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good morning beautiful people 🙈
@pwettyghost Most welcome sweetheart... Its just a beginning for the start of many years to come.. 😚😚
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Ya Allah, gugur jantung ketakutan bila baca, ya Allah 😭
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i'll never be anyone's favorite person except my own but that's okay 😅
home from @Thina_JW's house it was great happy deepavali honey thanks for inviting us xoxo
im always on my phone & that's not okay.
soccer players are hot omfg 😍
just be yourself that's why people like you 😁
the oven beeped and i opened the microwave 😂😂
honestly regret opening up to some people who don't deserve to know the real me.
what makes me happy esok cuti wheee 🎉
my mama always messed up my plans somehow.
some people act so damn heartless to everybody but expect to have friends 👐
because we live in a world of betrayal.
girls screenshot everything & then send it to their friends in a group chat and then laugh at people & that is why the girl species is evil
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most likely will get no sleep tonight sigh 🙅
but when it comes to my papa i can get whatever i want 😍
hehe aw thank you jade @flamjars_ 
cs that twitcon is just way better than siti nurhaliza ececeh haha @pwettyghost
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and that's why bae is bae 😍💞
tonight was perf good vibes no drama 👌
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good luck adik adik buat kakak bangga xoxo @Sorfinx @_areesya
may Allah ease everything for you break a leg sista #pt3 😊
stiff conversations AHAHAHAHAWKWARD
parents really need to understand that our generation is way different from theirs im tired of hearing that "zaman dulu dulu" 😒
you not being in my life is really not that bad.
i will find out everything whether you like it or not sorry not sorry 💁💆
don't tell me he's no good for me you don't know him like i do 😩👫
i hate when girls expect their boyfriends to pay for everything he's your partner not your bank account.
can't wait until my cousin has her baby in 10 weeks 😍❤👶
this sore throat has got to go i don't have time to be getting sick 😕
enjoying my day laying around all day 😊
about to just sleep all day and night ✌
my room is spinning and freezing uh 👐
my life is finally on the right track 🚂
oh why am i awake right now 😂
having a witty conversation with someone 🙈
salam jumaat salam hari arafah #blessed
happy saturday rise & shine salam persekolahan ganti 😊✌
you'll be chilling & just randomly start thinking about some deep thoughts 😏
shit don't hit you until night time yeap 💁