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Remembering this for all my future exams 😁#collegeadviceeP
I'm bummed about going back to school until this happens 😂#backtoschoollz
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my mom thinks I have a secret person that buys me random things on Amazon and gets delivered every other day 😂😂 nahh. it's jus@QuadChatat 💁🏽
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If you updated quad and can't spin- have no fear! Check your push messages from us, we sent you the link.
When I see a post stating how many days left of summer I'm just like
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My relationship with 🍕...h
This is why I'm exhausted everyday 😴#NetflixxU
When I win a gift card from Spin to Win...Not spinning yet? Start here #QuadHookup
Uh, remind me not to go.
@QuadChat A Gold MacBook would be really nice right about now🙌🏾😁
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I'm getting nervous about how many classes I picked for my first semester... #freshmanadvice #classof2019
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👫💏👭💑👬💑 💑 👫 👬 💏 💏 🚶 👭 💑 💑 👫💏👭💑👬💏 me everywhere I go
#Take10MinutesaDayTo Eat Pizza🍕 Exercise 💪 Talk to friends 👭 Give Gratitude 🙏 Cuddle your pets 🐶🐱 Love yourself 💞
Best feeling when you're broke AF 😂B
I swear this is the best I can get. Can we all just have a golden macbook? @QuadChat
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Won again! So much free amazon $ from #QuadHookup contest. And, tomorrow's prime day!
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How I feel when I talk to all my friends having fun this summer...
When parents ask what you're doing after college...
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When my friends and I take a selfie drunk AF
kinda wanna be 18 kinda wanna be 8
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I want to reenact that one scene from 50 Shades of Grey. You know, the one where she gets a job right out of college.
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When the chick you meet online looks nothing like her profile pictures... #struggleisreal
I don't even know what to pack for college
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When people are blowing up the Quad chat when I'm trying to sleep. 😊😊😊😊😊
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Keep spinning and winning! Your chance to win the gold macbook is getting closer... #giveaway #win #QuadHookup
How is summer already halfway done 😓6
Here's to all the new college friends that will be made. Say Hi: #freshmenadvice #college2019
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Spread as much as you can today #positivity #love
Love those who know you're extraordinary 🌟#quoteofthedayyX
Still looking for a roomie? Have no fear! QUAD added a roommate finder. #classof2019 #college
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No shoes please 👞 #summer #beach
When you're not looking for it, it finds you. #love
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When you ask an old man to take a group photo...😂q
We've already had over 1200 winners! Download QUAD and try your luck 🍀#QuadHookupp#Winnr
When bae finally texts you back 😍

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