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half the world's starving, the other half is trying to lose weight 😥
come to the conclusion i like cats more than anything 💖
terrifying how there's only a few months of school left 😮
it's okay you guys have plenty of other cute vids and pics 😛
"if you can't make me happy then let me make me happy" 😂
the struggle of being too emotional 😠
i hate it when im singing a song and someone joins me like excuse me this is not high school musical so back off
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but i'm still here hoping that someday you'll need me 😌
they are going to judge you anyway so whatever 💁
less friends less bullshit keep your circle small 😌
we'll go down this road till it turns into colors like black & white ⚫️
i'm just tired of being everyone's second choice 😪
some get treated shittier than others but at the end of the day everyone has experienced getting treated like shit this is life 😌
keep your reality away from me 🌚
yes sure dm me your number ☺️ @NurhayatiAsmah
hey there i miss you qtpie 🌸@NurhayatiAsmahh
"go with your instincts" no because my instincts are always wrong 👋
everything seems to be exhausting me 💆
eh AHAHAHAHAHAHA 😂@ShairaMazlan__
you live in illusion and the appearance of things 🌐
i just want to sleep and never wake up no one cares 😞
well i don't expect most people to understand me 💁
we looked at each other a little too long to be 'just friends' 😌
those people you can joke around & have so much fun with 💜
maybe one day we'll meet again when we're different people 😉
one minute i think i'm fine the next minute i feel like i'm dying 😩
fight through some bad days to earn the best days in life 😪
you knew i was fragile but you dropped me anyway 😪
might get pissed for a minute but i'll never abandon you 😶
always stay strong cheer up babe 💞
okay so let's stop trying so hard for people who don't care 😌
no you are not i just got back home @haaqeeem
love me or hate me both are in my favour 😛
i hope it doesn't bother you that i crave your attention ✨
despite everything i sincerely still wish you the best 😊
are you doing things on purpose to piss me off or 😒
upcoming movies yay can't wait 😍
how can something so damaged so unknown be so beautiful 🌚
tried to please everyone & ended up forgetting myself 😞
i don't expect anything from anyone anymore 😌
tired all day awake all night #typicalme
that feeling when you can feel someone losing interest in you 😞
not careless but i'm beginning to care less #sorrynotsorry 💁

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