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PZ Myers
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.@Egoch So it's reasonable to sacrifice woman's autonomy on the altar of your happiness?
.@Egoch Newborns don't really communicate. Less than cats, anyway.
.@Egoch Your emotional response is valid for you, not sufficient grounds to set policy for everyone else.
.@Egoch Exposure to semen & menses imposes on us no obligation to treat them as sacred.
Missouri GOP leader calls Ferguson voter-registration drive 'disgusting' via @maddow
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.@alpinerabbit Your queasiness is not an argument.
A logical thought experiment about abortion: Here’s a statement on twitter: Blogger said woman's rights over o...
Schrodinger's douchebag: A guy who says really offensive things & decides whether he was joking based upon the reactions of those around him
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.@tanehisicoates Wow. Sure are a lot of people who don't understand that the argument is for reparations for ONGOING discrimination.
If you think Muslims aren't condemning ISIS, it's not because Muslims aren't condemning ISIS. It's because you're not listening to Muslims.
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Haven't been there, no plans, although it would be lovely. RT @Charakan @pzmyers are u coming to India in near future ? Been here ?
A weekend at Lake Itasca: I might be distracted for a few days — I’m at our second annual retreat, in which we...
.@docfreeride I’m weeping with terror right now.
A tale of domestic violence, told on Twitter: I’ll put this below the fold — the story of Christine Mackinday ...
I’ve never watched it. RT @PlsUseYourBrain: @pzmyers in melbourne 2010 : you MUST watch this : more than once :…
Friday Cephalopod: Dancing on the edge of the abyss: Richard Salas
Friday Cephalopod: Dancing on the edge of the abyss: Richard Salas
Nope, I’ll never be able to watch Hercules again: Fresh off his stupid remarks about atheists, Kevin Sorbo has...
Officer Friendly: Tom Tomorrow
"I often think of octopi as dancers moving about in this liquid weightlessness"
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Learning thresholds: Kim Goodsell was not a scientist, but she wanted to understand the baffling constellation...
What would analog genetics look like?: How about another of those non-awkward Dawkins Twitter questions? Altho...
.@jesnider The laughs on them, then, because Chaotic Evil won’t care! Bwahahahahaha!
.@91ZR1 It’s Math vs. D&D day. Tedious language pedants can just fuck off.