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Scott Kurtz
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Lying in bed now too wound up to sleep.
Woof. Podcasts should not record for 3 hours. My ears hurt from these headphones and I’m pretty sure I stopped making sense after hour one.
Everyone freaks out about the Mondo movie posters, but most of them look like backlight posters from a Spencer’s Gifts circa 1980. #justme?
With PAX Prime soon, @Wizards_DnD has posted some highlights from the PAX East Acq. Inc. Live D&D game…
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Back to the game in today’s epic installment of @tabletitans -…
Lighting matches near bridges in today’s PvP -…
Thanks everyone for the twitch help. We’re gonna test stream some play tonight and we’re definitely running dungeons live tomorrow! :)
@pvponline After you highlight the video, there's an option to upload that directly to YouTube so it's pretty convincing.
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I’ll be playing @WildStar with @StephanFrost, @CoryCasoni and @SteveHamaker tomorrow night at 6pm PST. Join us.
Twitch will archive for a short time, but what to people do normally? Record locally and post to youtube? Just curious. New to streaming.
Anyone out there got experience saving their Twitch streams? We want to archive our gaming broadcasts somewhere.
It’s been terrible watching retailers destroy good relationships with publishers and creators over social media recently. Bleh.
Bill Mantlo created some of my favorite comic book characters, and I’m excited GoTG and Rocket will be getting him more attention & support.
Here’s the proper link to Minotaur Game’s and look at the Clever Pirates of PIRATE LOOT. -…
This weekend, when GoTG does gangbusters, don’t let the linkbaiting comic “journalists” send you into a frenzy over Bill Mantlo. It’s coming
I am so excited about this game, guys. It’s a blast to work on. Go Dylan. Go Jason! @JasonBulmahn @dmeconis
@pvponline @dmeconis The Clever Pirate preview is up! 3 Weeks till the Pirate Loot kickstarter launch!
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Bill's brother Mike says "Bill was treated in an exceptionally fair manner by Marvel/Disney," which is fantastic.…
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Chad is driven while driving in today’s PLOX update!
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Good news! @comicdorks is BACK in action & regular starting Tues. the 12th of August!
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Congrats to all the winners of the @welovefine D&D tee shirt contest -…
Trade blockades? Cease fires? Sometimes I don't know if I'm watching CNN or The Phantom Menace.
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