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Let us strive to have #good manners – they weigh very heavily on the scale of deeds on the #DayOfJudgment
He would cry and pray at night for you and me; asking #God to guide us and protect us from Hell! #ProphetMuhammad #isalm
Islam teaches men that if you dislike a quality in your wife look at all her good qualities and appreciate them instead
One of the signs that Allah #loves a servant is that the servant uses his time in useful things. #worship #GoodDeeds
"The best among you are those who have the best manners and character." (SahihBukhari) #Hadeeth
Even the roads have rights in #islam! One of the rights of the road is to lower your gaze and respect passersby!
The tahajjud #prayer is not just for #scholars or old people. Its for us all - young & old, scholars & common folk. Let’s all get into this
1400 years ago, the Qur’an confirmed that the universe was originally gaseous before God formed it into galaxie (41: 11
The wet nurse in Islam is a foster mother; she is also considered as the child's mother #islam .
It’s very hot today, but the fire of Hell is hotter so let us lower our gazes and dress modestly#islam.
Is there any moment in #life when we forget our own #kids ?So there should be no moment when we forget the #Creator,who created our kids
Act the way Prophet Mohammed did, and that's a life worth living, once you know him more than you did at first then you can understan
{الله لا إله إلا هو وعلى الله فليتوكل المؤمنون} [التغابن:13]…
Want to obtain Allah’s #mercy? Allah has prescribed his mercy for those who #pay their zakat. See Qur'an: Surah 7, Verse 156
Just like worldly affairs,#success in religious affairs is not attained by laziness. Let’s strive for success in our #religious affairs too
{قل الحمد لله وسلام على عباده الذين اصطفى آلله خير أما يشركون} [النمل:59]…
If a window of opportunity for doing #goodness is opened for a person he should hasten to it because he does not know when it will be closed
Uthman Ibn Affan was blessed with a lot of #wealth yet he is among the #BlessedTen as it did not enter his #heart or affect his #faith
{يوم يبعثهم الله جميعا فينبئهم بما عملوا أحصاه الله ونسوه والله على كل شيء شهيد} [المجادلة:6]…
He was so generous that he would give his shirt off his own back to a stranger who needed it! #ProphetMuhammad #islam
Get the intercession of the Quran! The Quran will intercede 4 those people who used 2 recite it - recite the Quran & act upon it. #Steadfast
{يا أيها الذين آمنوا إن جاءكم فاسق بنبإ فتبينوا أن تصيبوا قوما بجهالة فتصبحوا على ما فعلتم نادمين} [الحجرات:6]…
Hind Bint Utbah had the Prophet’s uncle Hamza killed& chewed on his liver. But when she accepted #Islam she was forgiven for this too!
Islamic Law is founded on the principle of universal justice! No one is above the law; not even the ruler!
{لتؤمنوا بالله ورسوله وتعزروه وتوقروه وتسبحوه بكرة وأصيلا} [الفتح:9]…

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