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Quark Henares
#mallabing w @denisemallabo
Hoshet tapos na ba? I think it's both awesome and sad that I look forward more to th Emmys than the Oscars these days
What channel are the Emmys? Google is not giving me useful search results
Hey guyzz let's all work as a teamwork to map out the most awesome places in the Philippines!
80s/early 90s Pinoy pop is really the best!!!…
Ive been waiting for this moment for three whole years. TEASE reunited!!! So lovely seeing you @gingerac , who taught me all there is to know about TV hosting and kept a straight face while i did a cancer examination on Mocha's boobs 😝
Sky Ferreira DJing at a house party last night and Mos Def doing a mindblowing intimate set at Black Market. #manila is exploding. #skyferreira #mosdef #yasiinbey #blackmarket
Meron free screening ng RAKENROL sa Alliance Française de Manille. August 20 8:30. 👌
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Oh joyous day! What is now my favorite #boxedset ever has now arrived! Let the angels sing! Plus may bonus pa #twinpeaks #theentiremystery #themissingpieces #davidlynch #laurapalmer #truedetective
Free Movie Screening of Indie Film 'Rakenrol' at Alliance Française de Manille
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Michelle Maclaren is one of the best directors working today. The name may not sound familiar but IMDB that shit and go "woah".
stranger danger, my number one collaborator. #nofilter
So happy to see my favorite Pinoy band again after more than a year! @takenbycars #takenbycars
Us-2 Evil-0 plays with Malay later at Craft at Fort Strip! GO NA. GO.
Early bird sale weekend for #chvrchesmanila is almost over! Thankfully we have one last flash sale…
Early bird sale weekend for #chvrchesmanila is almost over! Thankfully we have one last flash sale over at Premium Rocks @ Craft at the Fort tomorrow! We'll be there around 10pm. Us-2 Evil-0 and Malay are performing. #goodvybes
Was cleaning out my photo album and found this series of pics from the time I wanted to become a #lesbian. #blueisthewarmestcolor #cinema @annecurtissmith
Watch my video of Us-2 Evil-0 performing 'This Mighty Heart Attack' live at @12MonkeysPH @quarkhenares
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Hey guys! Flash sale for #chvrchesmanila and#cutcopymanila tickets at Attraction! Reaction! In a bit :) lots of awesome freebies and deals as well! See you there!
Hope to see you guys later at 12 Monkeys! Us-2 Evil-0 goes on at 1030 :)
Bonjour!Le film Rakenrol sera à l'affiche à l'Alliance Française mercredi prochain, le 20 Août L'entrée est gratuite!…
I love how the number one apprehension of people to watch #NinjaTurtles is the reason that "they have noses" #TMNT
If you want to spend the weekend having a good cry, I highly recommend you watch @redturniptheater's RABBIT HOLE. Kudos to the amazing cast, led by my childhood crush (and still crush to this day) Agot Isidro. You can get your tickets at
@hanacbd @ @heimastore LRI (still going on, pass by!)
Hey guys for relaxing sexy funtimes watch Us-2 Evil-0's homecoming gig opening for @TakenbyCars tomorrow @ 12 Monkeys! 🎶🎸🎤
Hey guys 4 relaxing sexy funtimes watch Us-2 Evil-0's homecoming gig opening for @TakenbyCars tomorrow @ 12 Monkeys!
hi twitter does anyone know if Boyhood is going to show here or should i just illegally download the damn thing already
@quarkhenares "Apir?" Why? Where does it come frOH MY FUCKING GOD!
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There is always a point in a Filipino's lifetime where they will realize on their own where "apir" comes from and their mind is blown.
Thank you @billsmallare for helping me get over 15 years of hoarding shoes and clothes (that's not a pair he's sitting on), hahaha 🙌
O Captain! My Captain! Rise up and hear the bells. Rise up, for you the flag is flung, for you the bugle trills.
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Good night to the person who taught me to seize the day. #CarpeDiem
happy Friday! here’s some #bitesizedadvice from Henry Selick, director of Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas…
WHAT THE F PHILIPPINES @jessejane WAS HERE AND NONE OF YOU 100,000,000 PEOPLE TOLD ME?!?!?!?!?!?! &$!@^#*&$(*^@!$&*(&#(&$~)@#_*#
Tip: When making presentations online, dress for business. Even if it's only the part that's seen onscreen. #nyupr20
Somehow I've always known @kimmarvilla would be the #death of me. #teamourselves
Top 20 Films of 2013 for me. SO LATE but YAAY anyway!
if the final paragraph of your article begins with “indeed”, please consider rewriting the final paragraph of your article.
Before Bside and Today x Future and Rocket Room Thursdays and Hot Dog and Black Market there was #Fluxxe Whatever Thursdays where punk, disco, garage, lo-fi and anything under the moon would be played til th wee hours of the morning. This is a picture of the founders, @giangangbang and Kikimachine,
#garyv is such a hero to the age of 7 "Di Bali Na Lang" was th first Pinoy film I ever watched (I forced our driver to watch it with me) and I memorized all the lyrics to that song. When I met Gary decades later to do a music video for him and he told me to call him "Tito Gary" I literally sta
Me: We should make a new term for gym selfies. Isip tayo. @shawnyao : swealfies?
"Hey let's use lining up for the bathroom as an excuse to look douchey" hahahaha buti na lang #truelove kita, @tracyabad
Amazing week for #cinema, guys. Enemy, Under The Skin, Guardians of The Galaxy. Then Cinemalaya. GET OUT TO THE THEATERS PLEASE