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When youre sittin around with your homies makin music.. this that shit
Over here crying right now why she do me like that…
Sippin n recordin tonight with da homie @aint_over_yet_
Baby theres no way out. Maybe we should work it out..
Karma hits hard i tell you..
Faded. Long awaited
Most summer relationships come to an end in the fall... thats when the "hoe" hits the air
Ona good note just got fans in 3 new states. 9 more states left #TeamQ
My bm was right doe...
Aint too much honesty now n days.
It dont take much to be real just gotta be honest with yourself..
Gotta say tonight was a good night.. They showed love.. #TeamQ
Goodmorning messages a make anyones day... real shit
Gotta stop messin with these mcdoubles. And find my ass a big mac 😂😂#WhereSheAtA#MyBigMaca#HoldTheOnionsn#OnionsMakeYouCryry
Definitely ready for this spin off of the #walkingdead
Oh no retweet for that one? :)
Just a groupie in the lime light. Only there just when the times right
We aint never been more motivated than we are now.. sometimes you need a little chaos for some inspiration. New mixtape bout to 💩 on em.
Wish I had rich parents to pay for everything for me 😅😅
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Shittest thing is puttin your time & effort into someone only for them to show you that you wasted it
Misery loves company..
Shoulda seen it comin i guess. If it happens before itll happen again
Like i said something didnt add up. And its all comin out #Smh
My 'putting two and two together' game is so on point. I amaze myself.
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When ppl tell me they think my music shity.. i respect that but i kindly direct em to go & fuck themselves. 7k fans says otherwise #TeamQ
Something aint addin up...
Bout to get back on my twitter shit 4k ppl and i dont be sayin shit too em
Awww shit @DaniMiracle513 gotta twitter? shes movin up. In the world!
We dont associate with the "cheerleaders" We here for the win boss
And they usually get a little crowd of cheerleaders
Usually the first thing a person does when they fuck up is try to point out how you fucked up..
I bet she don't even care..
Aint seen that girl since my birthday.. And i feel like i want her in the worse way
Listen to 'Visions Ft. Alex Nelson' from @QbabyOfTeamQ Free app powered by ReverbNation null
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I just hope that when they grow up they knw we both love them! No matter how we feel about each other we love our kids!
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I just do what I can 4 my babies! And their dad does what he can!
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Goes 2 show u gotta think long and hard b4 u decide 2 have kids wit someone!
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All my homies r having crazy baby mama issues when they just wanna c they kids!
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