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Don't let life pass you by! We only have this one chance to earn Allah's pleasure and Paradise!
Teach your #child the #Qur'an and the Qur'an will teach him everything. #lifegoals #LifeLessons
Everyone should serve #Islam according to his/her abilities, skills, talents and time. Each of one of us has something he/she can contribute
Be a thankful servant of #Allah & you will be part of a blessed group! Not many people are really thankful 2 Allah as He deserves. #ThankGod
Islam is an easy religion! It only prohibits what is harmful to the individual, society or both!
"Those of you, who have the most knowledge, should also be those who have the most fear (of Allah) Abdullah Ibn Mubarak
His enemies felt he was too liberal when he gave women the right to inheritance 1400 years ago! #ProphetMuhammad
Always keep your eye on your goal (Paradise and Allah’s pleasure) and never let anything stray you from it!
Hellfire! We don’t even want to think about it or mention it, so let’s not do anything that leads to it!
Sincerity: without it, deeds are worthless in the Afterlife #islam!
How beautiful is the religion which teaches you to love for others what you love for yourself! #Islam #Mercy
One of the main lessons we learn from the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is to forgive and forget!
#Hijab (=veil) is mentioned in the #Bible {Therefore she took a veil, and covered herself } #Genesis 24:65
#God wrote several letters to you, have you read them ?! #Hope #Happiness #Love
Al-Qaari’ah– Day of Great Clamour is one of the names of the #Last Day. #Evil doers will be making a lot of noise out of fear on that #Day
Hellfire is surrounded by desires so be careful and don’t let your desires control you! #Afterlife #islam
In a calamity being unhappy with Allah’s decree leads to a double loss;loss of the beloved thing or person and #loss of reward. Be patient.
"Does he not know that Allah sees (everything)?"(96:14)This is a strong #warning to those of us who tend to forget that #Allah is #watching!
Usama Ibn Zaid became a #leader of the #Muslim army while still in his #teens. This shows us how responsible and mature young Sahaba were
We can accomplish anything with #Allah on our side. Watch the following and be inspired: #islam
One of the benefits of #marriage is the birth of offspring who will make du'a for a person after his death. #MarriageinIslam
He would kiss his children in public, show them complete love and taught us about children's rights! #ProphetMuhammad #islam
"A moment of patience in a moment of anger prevents a thousand moments of regret." Ali IbnAbiTalib
Making #salah in the proper #manner ensures protection from #sins. If we are #praying and sinning it means our Salah needs #improvement.
Want some shade on the Last Day? Be just to those under your authority! #Sevenundertheshade #islam

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