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Quark Henares
You know you've done well in your visa interview when th agent asks you about discounts and promos #thankyoudrbelo
You #danris fans are so inspiring! This is th team that will try our darnedest to make th #danrisdream come true :)
it's raining, aren't they
SO. FRICKING. EXCITED. With @takenbycarsofficial at the #cutcopymanila soundcheck! #goodvybes
so excited for awkward dancing tonight! see you at Samsung Hall for #cutcopymanila! #goodvybes
Happy birthday, @ukayslut!
I'm so blessed to have a @philbertdy in my life. I wish you all a critic who can make life decisions for you
also, if you update your iTunes it’s kind of automatically there. WHUUUUUUT #U2SongsOfInnocence
Hey Apple users, go to your itunes account. U2's new album is free. Wasak
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I think I waited too long to post these less than #15secondsofadvice. I took this around march, but wanted to wait til the #Emmys because I was dead sure that Moira Walley-Beckett would win it for best writing for her work on the #Ozymandias episode of #BreakingBad. Sure enough, she did. "Moira, you
Yes, yes, @rickycarandang. You may stand up now.
ZOMG Only FIVE MORE DAYS til Cut/Copy in Manila! Get yr tickets now :D
one of the most exciting young Filipina filmmakers @givemesam has a short doc online about surf, passion,life
gumamit ka pa ng symbols eh hindi swak #batasrd ;) RT @annecurtissmith: @quarkhenares you lucky ba#@$Rd!!!!!
What kind of #dog gets his own friggin #portrait. #maki #shihtzu #likeaboss #dogs #dawg
One of my favorite people, @ibugyellow, crocheted deadly weapons as part of a group show at Galerie Anna in SM Megamall. Check it out powhz! #artnaart #art #crochet #weapons
Facebook #highlight? Maybe #highlight of my life. Last night i watched the greatest band in Philippine history, the #Eraserheads. In the middle of taking pictures vocalist @elybumbilya calls me to come onstage. I was a deer caught in headlights for 10 seconds, immobilized by disbelief, until the bo
The first impulse of any good film critic, and I think you would agree, must be of love.
i wonder if th other celebs feel relieved that their sex pics didn’t come out or hurt that they weren’t impt enough to be hacked #fappening
BECCA: Does it ever go away? NAT: What. BECCA: This feeling. NAT: No. I don’t think it does. Not for me, it hasn’t. And that’s goin’ on 11 years. (Beat) It changes, though. BECCA: How? NAt: I don’t know. The weight of it, I guess. At some point it becomes bearable. It turns into something you c
Listening to the #wakeupshow has now become part of my morning regime, and it. Is. The best.
Will you look at this #hipster. #karylle #chkchkchk #vicerylle #!!!
Thank you so much to @DJChris947 and @djalex947 and @anakarylle for more than you'll ever know
Hey guys !!! (Chk chk chk) is playing in high street in a bit and it's totally free ha. Come!
This is what you get when you leave your phone with me! - Tracy
Yaay it's like I have my own #Yagit toy! @dayglo1 @junsabayton #rakenrol #junsabayton
#mallabing w @denisemallabo
Hoshet tapos na ba? I think it's both awesome and sad that I look forward more to th Emmys than the Oscars these days
What channel are the Emmys? Google is not giving me useful search results
Hey guyzz let's all work as a teamwork to map out the most awesome places in the Philippines!
80s/early 90s Pinoy pop is really the best!!!…
Ive been waiting for this moment for three whole years. TEASE reunited!!! So lovely seeing you @gingerac , who taught me all there is to know about TV hosting and kept a straight face while i did a cancer examination on Mocha's boobs 😝
Sky Ferreira DJing at a house party last night and Mos Def doing a mindblowing intimate set at Black Market. #manila is exploding. #skyferreira #mosdef #yasiinbey #blackmarket
Meron free screening ng RAKENROL sa Alliance Française de Manille. August 20 8:30. 👌
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Oh joyous day! What is now my favorite #boxedset ever has now arrived! Let the angels sing! Plus may bonus pa #twinpeaks #theentiremystery #themissingpieces #davidlynch #laurapalmer #truedetective
Free Movie Screening of Indie Film 'Rakenrol' at Alliance Française de Manille
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Michelle Maclaren is one of the best directors working today. The name may not sound familiar but IMDB that shit and go "woah".
stranger danger, my number one collaborator. #nofilter
So happy to see my favorite Pinoy band again after more than a year! @takenbycars #takenbycars
Us-2 Evil-0 plays with Malay later at Craft at Fort Strip! GO NA. GO.
Early bird sale weekend for #chvrchesmanila is almost over! Thankfully we have one last flash sale…