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ςάŕĻ ȡάήήч Ļέέ
Peanut butter jelly time lol
Parents Warned Over Halloween Marijuana Sweets…
Waiting f @RiRizLee t get bk from the shop!! 😊
Now im guna sleep 😫NIIIIIIGHT!!!!! 😊
Sleep time f me i finks 😊 tired 😫 well maybe a game or 2 first n a cig then sleep 😜
Aj cryd t go f a wee 😃 woop woop!! 😊
Its almost finished now!!! 😃
Waiting for @CarlDannyLee to get bk, then he's off to get the lil person :-) Chill out nite for us xxx
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On ma way bk from bitterne!! 😊
Guna walk t bitterne in a bit wiv @RachMcleavey 😊
Out givin aj a lil walk 😊
Omg y is it only 8 i feel so tierd 😫
Got t 16k now im repairin ma train station, takes 48 hours 😒
I would like to share the NASA image of the day with you…
Went on #AEBarnStory n got given 5 diamonds coz of the crashin problem n its jus poofed me t this datin site lol
Fancy cake, u want cake? I want cake, u dont want cake 😲 fine dont av cake, IM AVIN CAKE!! 😋
😵<<< that face says it all lol 😉
Under 2k left t save then i can repair the train station 😊
Thornhill primary school!!!! NO!! Simplezz!!!
#JuniorBakeOff these kids can cook!! Judges who tf eats cupcakes and cookies with a fork?? Jus take a bite ffs!!!
Convicted paedophile with suspected links to Madeleine McCann extradited back to UK…
The best person to talk about your problems in a relationship, is the person you're in a relationship with.
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2am 😐 sleep time me thinks 😫
Netherlands says OK for biker gangs to fight Islamic State…
Glad am done f the day can chillax now "ish" jus gota quickly wash up n do dinner then guna chill n watch a film 😄 Nathan aint no fuckin stress n he is far from demandin n how the fuck is he at risk?? Fuck u he aint goin!!! Simple!!
UK weather: Britain set for five-day heatwave (but only after after a week of rain and heavy winds)…