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Scott Kurtz
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Drawing, iced tea, half a Sammy and Jim Rockford.
We’ll be playing tonight. The guild is small but everyone who’s joined so far has been really great. #wildstar
If you’re interested and want to play casually and have fun, whisper Prixis, Ciebo, Greysteel or Aggie. We’re all inclusive. We kick jerks.
Our @WildStar guild the Galaxy Questers is looking for PvP readers who want to play with us on Avatus (exiles).
Remembering the greats in today’s PvP -…
.@DandyGeek I’ve come to accept and love what it’s become. Mostly because other cons are booming simultaneously. And good for artists.
I hope to attend SDCC again in the future to network, party, and meet with peers. You know…enjoy it again.
But I don’t need to be there to sell kids tee shirts, and plushes. They don’t care it’s from my comic. They just like the blue guy. You see?
SDCC is about brands more than artists. It’s big and bombastic and about swag and media and pop culture. Which is great. That can be great.
For the record, I’m not anti SDCC. We still have a booth there. But the con shifted and attendees don’t stop to see me or discover new work
Not having to go to SDCC this year feels like finally being free of a decade old toxic relationship.
If you’re interested in playing @WildStar with us. msg Prixis or Aggie on Avatus (exiles). We’re PVE causal play. Come join us.
Wildstar Nation Podcast should just make “I asked muh wife, n’ she said SHE wasn’t offended. tee-haw!” a segment with bumper music.
Wildstar Nation Podcast. It’s great if you can get past the dumb hicks constantly patting themselves on the back for being idiots.
Started with "Support your local Sheriff" and have moved on to "The Americanization of Emily" #RIPJamesGarner
Also of note today: "Shady Deal at Sunny Acres" (Maverick S2E10) is one of the best hours of TV ever. iTune it. #RIPJamesGarner
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@rosemcgowan: James Garner with Diahann Carroll at the March on Washington 1963. Now that's a man. RIP
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"The only reason the French take two hours for lunch is because the service in their restaurants is so lousy."
Over at Technologizer, I rounded up some of James Garner's memorable Polaroid ads, which I'm enjoying all over again.
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Don't forget to take a moment at 4:17 EST (less than an hour from now) to go look up at the moon and remember the achievement. #Apollo11
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Anyway. Kids, The Rockford Files is on Netflix and if you can find it, (Maverick was amazing).