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let me help you fall in love with this life 💟
say you'll remember me, standing in a nice dress 🙆🏻
you can't spell merdeka without 'me' 😉
good night beautiful world 🌙⭐
you stopped saying your goodnights that's when i knew i lost you 😔
be real with me or just leave me alone 😌
@ayeitslyla Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Dan Batin 😊😊
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stay strong girl may Allah ease everything for you �@sarahhisham966
the sound of takbir raya is so beautiful 💓
but honestly all i care about is pizza & like 4 people 😌
he's not doing anything to keep u then why are u fighting to stay?
am i the only one who celebrate eid mubarak in kl sigh 😔
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just be happy, they hate that 😉
you were so busy trying to be my savior that you left me all alone😔
i know they're like all lyrics but these songs are just idk NICE 🙆
sometimes i can't decide if i like food more or people 🍔🍟🍧😌
you set me on fire and i apologized for burning 🔥
Tahu macam mana nak buat perempuan happy? Layan dia sama macam kau layan dia waktu awal korang kenal. Mcm mana kau berusaha dulu. Jgn ubah.
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"Mother, can you stop saying that?" "Nak kena lempang dengan mummy?" "Heyyy I'm a cinderella" 😂😂9qP
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some souls just understand each other upon meeting 🍃
the worst feeling is when you find out you didn't mean as much to someone as you thought you did and you look stupid for caring too much
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Girlfriend's revenge when you favorite other girls' selfies
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korang belum hantar lagi eh @fahmikmruzaman
i'm starting to question the possibility of getting better 😔
loyalty is rare and if you find it, keep it ✨
start ignoring people who threaten your joy 😌
Pernah rasa tak ? "Bila kau cuba nak panjangkan conversation dengan someone tu then kau rasa yang diri kau ni membosankan bagi dia"
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If a girl says........ Cc @twtwanitaa 😂�eI
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and i don't have time for shitty people 😒
currently mood: i'm so done with everyone & everything 💁
half the world's starving, the other half is trying to lose weight 😥
come to the conclusion i like cats more than anything 💖
terrifying how there's only a few months of school left 😮
it's okay you guys have plenty of other cute vids and pics 😛
"if you can't make me happy then let me make me happy" 😂
the struggle of being too emotional 😠
i hate it when im singing a song and someone joins me like excuse me this is not high school musical so back off
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but i'm still here hoping that someday you'll need me 😌
they are going to judge you anyway so whatever 💁
less friends less bullshit keep your circle small 😌
we'll go down this road till it turns into colors like black & white ⚫️
i'm just tired of being everyone's second choice 😪

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