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PZ Myers
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.@oolon @Dr_Teacake @drg1985 @JeremyNeedle @mjrobbins Yep. No problem even if I were blocked on it — it’s an optional tool, all voluntary.
Heather on the moor: I have successfully navigated from Oxford to Yorkshire, and have been hanging out with Ma...
Hint for Sarah Palin: don’t include Elizabeth Warren in your videos: The contrast is agonizing. Palin tries to...
There’s something about roller derby…: Aoife is talking roller derby. I play roller derby. Wait- let me say th...
.@drg1985 @JeremyNeedle @mjrobbins Yeah, I like personally zapping assholes, and don’t want to outsource the joy.
Mary’s Monday Metazoan: This is not supposed to be Cute Overload: But Mary tells me I have to post a picture o...
If journalism is the rough draft of history, then listicles must be the first rough draft of a TED Talk about history.
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.@drg1985 @JeremyNeedle @mjrobbins Yes—as I said, I don’t use it, but if others want to, it’s not something for me to complain about.
PENULTIMATE REMINDER: @pzmyers LIVE in HEBDEN BRIDGE TOMORROW! Tickets available on door. Be there or wear flares!
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.@JeremyNeedle Yes, I don’t use it, but I quite savor the tears of those furious about being blocked by it.
PASTAHCON is 3 weeks away! Get your tix today at
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Was that even under debate? RT @PiersBertrand: … all rapists should continue to have rights.
.@dcameronwebb Oh, yes. I agree that *consensual* rape should be treated differently.
Mary’s Monday Metazoan: This is not supposed to be Cute Overload: But Mary tells me I have to post a picture o...
.@PiersBertrand I guess accidental rapes should be treated more leniently than intentional ones.
Should go easier on some rapes, then? RT @PiersBertrand the danger in not having degrees of rape is that each rapist is treated the same.
@jeremyr1 It was unfortunate several tweeters made it sound like everyone applauded. Glad you, @pzmyers & @alomshaha set the record straight
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Whoa. Australian tweets are lighting up over #4corners.…
How brave are Anthony & Chrissie Foster,Melbourne? #4corners Sexual Abuse of Australian Children via @afcoory
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Bullying Disabled People Is Never Ok - But It's Even Worse When You've Got 8.7Million Fans Watching, by @lisybabe
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A week ago? #SharkWeek tweets were 60% positive. The fake #sharkofdarkness documentary isn't going over well.
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.@drg1985 Sleep? What's that?
Great weekend with @BBCWorld panel, catch up w/ the eloquent @SLSingh & pints w/ the inimitable @pzmyers - have somewhat neglected sleep!
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1) Kill unarmed kid. 2) Take no responsibility & try to cover up. 3) Escalate peaceful protest with tanks & dogs. 4) Act surprised at riots.
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.@BrianJGalarneau is your goofy misinterpretation a product of stupidity or malice? It's hard to tell.