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Scott Kurtz
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What an amazing PAX. Thank you everyone who came to the booth and the live show. Time to victory collapse.
Imagine a room full of two thousand people waiting to be offended that you don’t want to shake their hand.
Kill monsters. Eat food. @playguantlet.
This is too cool. @ingress battle is going strong at #PAX. Enlightened we must control this portal at all costs.
Going to be streaming live from PAX. @playgauntlet. gonna get in some wiz-time. #needfoodbadly
Need a quick #dnd game? Defiance in Phlan is a 1-hour adventure running each hour 11AM-3PM at Motif 4th floor! #PAX
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Playmat or giant mousepad? You decide! Grab yours today at the #PAXPrime2014 PvP booth in Bandland :)
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Don't get lost trying to find a theatre! If the name starts with a W it's in the WSCC, S is in the Sheraton, and H is in the Hyatt!
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Woof. Okay. I…uh…THINK I can do one more day of PAX. Here we go.
I've been stopped 3 times now by people curious about my new game mat. Get one from @pvponline!
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I dunno man. With their wait times, @geekchiclabs should just sell blueprints and I’ll take up carpentry build the fucking table myself.
Proudly wearing my Binwin Bronzebottom pin today. After all, he did kill two dragons. @pvponline
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Surveying the young cartoonists in bandland. It’s apparent who’s in it to win it. Who’s on time. Who stays late. Who never stops working.
And apologies to the crowd after. I don’t do well in big crowds of people. I had to split. Love you
Thank you everyone who watched our D&D game, love or at home. It was an amazing night.
On our way to the D&D game for pre-show prep. I might have to make a green room poop. Heads up everyone.
Our friend @tavismaiden has some amazing Earthbound prints at #PAXPrime2014 in Bandland. Mint flavored ;)
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The awesome D&D Tiamat pin will be given out to everyone that attends the live Acquisitions Inc game when it ends as you leave the panel.
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The @cherrysauceco guys dropped a sweet cap on me. Check out their clothing line. Two guys doing what they love.
The filthy casual stuff from @cherrysauceco is the one clothing line I get. Embrace your casual gamerness. It’s okay to be softcore.
Original art by @pvponline at our #PAXPrime2014 booth in Bandland. Commission list closing fast!
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It's the last of the @pvponline Awesomology! Come by our #PAXPrime2014 & get 25% off + an original sketch :D
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Booyah! Hey PAX-ers, swing by and grab yourself an Earthbound print, they're only $40 and super limited!
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It’s stupid how little I have to drink to get tipsy. I just never have really been a drinker. Cheap drunk, no hangovers.
Hey @cherrysauceco, come by the PvP booth in Bandland tomorrow. I need a Filthy Casual hat. #PAX
Liv# and learn. Hashtag shrugs
Signing off and out. See me tomorrow. Bandland y'all. @WildStar for life.
Don't forget @tonyrey. My heart to that guy.
Holy fuck @StephanFrost is blind. I could barely take this picture.
Hotel etiquette. Where's miss manners when you need her.
Old man Crampers reporting from bed at 7:18pm. Need 3rd nap of day before starting towards lobby for drinks and never making it.