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happy saturday rise & shine salam persekolahan ganti 😊✌
you'll be chilling & just randomly start thinking about some deep thoughts 😏
shit don't hit you until night time yeap 💁
off to bed nanight beautiful people 💕
may Allah ease everything for tomorrow 🙏
hey there stay strong because of Allah ﷻ
i miss things that no longer exist 😩
cheer up dearself let them go happiness is coming 🙈
home sweet home long sigh hello bed 😁
this lady always bringing me down 😏
school flow doing working 📝
today is gonna be a long bored day.
a girls twitter is full of hints no doubt 💯👌
have a productive saturday everyone xoxo
Son: dad,why do the best people die? Dad: my son,when you are in a garden which flowers do you like to pick? Son: the most beautiful ones.
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good morning great people of malacca 🌞
maybe im perfectly content with staying home all day 😌
who knew it would just take a good movie to solve things.
you have a way of making me feel like shit 👏👏
myra's birthday party gonna be badas 😂
may your soul rest in peace im gonna miss you al-fatihah uncle 
have a wonderful day ahead rise & shine 😉
about to just not go to school tomorrow.
gold been my fav colour ever since i got my name chain 😌
finally home what a tiring day sigh 😩
no worries laila cause im okay to the max hehe if theres anything goes wrong, ill share it with you okay xoxo
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Why does it always rain on someone who needs the sunshine?
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yeah i feel you but whats wrong you looks gloomy lately anything to share @pastelpale_
aw im touched hehe school was great how about you @pastelpale_
you called me jace aw i thought dah lupa ahaha well as usual im doing good  @pastelpale_
ahahahaha no la its been a long time so how are you my jade @pastelpale_
thank god no add maths tomorrow fuh.
hi ayim i talk to you so can we continue 😆@pastelpale__
a productive day with my girls 
idk why i ever wasted my time with this kid ahahaha 
wondering why me and you have went our separate ways.
im getting blacker than ever SIGH
don't ask me for help then when i try helping you & you don't listen 
can you talk to me again so we can start over and continue from the day we met and forget the distance between us
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making other people happy makes me happy because i don't know what makes me truly happy yet
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disney channel games are the best 👌
life goes on with or without you #sorrynotsorry
we don't have to go home we can leave the night on 🎶