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the new month of happiness has arrived may it becomes one of the most blessed month for you & me welcome to #december 🎊🎊
really yay can't wait for tomorrow see you there amani 😘@amaninorazakk
who's going to maths clinic ampang tomorrow 😌
The worst thing you can do to a girl is compare her to another girl.
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because you gave wrong people the right pieces of you 💁
papa being petty with me about what i spend my money on 😂
"dikutipku bila sudi dibila tidak dibiar mati"🙍👍
when your friends go all out to take an OOTD shot
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habis tu starbucks saya cemana @fahmikmruzaman
pahmi bila lagi nak kerja sogo 😏@fahmikmruzamann
idk why people walk like snails in a busy public place 😤
because people care too much about what others do 😏
instant good mood when ellie's song comes on the radio 🎧
"laila if anyone asks just look confused" AHAHAHA MYRA WTF 😂
can you just lie to me lie to me lie to me so sweet 💩
another person's opinion never really mattered to me 💁
because we live in a world of betrayal 😈
when sparkle wake me up by knocking over everything in my room ☺
the shadow looks like an old lady wtf 😂
if travelling was free you'd never see me again 😌
sometimes life becomes too complicated & all you need is just to let it flow because Allah still controls everything 😊
kakna is making us food she's the best 😘
so my biggest mistake is i got comfortable & a lil soft 😔
i love when my plans get canceled 😒
Stress Relieving Foods - Bananas Pasta Almonds Grapes Green Tea Oatmeal Chocolate Water melon Orange Juice Cornflakes Tuna.
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starbucks dulu baru bagitahu 😜�@fahmikmruzamanan
dah kantoi diam ahahaha 😝@fahmikmruzamann
ketua pengawas kedekut ahahaha @fahmikmruzaman
eeee so mean ada eh dol @fahmikmruzaman
weh jangan lupa starbucks gua dol @fahmikmruzaman
thats exactly what i feel like when im about to tell you guys stories 😂
nothing lasts forever but this is getting good now 💁
last day in school oh yeah i will never have to see all the two face bitches in my school ever again ops no hate 😊
maafkan saya hm 😂@fahmikmruzamann
times are tough now & im waiting for better days 😪
nobody else puts fear in my heart 🙅
duduk asrama diam diam kita nak tengok mockingjay esok bye jangan jealous ahahahahaha @_Uddxn17 😂😂
sejaya nak join jugak ke @_Uddxn17 😂
i don't plan on living this way for the rest of my life 💆
just woke up & still tired nah going back to sleep 😂
good morning beautiful people ☺
blank space by taylor swift was superbly amazing currently raping the replay button @taylorswift13 💗
gotta stay high all the time 🙆
sissy went to camp for three days nah im so lifeless here 😔