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PZ Myers
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Inhofe is wasting our time: Minnesota’s Democratic senator, Amy Klobuchar, recently introduced a resolution in...
I’m searching for the big red disintegrate button now. RT @ErrantEndeavour: In the event that you do have that power, please do exercise it.
Another thumbs up for AtheistTV!: Ken Ham hates it! He’s actually pretty clueless. The new channel brags of ha...
I like that. RT @NotPeoriaMayor @Popehat @CrazyBearFarm @JosephPepper @pzmyers his twitter handle is a killing word.
.@Popehat Gimme a minute. It also takes wiggly fingers & concentration, & I'm trying to erase Justin Bieber's account right now.
Actually, if I could disappear anyone on twitter that I wanted, how come all those assholes are still here?
.@CrazyBearFarm Even if had such godlike twitter powers, I've never even tried to get anyone kicked out. But why would anyone think I can?
WTH? Paranoid much? RT @CrazyBearFarm @JosephPepper Even with me blocking PZ now. It's 100% in his power to force my twitter account down.
.@CrazyBearFarm Do you, an observer, even have the *right* to decide which is “worse”?
.@CrazyBearFarm A woman is raped by a ‘friend’; a woman is raped by a stranger; a man is raped in prison. Which is worse to the victim?
The bible is full of scientific knowledge! Somewhere between the 650 year old man with the floating zoo and the zombie carpenter.
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.@CrazyBearFarm @drskyskull Maybe you should let the victims decide for themselves, instead of having a bunch of men argue about it.
.@CrazyBearFarm @drskyskull No one said all rapes are the same, until you crawled out of the woodwork to announce that we had.
Wow, but you are one fucked up dope. RT @CrazyBearFarm: @drskyskull All rapes are exactly the same then.
One positive aspect of tweeting about misogyny, climate change, anti-vaxxers, and so on: It makes it easy to figure out who to block.
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Rape victims have literally had to put up with people telling them that they're overreacting to nothing for hundreds of years. [2/2]
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Amazing that people can't grasp that telling someone that some rapes are worse than others is minimizing the experience. [1/2]
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.@hanscs Then why are you replying to @AmandaMarcotte, @rebeccawatson, & @OpheliaBenson ? Your behavior says you care very much.
@reggcohn: Upset by docs not prescribing birth control? 1 week to tell regulator @RichardDawkins @pzmyers
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Twitter is infested with infringing image scraper bots copying photos & art for traffic & money. What will you do about this? #askcostolo
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How out of touch can the Twitter CEO be? #askcostolo is an epic PR disaster for his company. They’ll have to spin hard to avoid answering.
Is it true that you simply forward abuse/harassment reports on to the abuser? Why in the world would you do this? #askcostolo
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Why does Twitter do such a terrible job of banning people who make rape and death threats? #askcostolo
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#askcostolo why is reporting spam easy, but reporting death and rape threats hard?
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why don't you take serious steps to address abuse and harassment proactively, or even when it's reported? #askcostolo
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