
So excited for the #iphone5s dropping on the 20th.
damn, im buggin out over here...
im gonna make you love me, yes, i will...
Im really excited for my future projects ^-^
I have to say that my favorite place to visit in #nyc is Washington Heights because the niggas are fine and el malecon is good as hell!
You gon be the death of me, my negative necessity...