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doing some extra works extra efforts with my friends for this upcoming midterms @haaqeem_
yes just got back tired to the max @haaqeem_
as usual im doing great here @haaqeem_
finally home omg heavy rain here & im wet all over the body.
on my way to complete it ahaha @haaqeem_
hello handsome enjoy yours too hihi @haaqeem_
hello beautiful, enjoy your sunday night okay @pwettyghost
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dramas and fake friends everywhere.
i've lost contact with so many people the ones that 'would always be there' for me.
after play fighting with milia for god knows how long & being chased with a dog im absolutely knackered 😴
but please don't make me your enemy emilia.
that awkward moment when me & milia talk like we absolutely hate each other 😂
the tv shows they make nowadays are just ridiculous.
i didn't do anything to you so why do you feel the need to make fun of someone 😳
i brought an oxygen tank with me @Thina_0428
have a safe journey take care hazzy @yaaaaasmean
yes hello my hazzy @yaaaaasmean
thank you for guys that know how to respect women.
sometimes being told you're missed is extremely comforting.
lost my headphones which means my life is basically meaningless once again.
really hoping that we didn't have homework bc i didn't do any if we did.
wow *faint* ahahaha you too babe take care @haaqeem_
i know right pathetic saturday so don't miss me okay lol @haaqeem_
"@pwettyghost: school for me tomorrow CRAIGH" seriously aw pity you hm no worry, chin up qtpie ehe.
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school for me tomorrow CRAIGH
started studying today which means my life is finally back together again.
being sick is really not okay with me 😷
add maths is the leading cause of all my stress right now.
looking forward to taking a nap later.
hello qtpie how are you? wherever you are, just be safe and take care, ily ehe xo @pwettyghost
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go and google it @haaqeem_
ahahaha mine not yet but idk why feel so calm its okay complete up yours i will accompany you @haaqeem_
lying in bed with my headphones on enjoying my sunday night @haaqeem_
ayim if you need someone to talk or anything know that im always here for you 24/7 okay babe chin up @haaqeem_
so tell me what is right in a world of wrongs?
no im not we are currently stuck in the rain omg help me @haaqeem_
mandi hujan ke? ahaha jangan lama lama nanti demam. take care @pwettyghost
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maria please be fast i wanna go home now CRAI
the rain makes me & maria wet the whole body and sit in the park all day omg.
trying to talk when ordering chinese food is such a process.
its such a beautiful day why would you stay inside?
why have the cake if you ain't got the sweet frosting 🍰
comment on other girl's picture "cantiknya 😍" is so wrong when you have a girlfriend. you just ripped her heart into a million pieces
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ahahaha whats wrong kak hanim you and your accurate can you not ahahaha @HanyAriffin