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ςάŕĻ ȡάήήч Ļέέ
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Got lil man 😊 he's hungry so doin dinner then we guna sit n watch a film 😊
Ten million jobs at risk from advancing technology…
First TV advert in 50 years for someone smoking…
Hate auto correct!!! Have to double check EVERYTHING you write 😒
Nice clean toilet t take a shit in 💩😊
While not whip stupid auto correct lol
Almost done, jus gota mop hallway n I'm done took quite a whip coz I fgot all about the bathroom lol glad its almost done!! Won't last long!
That's lil mans room done! N agen whoeva it is at the door FUCK OFF I AM NOT answering the door if I don't know who it is! Ring or msg me!
That's last nyts washin up done, jus gota do the 2 bedrooms n the hallway tday then the hole house is spotless 😊
Lil man kicked me off the sofa, was on ma ass rofl 😰
15 Terrifying Kids That Will Give You Nightmares…
Guna so the housework tday, this place will be spotless wen I'm done 👍
Wise are those who learn that the bottom line doesn't always have to be their top priority. - William Arthur Ward | #quote
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I have no idea how these are even possible, but here they are. Speechless… via @ViralSpell
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That awkward moment when Halloween is over and you’re still a slut…
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I hate when it rains.. it messes up my cable and i have to watch regular definition tv like some animal.
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Well my Friday nights off to a great start. My upstairs neighbor has decided tonight is the best time to saw a body apart in his bathroom.
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I do other things u wont like to but that's a hole other story lol 😊
Don't like that I smoke weed? Don't like the way I dress? Don't like that I swear alot? I am who i am! Love it or hate it don't giv a fuck 😊
Skinning up!!! AND WAT!!! 😋
UK weather: Get ready for ten days of heavy rain and 50mph gales…
Toddler attacked by urban fox as he slept in bed in south London…
Wat a complete waste of fuckin time that was!!!!
Ok so we go out n now it starts t rain fml!!!
Tasered Man Dies After Valleys Assault Death…
Steel bolts break on Cheesegrater skyscraper, reveals British Land…
Hundreds Back Petition To Keep The Poppies In London…