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PZ Myers
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The gadget that dare not speak its name: I’m familiar with a certain company for their manufacture of electron...
Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Stridulator: HHMI
.@AstroKatie So what does that make @EmanuelDerman, who is on Twitter?
.@EmanuelDerman How terrible is it, that actual scientists doing actual science might deign to TALK to the PUBLIC using SOCIAL MEDIA?!
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A better, more appropriate mascot: That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death m...
Perhaps Dinesh D’Souza should have been sentenced to hard labor?: It would have been a kindness, given his his...
Given that I don’t follow you, & have never talked to you before, how do you propose I do that? RT @SteveBonella: @pzmyers Fuck off.
@pzmyers hey I like the interview you did with maryam namazi very cool
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How I did on Twitter this week: 532 Mentions, 548K Mention Reach, 342 Replies. How'd your week go? via
The Supreme Court loses a game of chicken: The effects are good: the court has denied appeals on same sex marr...
@pzmyers@cynixy: GitHub disables GG's repository access .. "a central point for organizing harassment campaigns."
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I’ve been demoted!: Science magazine has updated their list of Twitter Science Stars to add a few of the peopl...
Your astrological forecast for October: you’re a gullible twit: I read on Jezebel that Susan Miller is sick. I...
Putting the argument in their own terms: When the sides are divided, when they start making accusations, it’s ...
Peaceful. Classy. Powerful.: Demonstrators intrude on St Louis Symphony Orchestra concert with a little musica...
If I start walking now, will I be home in time for classes? RT @SkepCdnChick: I have lots - come back to Vancouver & drink it.
Antarctica is huge (see map comparing with US) and its icy cap contains 90% of all ice on Earth
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Help No Longer Quivering founder, former Quiverfull mom of 7, Vyckie Garrison, save her house!… Please Give & Retweet
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.@somegreybloke I am out, & liquor stores are all closed on Sunday. No stars for blue laws.
I wonder if all the conservatives yelling that Ebola might become airborne realize it means they now believe in evolution?
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I think we’re dealing with a mob of twelve year old boys: We had a brief intrusion by a few trolls over #gamer...
.@DrRubidium This is why Pink Floyd fans are renowned for their attention spans. And vacant expressions. #DSotM
Which is best done sitting on your butt. RT @BilliousG: @DrRubidium But you can groove with a Pict.
.@DrRubidium It’s a lesson in culture. Why can’t white people dance? Because this is our music. You cannot dance to Pink Floyd, ever. #DSotM
.@DrRubidium I’m going to be taking notes for the next hour. This is like a master class in Applied Snark.
The Turkish perspective: In an opinion piece in a Turkish newspaper, Melis Alphan considers the ongoing nation...
@pzmyers Isn't the definition of libel when you point out something bad that someone I like probably did and I don't want to believe it?
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Interesting response: horrible people can do horrible things, but if you dare mention them, it’s libel!
Not libel--it’s true. Backed up by multiple sources. RT @ThePseudomancer: You have nutjob @pzmyers who thinks blatant libel is okay.
Misandry is a joke used by women to vent frustration. Misogyny is an expression of hatred backed by power. They are not equal.
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First: RT @secularbloke: Hey @pzmyers , you're an embarrassing wanker Fuck off Then:… You make no sense, angry man.
See that on .@CNN the media's at it again, trying to declare Obama a failure so they can stop feeling guilty abt propping up W. Bush so long
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I'm listening to my first Pink Floyd album tomorrow AM... FOR SCIENCE! cc @pzmyers @docfreeride @elakdawalla
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.@john_s_wilkins Sacks doesn't seem to be a rollicking barrel of hilarity himself.
Dang good paper: All right, Larry Moran, why did you post about this paper now? I finished the unit on the ori...
Dembski: Still wrong: William Dembski spoke at the University of Chicago in August, and a video of the talk is...
Dang good paper: All right, Larry Moran, why did you post about this paper now? I finished the unit on the ori...
.@funkyderek If fighting for principle, Nugent should be more appalled by sexism in atheism than people who expose sexism in atheism.
.@funkyderek Where did I say he should delete comments? I said I judge him by the company he keeps.
.@funkyderek I consider that an admission that you & Nugent aren’t fighting for principle, but simply making personal attacks by any means.
I just finished The Happy Atheist by @pzmyers Every chapter title just made me love the book more and more 10/10 would definitely recommend
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.@funkyderek Particularly ironic Nugent is complaining about personal attacks while overlooking the loathsome attackers on his own blog.
.@funkyderek Oh, “it’s just personal”? You seriously think the slymepit isn’t a symptom of outrageous sexism?
Dembski: Still wrong: William Dembski spoke at the University of Chicago in August, and a video of the talk is...
.@funkyderek That ought to trouble him. It doesn’t. If KKK were cheering me, don’t you think I’d stop & wonder what racist thing I’d said?
.@funkyderek It’s a bush-league 4chan. Trolls, creeps, & phonies who seem to have found a copacetic environment in Nugent’s blog.
.@funkyderek You’re saying defining characteristic of the slymepit is that they don’t like ME? Jebus. I have no such egotistical illusion.
.@funkyderek Nope. The evidence is right there: his blog commentariat is populated almost entirely by slymepitters.