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The temptations of this world will not go away but we can choose to ignore them!
The people who influence us most are our closest friends; so choose them wisely #islam!
n #islam, Divorced mother should B supported in her nursing of her child.The father should pay her cost of living as she'll breast-feed
If we #change the things that we can for the sake of Allah the Exalted, He will change for us that which we cannot change #goodness #life
Love of Allah leads a person to do what pleases Allah. This is one of the facets of a Muslim’s motivation in life. #LoveGod #ILoveGod #Love
If the #purpose of life is to become wealthy, there would be no purpose after becoming wealthy #islam #atheism
Want to know more about the purpose of life? Watch the following #atheism
Want2 have your #sins forgiven?If you can afford,do #umrahfrequently.It’s a means of forgiveness 4sins committed between the umrahs
Muslims believe in the virgin birth of #jesus and that he will return to earth before Judgment Day. #ProphetIslam
When #Prophet (pbuh) faced difficult times, #Allah revealed the #promise "Soon We will grant you (#good) so you will be #happy" (93:5)
You can’t force your beard to grow but you can help it by not shaving it! Let it grow!
During the Prophet's (saw) most difficult #trial,#Allah revealed Surah Yusuf as a source of #hope for him and anyone else who reflects on it
What’s the #best thing a man can spend his money on? The needs of his #family – the Prophet (pbuh) called it the best spent wealth
The best of you are those who best treat their women. And I am the best of people to my women.” Prophet Mohammad (PBUH #islam #atheism
Searching for the truth? Confused about #religion? Read the #Quran and get ready for a life changing experience!
“O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared and die not except in a state of Islam.” #Quran , 3: 102
Searching for the truth? Confused about #religion? Read the #Quran and get ready for a life changing experience!
Khalid Ibn Waleed was known as the sword of #Allah & was undefeated in battle. He was responsible of many of the early expansions for #Islam
A book that has lasted over 1400 years, preserved in its original form, having never been edited. #TheQuran!
Why would #islam allow men to take multiple wives? Watch this to find out some of the reasons:
Ibn alQayyim (rahimahullah) said -"Truly in the #heart there is a void that cannot be removed except with the #company of Allah.”
Surah #Feel reminds us of the time #Allah protected the Kabah from Abraha and his #army. Nobody can #harm that which #Allah protects!
Everyday do three things for #islam : Learn it, practice it and preach it!
Modest #wedding ceremonies have the best blessings - #Islam is against extravagance! #MarriageinIslam
If we have only One Creator, does it make sense to worship anyone or anything else? Worship#God alone #islam!

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