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Scott Kurtz
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The final recap of the #PAXEast Acquisition Inc. Panel is up… which will lead directly into the #PAXPrime panel
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@BouncyGuru No official Anomaly event, but will have temporary Portals at the @welovefine and @pvponline booths.
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Man, this was a rant-heavy @comicdorks. I went off about the spider-woman cover, JL8 and Mile High comics.
Looks like the PvP gang is going to PAX -…
Little known fact: @AbbyHoward is really good at the game Balderdash.
"Basically, it's Footloose but instead of with dancing it's with handjobs." - @pvponline playing Balderdash properly
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Yes. Also extinguish all fires with my body and face. Good call. Bin it to win it 2014
The metal Binwin helm has been found and will make it’’s annual appearance on stage. I’m requesting a lighter “stunt helm” for gameplay.
More D&D strat: Disarm all traps by stepping on them. Always listen to Omin. Never listen to Jim.
Planning out strategies for this Saturday’s live D&D game. So far I got knock down all doors and attack first and ask questions later.
It’s crazy to me that people are surprised that I don’t like dressing up in costumes. Certainly I can’t be the only person on the planet.
Out if nowhere and for no reason both my dogs started eating their own shit outside. I don't get it. They've never done this. Even as pups.
“my whole life has been deleting everyone between me and my fans.” - Jack Conte, on Surviving Creativity Ep 14…
I read that the John Adams HBO series was pretty inaccurate historically. But what about the book it’s based on. I’d like to read it.
And it goes without saying that there will be no live-stream this Friday night since we’ll all be at PAX.
If you’re in our Wildstar Guild and you’re going to PAX, let’s have a meet up at the Wildstar event Friday night. Makes sense, yeah?
Had a lot of fun this weekend. Leveling up characters in Wildstar with the missus. She hasn’t been able to play much since launch.
Retailers! Today is FOC for Sixth Gun: Days if the Dead 2! Diamond code: JUL141342
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What I just pulled out of our shower drain was inhuman. It may have been a hair-based macro virus.